Saodah is a minor character in BoBoiBoy.

Probe disguising himself as Auntie Saodam

Team BoBoiBoy

Adu Du told Probe to disguise himself as Saodah to buy Yaya's Biscuits, but he was punched by Yaya after that.

BoBoiBoy's Weakness

According to Tok Aba, she is Yaya's former neighbour.

Probe also disguised himself as Auntie Saodah while Adu Du disguised himself as his son Leman.

The Math Test

She is seen again with her kid, name Abdul Dudul. It's unknown what kind of son is he. Abdul Dudul is actually Adu Du desgising.


  • Saodah is a former Nasi Lemak seller but not anymore because she has 13 sons.
  • In the english version Animonsta Studios uploaded in Youtube recently, Saodah's name was changed to Stephenson.

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