The Plutonium Evil Credit Card (Malay: Kad Kredit Kejahatan Plutonium) is a credit card given by Ibu Bu to Adu Du. According to Ibu Bu, Plutonium mean infinite rich.

Card Information

  • Card Number: 2468 1234 1357 0975
  • Card Owner: Ibu Bu
  • Valid Until: Infinite


The Plutonium Evil Credit Card is a black card with a gold dragon in it. And the Plutonium Evil Credit Card logo in the middle of it.


  • Ibu Bu said that Plutonium Credit Card is a infinite rich credit card.
  • Ibu Bu gave the credit card to Adu Du because he wants him to buy powerful weapon and change his current life as a poor.
  • According to Bago Go, only 3 aliens in the whole galaxy who have the Plutonium Credit Card and the 3 aliens are the richest of all the richest aliens.


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