This is the page for cutted scenes of the series all over the world.

1. The closest scene where BoBoiBoy Lightning strucked his Lightning Swords to Super Probe (cutted in Disney Channel Asia)

note: This is stll seen in the extended theme song

2. BoBoiBoy Vs. the Multi-Monster (cutted in TV3)

3.The closest scene where Gopal is about to jump in the roof of his house while saying Go, Go, Gopal!. (cutted in Disney Channel Asia)

4. The closest scene where Yaya was strucked by knives.

5. Adu Du said "How Dare You!" before Gopal transformed Super Auntie Probe's magnetic claws to Mak Timah.

6. BoBoiBoy Lightning said "You useless thing!" to Adu Du.

note: This was replaced by "Hey How Dare You!" in Episode 19

7. Adu Du shouted "Numbskull" to Probe.

8. BoBoiBoy said "Oh No! (cutted in Disney Channel Asia for unknown reasons)

9. The scenes from the 3 things about Adu Du until Meet BoBoiBoy (cutted in TV3)

10 . The scene where Adu Du and Probe are watching Red Roses.

11 BoBoiBoy Storm attacked Mukalakus 14 more times but it was shortened to 6 times in Disney Channel Asia.

(all cutted in TV3)

12. The scene where Fang jumped out of the broken windows (cutted in TV3)

13. The scene where the Shadow Tiger scratched Adu Du

14. The scene where Papa Zola ordered the class to seat infront of him.

15. The scene where BoBoiBoy Earthquake called Fang "Ah Meng".

16. The scene where Fang said "Me?".

17. The scene where the eyes of the crazy is seen getting electroucuted (cutted in Disney Channel Asia).


The numbers 9-16 were all cutted in TV3.

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