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Mister Boss and Probe

Mister Boss & Probe is a song in BoBoiBoy. In Season 2, Episode 6, while BoBoiBoy, Fang, and Gopal shrinked, Adu Du and Probe planned to change the show name to "Mister Boss & Probe". And Probe give Adu Du the song script in a paper. The song has the same music tone from the original BoBoiBoy Theme Song but with different lyrics.

During the song, it has numerous flashbacks of scenes where Adu Du and Probe defeated BoBoiBoy.


There was a time, not so long ago
We get there in time, and we cannot to fight, and we cannot to win
They are finished now, now the hero is gone, now the hero is gone

They defeated by us!
They defeated by us!

Aliens are here to try to rule the great Earth
And also all the cocoa beans (oh yeah!)
And they have arrived here one year ago
To get a box of cocoa

There were that we were defeated, but we win in the end!

Mister Boss! (and Probe)
Mister Boss! (and Probe)
Mister Probe! (and Boss)

Multi-Monster (Hey, they had change now, huh?)
And our good looking boss!

Adu Du! (and Probe!)
Yeah, yeah! Woah, woah!
Mister Boss! (and Probe!)
Yeah, yeah!

Woah, woah! Yeah, yeah!
Woah, woah! Yeah, yeah!
Woah, woah! Yeah, yeah!

Mister Boss, and Probe!

Probe: Don't forget to watch the new animation Mister Boss and Probe! Don't miss it! Hehehe!


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