Rintis Island (Pulau Rintis) is the place where BoBoiBoy's grandfather and his friends lives by. It is located in Malaysia in the Series.


  • Playground - where BoBoiBoy and his friends plays.
  • Rintis Island Bank - the place where Rob, Robert and Roberto hid inside the safe in an attempt to escape the police.
  • Bus Stop - the place where BoBoiBoy's friends wait for BoBoiBoy to go camping.
  • Jetty - the place where Papa Zola starts his Truth's Squid-Catching Business Empire.


  • In the 17th issue of the BoBoiBoy comic magazine, it was stated that more areas on the island will be revealed such as a ferry terminal, places where BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba shop, how Ochobot rides public transport, Ying and Yaya's favourite place as well as places Fang and Gopal spend time (respectively) during the weekends.