This is the transcript for the original english dub of BoBoiBoy. This version was uploaded to Monsta’s YouTube channel. Yaya's name was changed to Hanna for unknown reasons.

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Speaker Dialogue
[Episode begins with BoBoiBoy running from Super Probe. Large doors start sliding closed ahead of them, prompting BoBoiBoy to run faster. Super Probe’s arm gets caught between the next doors, allowing him to fire two missiles. In desperation, BoBoiBoy attempts to roll under the last set of doors to avoid them, The footage stops just as he is about to escape, showing just how close he is to being crushed.]
[Screen fades to black.]
[ Theme song and opening sequence play.]
[Scene opens on a sign reading “Pulau Rintis.” As a maglev train speeds past it the scene cuts to inside the driver’s cab where the driver addresses the passengers via speaker.]
Wahid [over the speaker] Ladies and gentlemen, we will be arriving in the next station shortly. Thank you for choosing Yong Pin Aerotrain. Phew! Thank goodness it’s almost over! Man I can’t wait to go karaoke in a bit.
[Cuts to BoBoiBoy listening in the passenger car.]
BoBoiBoy [laughs]
Wahid [over the speaker] [chuckles] [clears his throat] I gotta warm up first. [singing-out-of-tune] Oh my butterflies! My pretty butterflies! Woo-oo!
[BoBoiBoy gets down from his seat and is heard entering the driver’s cab.]
Wahid [over the speaker] Hey, kid, what are you doing here?
[Shot cuts to the driver’s cab where Wahid is now wearing a straw hat, sunglasses and a tropical floral shirt.]
Wahid What? The mic’s still on? [Sees the microphone is on.] Oh no!
[BoBoiBoy exits the driver’s cab and sits back in his seat.]
Wahid [over the speaker] Um, we were having technical issues and, uh, I apologise for the mistake! [chuckles nervously] Thank you for your patience and, uh, please don’t tell my boss!
BoBoiBoy [laughs] Awesome! I’ve got to tell Atok about this! Hmm. . .
[Scene transitions to Outer Space. A spaceship appears near Jupiter. Inside the ship, Computer wakes up and a silhouetted Adu Du appears onscreen.]
Computer Master, we have arrived at the last sector.
Adu Du Excellent. Begin the scan!
Computer Scanning for energy signatures. [Scans the Solar System.] Data shows high energy signatures from one of the planets.
Adu Du Which planet?
Computer Planet Earth. [Displays Earth on her screen.]
Adu Du Oh, planet Earth. Full speed ahead!
[The spaceship zooms offscreen.]
[Scene transitions to the train station where Tok Aba is waiting for BoBoiBoy. Announcements are said over the loud speaker.]
Tok Aba Ah, I can’t wait to meet my grandson.
[Scene switches back to the train interior. Seeing they are nearing the station, BoBoiBoy gets off his seat.]
BoBoiBoy Thanks for accompanying me on the train.
Adult Passenger No problem. Say hi to Tok Aba for me. You take care now.
BoBoiBoy [Nods.] Bye!
Adult Passenger Bye!
BoBoiBoy [Runs to the doors with a bag and soccer ball under his arms.] Man, I can’t wait to see Atok!
[The train pulls up to the station and the train doors open. BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba see each other and run towards one another.]
Tok Aba BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Atok!
Tok Aba BoBoiBoy!
[BoBoiBoy mistakenly hugs another old man while Tok Aba mistakenly hugs another young boy.]
Tok Aba Look at how much you’ve grown, BoBoiBoy.
Child Passenger Uh, Mr.?
Tok Aba Yes? [Pulls back.]
Child Passenger I’m not BoBoiBoy.
Tok Aba Huh? [Looks over and sees BoBoiBoy hugging another old man]
BoBoiBoy Wow, you haven’t even aged a bit, Tok.
Tok Aba Oi! Who do you think you’re hugging over there’s? That’s not me!
BoBoiBoy Huh? [Pulls back and realises who he’s hugging.] [chuckles sheepishly] Sorry, Mr.
Tok Aba Hmph!
Child Passenger Huh, speak for yourself.
BoBoiBoy Yeah, Atok.
Tok Aba Hey, it’s not my fault; I’m old. You, on the other hand, are still young.
BoBoiBoy How are you, Tok?
Tok Aba I’m fine. Alright, let’s go home.
BoBoiBoy You know what? The train driver forgot to turn off the mic just now.
Tok Aba Huh, speak for yourself.
BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba leave the station The other old man offers to hug the other kid.
Child Passenger Eh? I don’t know you.
[Scene transitions to Outer Space. Ash Du’s spaceship arrives near Earth.]
Computer I have identified the highest energy signatures from this planet. It’s cocoa energy!
Adu Du Huh?! Cocoa energy?! [pauses]
Probe [chuckles] You don’t know, do you?
Adu Du Of course I do! I just forgot.
Computer [Displays a cocoa bean on her screen.] Cocoa energy is the most powerful energy source in the galaxy! It is believed to be extinct!
Adu Du What? We must obtain this energy! [Gets down from his chair and walks to the centre of the room.] Turn on the lights!
[Lights flicker on.]
Adu Du Bring up the hologram of planet Earth!
[Computer projects the hologram of Earth for Adu Du to examine.]
Adu Du Hmm . . . I know why there is a lot of cocoa energy here! Look, this planet doesn’t even have any life-forms! [Points at Earth’s moon.]
Computer [sweats] Uh, that’s not Earth. That’s the moon.
Adu Du [takes a long pause] I know.
Probe Yeah, sure you do.
Adu Du Silence! [Throws a mug at Probe.] Computer, gather more information about cocoa on Earth.
[Scene transitions back to Pulau Rintis. Tok Aba And BoBoiBoy arrive at Tok Aba’s house via his scooter.]]
Tok Aba Alright, we’re here!
BoBoiBoy [chuckles] [Jogs up to Tok Aba’s house.] Wow, your house is so ancient, Tok . . .
Tok Aba [chuckles proudly]
BoBoiBoy . . . just like you.
Tok Aba Oi! Hey, watch it! You’d rather sleep on the streets?
BoBoiBoy [laughs]
Tok Aba Alright, get in.
[Shot cuts to the interior of BoBoiBoy’s new room. BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba can be heard heading up there.]
Tok Aba This house may not look like much, but it’s got what counts.
BoBoiBoy [chuckles] Whatever you say, Tok.
Tok Aba [Turns on the lights in BoBoiBoy’s room.] Okay, here’s your room.
[BoBoiBoy looks around his room, astonished.]
BoBoiBoy Wow! Did you do all this by yourself?
Tok Aba Of course! Who else?
BoBoiBoy [chuckles]
Tok Aba Hmm, this should be alright. You’re not staying here for very long anyway.
BoBoiBoy [Goes over to his window and admires his view of the whole town.] Wow, awesome!
Tok Aba Good thing you’re here. I could use a hand around the shop. Huh?
BoBoiBoy [snores]
Tok Aba Hmph, so much for an extra hand. Well, I guess he’s tired from all that travelling. [Taps BoBoiBoy’s shoulder gently.] BoBoiBoy, get up.
BoBoiBoy Huh? [Rubs his eyes then goes overboard to his bed and falls asleep.]
Tok Aba Goodnight, BoBoiBoy. Sleep tight.
[Screen fades to black and transitions to Adu Du’s ship in Outer Space.]
Computer It seems that the Earthlings utilise cocoa as a source of food.
Adu Du Food?! You mean they eat cocoa?! But cocoa is the most valuable energy in the entire universe!
Probe Oh, come on. You just found out as well.
Adu Du Silence! Descend to Earth and prepare to give out an announcement! I will force the Earthlings to surrender their cocoa! [cackles]
[The ship enters the atmosphere.]
[Scene transtions to Tok Aba’s house the next morning and opens on a shot of Tok Aba’s can of cocoa. BoBoiBoy is looking for Tok Aba in his living room.]
BoBoiBoy Tok Aba? Tok Aba! Hmm, where could he be?
[BoBoiBoy checks Tok Aba’s bedroom, his own bedroom, outside the house before checking the kitchen.]
BoBoiBoy Hmm. [Starts to leave the room, but notices a note on the fridge.] Huh? [reading from the note] “Meet me at the café.” [Takes the note with him.]
[Scene transitions to the house exterior where BoBoiBoy exits it and locks the door.]
BoBoiBoy [chuckles] [Skims the note.] Okay, lock the door? Check. Next, “Say hi to Hanna.” Huh? [Looks at the stick-figure drawing of Hanna on the note.] “She looks kind of like this.”? Huh? Hanna?
Hanna [appears suddenly in front of BoBoiBoy] Hi, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy [screams] [Jumps back and flails his arms]
[Hanna blinks]
BoBoiBoy What did you. . . [pants] What did you do that for?
Hanna [giggles]
BoBoiBoy Wait, how do you know my name?
Hanna Oh, Tok Aba told me.
BoBoiBoy Yeah, he likes doing that. [Reads the note.] Oh, uh, Tok Aba said, “Thanks for the cookies yesterday.”
Hanna You’re welcome! Tok Aba must have really liked the cookies, huh?
BoBoiBoy Don’t know. I guess. Okay, Hanna, I’ve got to go to Tok Aba’s café.
Hanna Tok Aba’s café?
BoBoiBoy Yep.
Hanna Oh, that’s easy. You just turn right, and then—
BoBoiBoy No, it’s okay. Tok Aba already wrote it down here. See you later! [Walks down the street.]
Hanna Uh, later.
[BoBoiBoy follows Tok Aba’s directions. Tok Aba voices over what is written on the note. The scenes transition accordingly.]
Tok Aba [voiceover] Alright, first, you take the stairs near my house, then cross the road. Don’t forget to look left and right! After another set of steps you’ll reach a slope, but be careful. . . !
[Dog barks]
BoBoiBoy [screams] [runs down the street]
Tok Aba [voiceover] . . . There’s a crazy dog ‘round the corner! . . . Past the rubber tree plantation is the beach. Just keep heading straight. . .
[“1 hour later. . .” title card.]
Tok Aba [voiceover] Just go straight on until you see my café.
[BoBoiBoy arrives at Tok Aba’s café, where his grandfather is waiting.]
Tok Aba [chuckles] You’re finally here!
BoBoiBoy [sighs] I am beat! Do you actually walk here all the way every day? How do you do it?
Tok Aba Oh, don't worry, I've got a bike. Plus it's just down the street.
[Camera pans to the left to show Tok Aba's house. BoBoiBoy stares in shock, then faints]
Tok Aba [chuckles]
BoBoiBoy What? Then what did you make me walk all the way for?
Tok Aba Why not? You looked like you could use some exercise!
BoBoiBoy [sighs and gets back up] Thanks, I guess.
Tok Aba [laughs]
Hanna [appears beside next to BoBoiBoy] Hi, BoBoiBoy! Took you long enough, huh?
BoBoiBoy [groans]
Hanna Well, I was gonna show you the way.
BoBoiBoy Not that I didn't wanna. I was kind of shy, Mimi.
Hanna Huh?! "Mimi"?! I'm Hanna!
BoBoiBoy Oh, really? I thought it was Mimi.
Hanna What?! I remember your name but you don't even remember mine! Hmph!
Tok Aba Alright, settle down you two. Don't scare off my customers.
BoBoiBoy Heh. Hey… [looks around Tok Aba's café] What is this place?

Part 1
Speaker Dialogue

Tok Aba: Hey! You're finally here!

BoBoiBoy: [sighs] I am beat! Do you actually walk here all the way every day? How do you do it?

Tok Aba: Oh, don't worry, I've got a bike. Plus it's just down the street.

[Camera pans to the left to show Tok Aba's house]

BoBoiBoy: (faints) What?… Then what did you make me walk all the way for?

Tok Aba: Why not? You looked like you needed some excercise!

BoBoiBoy: [sighs] Thanks, I guess.

Tok Aba: [laughs]

Hanna: Hi, BoBoiBoy! Took you long enough, huh?

BoBoiBoy: [groans]

Hanna: Well, I was gonna show you the way.

BoBoiBoy: Not that I didn't wanna. I was kind of shy, Mimi.

Hanna: Huh?! "Mimi"?! I'm Hanna!

BoBoiBoy: Oh, really? I thought it was Mimi.

Hanna: What?! I remember your name but you don't even remember mine! Hmph!

Tok Aba: Alright, settle down you two. Don't scare off my customers.

BoBoiBoy: Hey… (looks around Tok Aba's café) What is this place?

Gopal: (appears beside BoBoiBoy) What?! This is the most awesome place ever!

BoBoiBoy: Huh? Who are you?

Gopal: [chuckles] Not a problem! Allow me to elaborate. Presenting: Tok Aba's Kokotiam! [Continues talking but his voice is muffled as BoBoiBoy talks to Tok Aba] Tok Aba's Kokotiam serves all kinds of food and beverages…

BoBoiBoy: Who's this, Tok Aba?

Tok Aba: Gopal. He's always asking for free stuff.

Gopal: …made of chocolate! There's chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream, choco banana fritters! And the best: Tok Aba's Special Hot Chocolate!

BoBoiBoy: I think there's something wrong with this kid.

Gopal: Tok Aba promises only the best, with his motto: "Satisfaction guaranteed!" Become a loyal customer, like me, and receive discounts up to 100%!

Tok Aba: Oi!

Gopal: Huh?

Tok Aba: Since when? I never said that!

Gopal: [laughs sheepishly] (looks at Boboiboy) Hi.

BoBoiBoy: Oh, I'm BoBoiBoy. (holds out his hand)

Gopal: (shakes Boboiboy's hand) Gopal, your new best friend! Tok Aba, now that I'm his best friend, can I get a free hot chocolate please?

Tok Aba: [groans] (prepares hot chocolate)

(BoBoiBoy and Hanna look at Gopal disapprovingly)

Gopal: What? I was just asking.

(The phone at Tok Aba's café starts ringing)

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy, get the phone!

BoBoiBoy: (answers the phone) Hello?

[The screen turns into a split-screen with BoBoiBoy on one side and Ying on the other]

Ying: Hello, Tok Aba!

BoBoiBoy: Oh, this isn't Tok Aba.

YingOh, is this BoBoiBoy?

BoBoiBoy: Uh, yeah, yeah.

YingI'm Ying! And I want to order…

[Screen goes back to normal]

BoBoiBoy: Sure thing! What do you want?

Ying: One Special Hot Chocolate please.

BoBoiBoy: Ok! Tok Aba, one Special Hot Chocolate!

Ying: Uh, I'll have it here.

[Camera zooms out to show that Ying is actually sitting right beside BoBoiBoy and is talking into her phone]

BoBoiBoy: (nods) Have it here! (Sees Ying beside him) Huh?

Ying: Uh, thank you? [giggles] (turns off her phone)

BoBoiBoy: You're welcome. (Puts phone back on receiver) Hey, Ying, why didn't you just order it here?

Ying: I'm shy. [giggles]

Gopal: Hm! Ignore her. She's always like that. Let's just watch TV.

(The kids watch a TV show for a few seconds until the TV screen glitches. The sky turns dark and stormy. On the TV, the screen clears up and Adu Du appears on the screen)

Adu Du: Greetings, Earthlings. I am Adu Du from Planet AtaTaTiga!

BoBoiBoy and his friends: (all gasp)

Part 2

Adu Du: Surrender all your cocoa beans or prepare for annihilation!-

(BoBoiBoy changes the channel)

Gopal: Hey, why'd you change the channel?

BoBoiBoy: Boring.

Gopal: No it's not!

[Scene switches to Adu Du's spaceship hovering in the sky]

Computer: It seems the Earthlings are not afraid of you, Master.

Adu Du: [growls] Blast it!

Probe: (enters the main control room) Master, I have gathered information on the Earthlings. And the results is scary!

Adu Du: Eh? What is it Probe?

Probe: T—t—take a look at this master! (Inserts video tape into Computer) Look at what the humans are doing to green aliens like you! First, they chop the aliens into little pieces!

(A picture of someone chopping broccoli is displayed on Computer's screen)

Adu Du: [gasps]

Probe: Then they put them in boiling hot water!

(A picture of someone placing the chopped broccoli in boiling water is displayed on Computer's screen)

Adu Du: [screams loudly]

Probe: And finally, they force the kids to eat the aliens! Every last one of them!

(A picture of someone feeding the Child Passenger broccoli is displayed on Computer's screen)

Adu Du: (faints) How could they be so cruel to us green aliens like me?

Probe: [sighs] Good thing I'm purple.

Computer: So that's why they weren't afraid of your announcement!

Adu Du: It seems we have no other choice! It seems we must use the Power Sphere!

Computer: But, Master, the Power Sphere requires a high concentration of energy to be activated.

Adu Du: I know! We'll use cocoa energy! Probe, get out there and steal some cocoa!

Probe: Eh? But why me?

Adu Du: Because you're purple!

Probe: Oh man, why am I born purple? (leaves the ship)

[Scene switches to Tok Aba's café]

Tok Aba: Alright, BoBoiBoy, I'm heading out. Watch over the shop, will you?

BoBoiBoy: But—but I don't know what to do! What if there's a lot of customers?

Tok Aba: Oh, you'll be fine. It's not like they're aliens. Bye!

BoBoiBoy: [sighs]

[Later, BoBoiBoy is cleaning the counter. Probe watches him from behind a sign]

BoBoiBoy: [talking to himself] Easy for you to say. What if aliens really do come? What then?

(Probe goes up to the café and steals a can of "Tok Aba's Kokotiam Powdered Cocoa" when BoBoiBoy isn't looking)

BoBoiBoy : (hears the cans move when Probe steals one) Huh? [sighs]

Probe: (hides under the counter) Phew! That was close! Huh? (Sees a moving sign of a man chopping an eggplant) Oh no! They eat purple aliens too! (Runs away)

BoBoiBoy: (sees Probe running away with a can of cocoa) Hey, shoplifter!

Probe: [yelps]

BoBoiBoy: Come back! (Chases after Probe through the town)

Probe: Don't eat me! I don't taste good!

BoBoiBoy: Stop! Stop!

(Probe flies through a junkyard. BoBoiBoy stops to catch his breath)

BoBoiBoy: I'm doomed. Tok Aba's going to kill me! Wait, what was that thing? (Sees Probe fly into Adu Du's spaceship on the other side of the junkyard) Is that what I think it is? (Hesitates for a second, then runs into the spaceship.)

Probe: Master, I have successfully stolen cocoa!

Adu Du: Good.

Probe: Thank you. I knew I— (gets hit by Adu Du's mug and falls over) What did I do?

Adu Du: You gave the wrong information!

Computer: The Earthlings do not feed on green aliens. The green aliens we saw in the pictures were actually vegetables.

(BoBoiBoy sneaks towards the door of the control room. The doors open and BoBoiBoy starts to run away)

Adu Du: Oi! Stop right there!

BoBoiBoy: [gasps]

Adu Du: Where do you think you're going, huh?

BoBoiBoy: Uh…

[Camera zooms out to show that Adu Du is talking to Probe]

Probe: Uh, I'm going to return this.

Adu Du: Did I tell you to return the cocoa? Come here!

(Probe goes back into the main control room)

BoBoiBoy: [sighs]

Probe: Well, now that we know the humans aren't dangerous, we don't need the cocoa to activate the Power Sphere, right?

Adu Du: Computer, slap him!

Computer: Yes Master.

(Computer slaps Probe and he spins around.)

Adu Du: (grabs the cocoa from him) You fool! This is the only chance we have to activate the Power Sphere using cocoa energy! With the Power Sphere, we will conquer Earth and seize all of its cocoa!

Probe: Ow, that hurt.

Adu Du: Get up! Follow me to the armoury!

BoBoiBoy: (watches them from an air vent in the wall) Hey, that's the alien I saw on TV!

Adu Du: (scans his hand and a number of doors open to reveal the Power Sphere in the armoury) Computer, insert the cocoa now.

Computer: Yes, Master. (Pours some cocoa into a capsule and inserts it in the Power Sphere)

Adu Du: [laughs evilly] Excellent! With this cocoa energy, the Power Spere can now be activated.

BoBoiBoy: (watches them from an air vent in the ceiling) So that's how they get their power! I have to get that cocoa back.

Computer: Master, the Power Sphere requires some time to be fully activated.

Adu Du: What?! I want to see its power now! (Looks over at Probe)

Probe: Huh?

Adu Du: Ah, Computer, test the cocoa with Probe.

Computer: Yes, Master. (Pours some cocoa into Probe)

Adu Du: How is it Probe? What do you think?

Probe: I think…I think… this cocoa is delicious!

Adu Du: What? [screams angrily] (throws his mug at Probe)

Probe: (catches the mug and crushes it) [screams and glitches repeatedly] (runs out of the armoury towards the lab)

Adu Du: Probe! (Drops the cocoa)

(BoBoiBoy drops down from the air vent)

Computer: Master, Probe has entered the lab

Adu Du: (enters the lab) Computer, turn on all the lights!

(Computer turns on the lights to reveal Super Probe)

Adu Du: [laughs evilly]

Probe (Super Probe mode): I'm Super Probe! Feel my power! (Brandishes a drill and slices a support beam behind Adu Du)

Adu Du: [laughs evilly]

(Super Probe brandishes a missile launcher and is about to shoot but Adu Du stops him)

Adu Du: Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa! That's enough!

Probe (Super Probe mode): (turns the missile launcher back into a normal hand) Awww.

Adu Du: What? You wanna blow up the whole ship?! Is that what you want?!

Computer: Master, the Power Sphere has been activated.

Adu Du: Excellent! Come with me.

BoBoiBoy: (grabs the cocoa in the armoury and leaves) [laughs triumphantly]

Ochobot: (wakes up) Huh? Master? (Follows BoBoiBoy)

Adu Du: [laughs evilly] With the Power Sphere and Super Probe, we will definitely— (sees BoBoiBoy running past) Huh?

BoBoiBoy: (stops) Hi. Coming through. (Runs away again)

(Ochobot follows BoBoiBoy)

Computer: Master, that's the Power Sphere!

Adu Du: Probe get him!

(BoBoiBoy runs away as Super Probe chases him. Adu Du is sitting in a cockpit on Super Probe's head. Ochobot continues to follow Boboiboy but he doesn't notice.)

Adu Du: Computer, secure all the exits!

(Lots of doors ahead begin to close but BoBoiBoy and Ochobot are small enough to go under them. Then Adu Du smashes into one of the closing doors.)

Probe: Uh, Mr. Boss?

[Camera zooms back to show Adu Du smashed hard into the door]

(Adu Du falls off the door. BoBoiBoy is still running from Super Probe. Large doors start to slide close ahead of them so BoBoiBoy runs faster. He makes it through the next door unharmed but Super Probe's arm gets stuck under the door. Super Probe then changes his arm to a missile launcher and fires two missiles at BoBoiBoy. The latter sees them and, in a desperate attempt to avoid them, tries to roll under the last door. Just as he is about to escape, the footage stops and shows how close BoBoiBoy is to getting crushed. BoBoiBoy and Ochobot roll under the last door and escape successfully. The missiles hit the last door.)

Computer: Master, he has escaped with the Power Sphere.

Adu Du: How dare he?! Find him!

[Scene switches to Tok Aba's café. BoBoiBoy runs back there]

Tok Aba: Ah, there you are, BoBoiBoy! Where have you been?

BoBoiBoy: I was chasing an alien just now! Because he stole this cocoa! Then, when I tried to get it back, there was this huge giant alien robot chasing me!

Tok Aba: (looks in the cocoa can and sees that half the cocoa is missing) That's enough cocoa for you today!

BoBoiBoy: Uh, Tok Aba, were you even listening to what I said?!

Tok Aba: Sure I did. Come on, let's go home. I think that's enough for today.

(Ochobot rolls up to the counter and punches BoBoiBoy's soccer ball away. Then he transforms himself to look like a soccer ball. BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba don't notice anything)

BoBoiBoy: (sitting on his bed and holding his soccer ball which is actually Ochobot) Was I dreaming just now? Come on BoBoiBoy, you can't really believe that aliens really exist.

Ochobot: I know! (Extends his arms and wheels and opens his eyes)

BoBoiBoy: [screams] (drops Ochobot and kicks him out the window) Oh no! (Runs outside to where Ochobot fell) Hey! You! You're Adu Du's Power Sphere!

Ochobot: What? Adu Du? My name is Ochobot!

BoBoiBoy: What do you want from me?! Tell me!

Ochobot: I'm here to give you powers!

BoBoiBoy: Huh? Powers?

Ochobot: Yeah, powers! (Gives BoBoiBoy powers and lets off an energy wave of high magnitude)

Computer: Master, I have detected an energy wave of high magnitude.

Adu Du: That must be the Power Sphere! Find its location!

BoBoiBoy: (looks at his new Power bands in astonishment) Whoa! What's this?

Ochobot: That's your Power Band!

BoBoiBoy: Whoa! Why do you give it to me?

Ochobot: Didn't you activate me?

BoBoiBoy: Hmm, oh yeah, that's right! So, what can I do?

Ochobot: (hovers in the air then scans BoBoiBoy) Whoa! Elemental Power! You now have the ability to control the elements that exist on this planet!

BoBoiBoy: So, how do I use my powers then?

Ochobot: (drops back to the ground) Patience, to use this power you must go through a lot of training. It's one of the most difficult powers to control!

(Lightning flashes and thunder claps. Ochobot retracts his arms, wheel and eyes and turns back into a sphere.)

Tok Aba: Huh?

Ochobot: (peeks out and sees shocked BoBoiBoy holding a Lightning Bolt) Wow! You just used your Lightning Power! How did you do it?

BoBoiBoy: [chuckles] Watch this! (Shakes his hand but nothing happens)

Ochobot: Huh, nothing's happening.

BoBoiBoy: How did I do it just now? Hmm… (Scratches the side of his head with the Lightning bolt) Ow, ow, ow, ow! It's hot, it's hot! (Throws the Lightning Bolt on the air but it comes back down.) [screams] (uses his Wind Power to deflect the Lightning Bolt to a nearby dumpster.)

Tok Aba: (Hears BoBoiBoy's Wind Power and Lightning bolt flash again.) Oh, I think it's gonna rain tonight.

Ochobot: Wow! Cool! Wind Power!

BoBoiBoy: [chuckles] Awesome!

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy, close your window!

BoBoiBoy: Uh oh, Tok Aba! Oh no, I gotta get back inside! (tries to run but trips over Ochobot and falls on the ground)

Ochobot: Ow!

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy! It's an earthquake! Get down! (Enters BoBoiBoy's room and finds him lying on the floor, reading)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? What are you talking about?

Tok Aba: Eh? Uh, yeah. Close your window, it's gonna rain soon. (Exits BoBoiBoy's room)

BoBoiBoy: Ok, Tok. Phew, that was close! (Goes over to his window to look at his Earth Staircase) Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I'm totally a superhero!

Ochobot: Wow! That's your Earth Power!

(Earth staircase crumbles)

Tok Aba: [screams] Earthquake!

[end credits roll]

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BoboiBoy English Season 1 Episode 1

BoboiBoy English Season 1 Episode 1

BoBoiBoy Season 1, Episode 1 (Original English dub)