The unforgettable Moments happened in the series in order.

BoBoiBoy going to Rintis Island
Going to Earth
Hugging the Wrong Person
Searching for Cocoa
Arriving in Tok Aba's House
Arriving to Earth
Meeting Yaya
Tok Aba's Note
Meeting Gopal and Ying
Adu Du's Announcement for Cocoa
Probe Stealing Cocoa
BoBoiBoy chasing Probe
Computer Slapping Probe
Activating the Ball of Power
Super Probe Robot Destroyer
Super Probe chasing Adu Du
Ochobot giving powers to BoBoiBoy
BoBoiBoy's training for his powers
Searching for BoBoiBoy and the Ball of Power
About Yaya's Biscuits
Fainting Potato the Cat
Adu Du and Super Probe Vs. BoBoiBoy
Ochobot giving powers to Ying, Yaya and Gopal
Fast Food Order
Helping Neighbours
Tok Aba's Shop Robot Invasion Pt.1
Searching for Gopal's Power
BoBoiBoy Vs. the Multi-Monster Pt.1
Adu Du's Vow for recalling the Multi-Monster
BoBoiBoy Vs. the Multi-Monster Pt.2
The Mini-Monsters
Asking the Little Monster about Adu Du's Plans
Tok Aba's Plan
The Team BoBoiBoy's Escapade
The Cocoa Experiment
Waking up BoBoiBoy early in the Morning
Cocoa Delivery
Tok Aba's Shop Robot Invasion Pt.2
Forgetful BoBoiBoy
Disguise for Stealing Cocoa
Activation and the Attack of Super Auntie Probe
Trapping Super Auntie Probe
Super Auntie Probe's Escape
Kidnapping BoBoiBoy Lightning
Adu Du Reading the Debt Book
BoBoiBoy Wind Vs. BoBoiBoy Earth
The Suprise
Torturing BoBoiBoy Lightning
BoBoiBoy Storm Vs. Super Probe
The Attack of BoBoiBoy Storm
BoBoiBoy Storm attacking Ying
BoBoiBoy Storm attacking Gopal and Yaya

BoBoiBoy Storm Vs. BoBoiBoy Earth and BoBoiBoy Wind

Remembering Again
Watching Papa Zola
Probe Singing BoBoiBoy's Theme Song
Revealing the Papa Zola 5 to Adu Du
BoBoiBoy and Gopal got sucked into the Video Game
Tok Aba controlling Gopal
Adu Du throwing his Mug to Probe inside the Game
Upside down
Getting trained in the Game
Shoot below the Front
This is just Stage 1
Ochobot calling Yaya to play

Don't get mad at Me

Yaya and Ochobot controlling BoBoiBoy and Gopal
Destroying Super Probe in the Game

BoBoiBoy Scolding Ochobot

Probe killing the fly