Remember when Eating (Beringat Ketika Makan) is a special commercial of BoBoiBoy during Hari Raya 2012.


BoBoiBoy and Gopal knew that the food served in Tok Aba's House aren't enough. Because of this, he transformed some of Tok Aba's things into ketupats and biscuits. When Tok Aba came down, he saw Gopal and BoBoiBoy lying on the floor, with their stomachs chaing. 

Tok Aba then said that they should not eat too much for their capacity.


Tukaran Makanan! Makanan! Makanan!

Gopal (Bahasa Malaysia)

Wow! Terbaiklah, Gopal!

BoBoiBoy (Bahasa Malaysia)

Makan untuk Raya, bukan Raya untuk Makan!

Tok Aba (Bahasa Malaysia)


PSA Hari Raya - 'Beringat Ketika Makan'00:31

PSA Hari Raya - 'Beringat Ketika Makan'

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