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The Old Lady (Mackik Kuih) is a minor character in BoBoiBoy.

Old Lady
Age:  ?
Likes: Selling desserts
Friends: Yaya
Performer: Ezdiani Ahmad Fawzi (Malay and English versions)

Roles in the Series

Episode 2

The Old Lady's appearance in Episode 2

She appeared on a moving billboard holding a knife and cutting an eggplant which scared Probe when he steal some Cocoa because his color is Purple like an eggplant.

Episode 4

She was calling for help because she can't sell her desserts so Yaya help her. But Ochobot thought that the case is a serious problem.



Old Lady: Help me! Help me!

Yaya: Why, What's wrong?

Old Lady: Oh, help me please. I can't sell all my desserts, pity me uncle!


  • This is the first character to be voiced by Ezdiani Ahmad Fawzi, the second is the Canteen Lady .
  • When her mouth is seen closely in Episode 4, her middle tooth is color Gold. She might not having a good care to her tooth because of eating desserts as she mentioned.

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