Nasi Lemak (sometimes dubbed as Coconut Rice) is a national dish commonly found in Malaysia, the country in which the BoBoiBoy series takes place in.

The Series

  • When Papa Zola ate this, it was called 'Fried rice with a sunny-side up egg' even though the dish bears the looks of a Nasi Lemak (for unapparent reason). The dish was created by Gopal by means of him transforming dirty flip-flops into the dish using his Molecular Manipulation power. Upon finding out what the base of his food was made from, Papa Zola became angry.
  • According to Tok Aba, Saodah likes to make this dish (Season 1, Episode 5).
  • Adu Du also likes to eat this as his breakfast but he didn't finished it because of the annoying fly, even Fang eats that food as his lunch (Season 2, Episode 5).
  • Gopal was also seen eating Nasi Lemak in What Yaya Says.
  • Nasi Lemak was similiar to Nasi Gurih, the traditional food from Indonesia.