The Red Carrot Donut (Donat Lobak Merah) is Fang's favorite food. This food is also sold in Rintis Island Primary School.


Season 2, Episode 3

When Fang wants to buy it at the school canteen, BoBoiBoy bought it first which made him angry, Gopal tried to offer the same but dirty donut to him but he doesn't like it because he only finds it in a sidewalk. Actually, the seller want offer white carrot doughtnut, but he don't want it. He tells Ying that it is the most delicious donut in the world.

Season 2, Episode 11

Fang smiling

Fang is already smiling when he sees the donuts.

 wanted to offer his extra Red Carrot Donut to Ying but she already have one, Fang was then, in one scene, eating all the donuts he have.

What Yaya Says Episode 12

After Fang bought Donuts from the canteen, Iwan accidentally bumped him and all of the donuts were soaked in mud.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 10

Fang is seen eating a red carrot donut during lunch break. As the comic magazines reveal that he and his brother Captain Kaizo both love food made by red carrots, it can be implied that their home planet has carrots and red carrot donuts are not just a food limited to humans on Earth only.


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