The Repentance Whip (Rotan Keinsafan) is one of Papa Zola's Powers.



He uses it to defend himself from an enemy. He also used it to free and punish Gopal.


It represents just a long simple cane, because of his powers, it can cut big things like Banana Frties

The Series

  • Papa Zola used it to cut the Fried Banana after Gopal was trapped inside it.
  • He also used it to pop the Bubble where Yaya is sleeping but he failed.
  • Aside from BoBoiBoy and Fang, in Season 2, Episode 11 Papa Zola also warned Gopal that he will get punished if he will guess the answers in the Math Test, he did in Season 3, Episode 3.
Whip of Regret in Season 2


" Take this, The Powerful Whip of Regret!



BoBoiBoy also used/said it while he and Gopal playing Papa Zola # 5.

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