Eh Popo?!


Popo is a penguin that lives in The South Pole.


He has a black head, eyes and fin, and the bottom part of his fin is white like his body and yellow beak & feet.

The Series

Although he is a penguin, he appeared 4 times in the Series, one from commercial and 3 in episodes..

Total of Appearance: 8 times

Meet Ying

He appeared when Ying went to The South Pole but trapped herself when a snow storm arrived but Popo help her by throwing Snow Balls and let her free.

Season 1, Episode 3

BoBoiBoy Earth and BoBoiBoy Lightning remembered that Ying went to The South Pole again last week when BoBoiBoy asked him for two bags of Ice but Popo took one of Ying's Ice Bags.

Season 1, Episode 10

He appeared in the special videos of Probe and Computer reading the Fan Mails with a video from "Meet Ying".


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