Sack of Red Roses (Seguni Mawar Merah) is the telenovela that Probe, Adu Du, BoBoiBoy and his friends watched. 


The full plot doesn't much exposed, but it depicts about a teenager named Azroy who accidentally left his pet cat Sasha alone somewhere else in the beach. Now he wants to see her to say goodbye for the last time.


Season 1, Episode 11

Probe and Adu Du were seen crying because of the emotions in the show. It is also shown that Gopal really hates Azroy for leaving Sasha alone.

Season 1, Episode 12

The scene where Azroy and Sasha reunites made BoBoiBoy Cyclone sad and return to normal.

Season 2, Episode 3

It was revealed that Probe kept episode files of this show, as Ejo Jo saw.

What Yaya Says: Doing the Homework

It was mentioned when BoBoiBoy and Gopal cheated on a homework, and the two of them have been punished.


  • In the YouTube English Version, it is known as Enough Sack of Roses.