Molecule Manipulation (Call as Leptokinesis/Molecukinesis) is an ability to transform objects by manipulating their molecules.
Ep 1-41

Molecule Manipulation


It means that Gopal can transform objects to other objects that he wants depending on his imagination, so far, Gopal was always thinking of foods everytime he uses his power and he transformed Banana Frites into Dream Bubbles .

Season 3, Episode 1

Ejo Jo used this to change Earth Golem into glass and break it. He used it to change Earth Wave into paper. He also used it to change rocks into metal to break through Earth Protection. He later tried to used it many times to change Mukalakus into other things but being blocked by BoBoiBoy.

Season 3, Episode 2

Iwan used it to change Shadow Cocoon into other things but failed because he didn't use louder voice to do that. Gopal regained it and tried to change Shadow Dragon into other thing but Ejo Jo use his power to avoid Shadow Dragon from being changed.

Target for Molecule Manipulation

- Earth Golem into glass = sucess

- Earth Wave into paper = sucess

- Rocks into metal = success

- Mukalakus into glass = failed because Boboiboy Earthquake protected it with

- Mukalakus into other thing = failed because Boboiboy Cyclone protected it with Cyclone Ball

- Shadow Dragon into other thing = failed because Ejo Jo use his power to avoid it from being changed


- Gopal (main user)

- Iwan (user when Gopal is trapped in Shadow Cocoon)

- Ejo Jo (with armor suit)


- It is unknown why Gopal's power would become powerful when he is scared.

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