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Season 1, Episode 3

[Scenes from the previous episode are played onscreen while Tok Aba voices over them]

Tok Aba (voiceover): Do you remember what happened last week? Yeah, well, I don't. All I remember was that I fainted. After I woke up, I asked BoBoiBoy what happened. He told me and his friends are now superheroes! And that there's this alien from Outer Space and he's here to conquer Earth for cocoa! You gotta be kidding me, BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy: So, Adu Du will do anything to get cocoa!

Tok Aba: Oh, so that's how it is.

BoBoiBoy: Uh-Huh.

Tok Aba: Er, wait, I've got a question.

BoBoiBoy: Um, what is it, Tok?

Tok Aba: So this robot will follow anyone who activates him, right?

BoBoiBoy: Uh…

[Flashback of previous episode]

Ochobot: Well, I was programmed to follow anyone who activates me

Adu Du: I'm the one who activated you!

BoBoiBoy: Hey, hang on! You activated him using my cocoa so, technically, I'm his master!

Ochobot: Hey, that makes sense!

[Back to the present situation]

BoBoiBoy: …Uh, yeah.

Tok Aba: And whose cocoa did you use to activate him?

BoBoiBoy: Um, I used your cocoa.

Tok Aba: (laughs) Then this should be my robot, right?

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal look at Tok Aba, shocked)

Ochobot: Oh no. (Later shown wearing a "Tok Aba's Kokotiam" worker apron while serving a customer) Yes, how can I help you, sir?

Tok Aba: It's nice to have some help around here. (laughs) Awesome!

[BoBoiBoy Theme song plays]

BoBoiBoy: (counting the number of times he kicks the ball in the air) …6…7…8…9…10…11…12…

Adu Du: (watching BoBoiBoy from his spaceship) This is so annoying! How can I defeat BoBoiBoy? He's such a good fighter! He's even good at that round thing!

Probe: That's true. He's not bad at all.

Adu Du: Silence! How dare you agree with me? (Drinks from his mug) Computer, have you completed my latest experiment?

Computer: Affirmative, master.

Adu Du: Excellent! Probe, send the-. Uh…

Computer: Uh, Multi-Monster?

Adu Du: Send the Multi-Monster to BoBoiBoy and destroy him! (laughs evilly)

Probe: (joins in with Adu Du's laughing)

Adu Du: Why are you still here?!

Probe: Oh, you mean I should go now?

Adu Du: (growls at Probe)

Probe: Oh, ok, ok. I'm going, I'm going. (Leaves the spaceship)

[Scene switch back to the playground. BoBoiBoy is still kicking the ball]

BoBoiBoy: …96…97…98…99…(kicks the ball high into the air) Alright! Finally, I'm gonna hit a hundred and-

Gopal: (appears suddenly in front of BoBoiBoy) BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy: (screams and falls backwards. The ball lands on his head and he becomes dazed)

Gopal: BoBoiBoy, I've got a huge problem!

BoBoiBoy: (shakes off his dizziness) [angrily] What did you do that for?! I almost broke the record!

Gopal: Record? What record?

BoBoiBoy: (sighs) Never mind. What do you want?

Gopal: I still don't know what my super powers are!

BoBoiBoy: [carelessly] Oh, that problem.

Gopal: Hey, it's a big deal, ok? Imagine if you don't know what your super powers are! Come on, you've gotta help me! I'm your best friend!

BoBoiBoy: (looks at his soccer ball and laughs) I've got an idea!

[Later, Gopal is shown standing in front of the goal wearing a blindfold]

Gopal: Uh, why am I blindfolded again?

BoBoiBoy: We're gonna test if you've got spider-senses!

Gopal: Spider-senses? Ooh, I like that!

BoBoiBoy: (gets ready to kick the ball) Ok, try to sense the ball and catch it. Ready?

Gopal: Ready! ("Summons" his power. Thinks he senses the ball on his left) Hiyaa! (Lunges out to catch it but actually there is nothing there so he falls on the ground)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? (about to kick the ball and sees Gopal try to catch it) Uh, I haven't even kicked it yet.

Gopal: Oh, ok. I was just warming up.

BoBoiBoy: [sarcastically] Yeah, sure you were.

Gopal: (stretches) Ok, now I'm ready. (The ball flies past him and hits the net) Huh? I missed it, didn't I?

BoBoiBoy: Hmm, maybe you don't have spider-senses. (Laughs triumphantly) Maybe you have muscles of steel!

Gopal: Oh, yeah, definitely! I've always felt that I'm very strong! You know, the other day,- Ugh! (gets hit in the stomach with the soccer ball and falls over)

BoBoiBoy: Ok, maybe not. Maybe…maybe you can shoot lasers from your eyes!

Gopal: (removes blindfold) Oooh, that's so cool!

BoBoiBoy: Ok, Gopal, try to shoot this ball!

Gopal: Ok, I'm ready!

BoBoiBoy: (kicks the ball into the air) Ok, Gopal, focus!

Gopal: (strains as he tries to shoot lasers from his eyes)

BoBoiBoy: Just a bit more! Focus! A bit more, Gopal! A bit more! Fire!

Gopal: (grunts as the ball hits him in the face) 

BoBoiBoy: (laughs) Awesome!

Gopal: Ow… (falls over) 

BoBoiBoy: (Gasps and runs over to Gopal) Gopal, are you ok?

Gopal: (sits up) Yeah, I guess. (Sighs and stands up) It's not working!

BoBoiBoy: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find your super power soon.

Gopal: (sighs) But I've waiting to find out for so long!

BoBoiBoy: That's it! Maybe your super power is patience!

Gopal: What?! That's ridiculous! 

BoBoiBoy: I don't know. Tok Aba always says that patience is a virtue.

Gopal: Yeah, whatever. (Kicks the ball high into the air but Probe blasts it and it lands in a toxic plant)

BoBoiBoy: (gasps)

Gopal: (gasps)

BoBoiBoy: Now look what you did! Go get that! (Turns around) Huh?

Gopal: (running home) Bye, BoBoiBoy! Thanks for helping me! You're the best!

BoBoiBoy: (sighs)

Probe: (laughs evilly) 

BoBoiBoy: (runs over to the toxic plant and sees the soccer ball on a green stump in the middle of a toxic lake) Ha, there it is! (Enters the toxic plant and tries to get the ball with a wooden plank) Just you wait, Gopal! (Hits the stump multiple times and two purple bumps rise from it) What?

(Multi-Monster rises up from the lake)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? (Drops the plank) 

Multi-Monster: (roars loudly at BoBoiBoy)

BoBoiBoy: Er, (laughs sheepishly) sorry. Did that hurt?

Multi-Monster: What do you think?! (Soccer ball falls off his head into BoBoiBoy's arms)

BoBoiBoy: I think it was Gopal's fault!

Multi-Monster: Gopal?

BoBoiBoy: Yeah, yeah! You know, my best friend? I'll go get him.

Multi-Monster: Oh, ok, you do that.

BoBoiBoy: (runs off and laughs quietly)

Multi-Monster: Wait a minute! 

BoBoiBoy: (turns back) Huh?

Multi-Monster: My master sent me to destroy you! Not Gopal!

BoBoiBoy: (laughs sheepishly)

Multi-Monster: (roars loudly) 

BoBoiBoy: Aah!

Multi-Monster: (slams his hand on BoBoiBoy)

Adu Du: (watching from his spaceship) Yes! I have finally defeated BoBoiBoy! (Laughs evilly)

Multi-Monster: (laughs evilly)

BoBoiBoy Wind: (flies up behind Multi-Monster) Wind! Hiyaa!

Multi-Monster: Huh?

BoBoiBoy Earth: (laughs triumphantly) Gotcha! (Gets up) Earth! (Traps Multi-Monster in an Earth Mound)

(BoBoiBoy Wind flies overhead and summons a wind that pushes Multi-Monster further into the earth)

Multi-Monster: Huh? What just happened?! 

BoBoiBoy Earth: (laughs)

[Flashback as BoBoiBoy Earth voices over]

BoBoiBoy Earth (voiceover): While you were busy roaring and talking for so long…

Multi-Monster: [muffled] (roars loudly) I will crush you! I will eat you! (Roars)…

BoBoiBoy Earth (voiceover): I used the chance to perform my ultimate power!

BoBoiBoy: BoBoiBoy, Elemental Split! (Splits into three) 

[Back to the present situation] 

Multi-Monster: Wait, I thought you said three! Where's the other one? 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Right here! (Summons a Lightning Bolt and throws it at Multi-Monster) Lightning Bolt Attack!

(Multi-Monster gets electrocuted and becomes defeated)

Adu Du: What?! We lost already?!

Computer: Master, he is not defeated yet.

Adu Du: Explain yourself!

Computer: There is a reason why he is called "the Multi-Monster." Every time he is defeated, he will split into two.

[Scene switch back to the toxic plant where Multi-Monster splits into two monsters]

Multi-Monster 1: You think it's that easy?! We are indestructible! We will crush your bones and eat you alive!

Multi-Monster 2: Rar-rar-rar!

Adu Du: Brilliant! I'm starting to like this Multi-Monster! (Looks at his screen) Huh? (Sees the Multi-Monsters are defeated already)

BoBoiBoy Earth: 3 against 2? What do you expect?


Computer: No, no, no, Master! He will split again! (Her screen shows two Multi-Monsters splitting into four)

(Scene switch back to the toxic plant. The three Boboiboys are confronted by four Multi-Monsters)

BoBoiBoy Wind: Ok, I'm going home.

BoBoiBoy Earth: Wait, don't be such a baby, ok? All of us have to fight!

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Yeah, they don't look so tough!

Multi-Monsters: (all roar loudly)

BoBoiBoy Wind: [sarcastically] Really?

Multi-Monster 1: My brothers, grab your weapons! (Grabs a huge pole)

(Multi-Monster 2 grabs a giant magnet and swings it around. Multi-Monster 3 lifts a large sewer pipe. Multi-Monster 4 picks up a twig)

BoBoiBoy Wind: (laughs)

BoBoiBoy Earth: (laughs) I think we still have a chance. It's still 3 on 3. (Points to Multi-Monster 4) That one doesn't count. (Gets hit in the face with Multi-Monster 4's twig) Ugh!

BoBoiBoy Wind: (laughs at Boboiboy Earth)

Multi-Monster 4: ATTACK!!

(Multi-Monster 3 throws his pipe at the BoBoiBoys. They gasp and jump out of the way. Multi-Monster 3 picks up three more sewer pipes and throws them at the BoBoiBoys)

BoBoiBoy Wind: Hiyaa! (Uses his power to blow the pipes behind them) (laughs) Huh?

Multi-Monster 2: (swings his magnet and roars loudly)

(The BoBoiBoys each hide behind one of the three pipes)

BoBoiBoy Wind: We are so dead!

BoBoiBoy Lightning: No we're not! We just need to plan something!

BoBoiBoy Wind: [sarcastically] Yeah, plan to die!

BoBoiBoy Earth: Stop it! Let me take a look first. (Peeks around the pipe and gasps as he sees the magnet swinging towards them) Get down!

(The BoBoiBoys duck down and the magnet breaks the pipes just above their heads)

Adu Du: (laughs evilly)

(Multi-Monster 1 appears in front of them and nearly attacks them with his pole)

BoBoiBoy Earth: (grunts and summons an Earth to block the pipe)

(Multi-Monster 1 hits the Earth repeatedly) 

BoBoiBoy Earth: (sighs)

BoBoiBoy Wind: Watch out!

(Two pipes and another magnet come flying at the BoBoiBoys)

(Everything goes into slow-motion. BoBoiBoy Wind jumps and starts to do a backflip in front of a pipe. BoBoiBoy Earth tries to bend backwards to dodge the magnet. BoBoiBoy Lightning jumps and tries to go through a pipe.)

Probe: (watching them dodge the objects) Whoa! So cool!  

BoBoiBoy Wind: (as he faces the pipe, he uses his power to blow the pipe back into the face of Multi-Monster 3)

Probe: Whoa! 

(Still in slow-motion, BoBoiBoy Earth twists around and places his hand on the ground which summons an Earth that flings the magnet up high)

Probe: Whoa!

(Still in slow-motion, BoBoiBoy Lightning passes through the pipe. Then, in normal speed, he summons two Lightning Bolts and throws them at Multi-Monster 2, who gets electrocuted)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Lightning Bolt Attack! (Lands back on the ground) Heh, that was easy.

Multi-Monster 1: (leaps into the air and roars, holding two poles)

BoBoiBoy Wind, Lightning and Earth: (gasp) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (laughs and points up)

Multi-Monster: Huh? (Sees the magnet come falling down towards him) (screams)

(Adu Du grimaces as he watches the fight from his spaceship) 

BoBoiBoy Wind: (sighs) That was close!

Multi-Monster 4: (looks around at the other defeated Multi-Monsters) I've had enough! (Breaks his twig and throws it away)

BoBoiBoy Wind, Lightning and Earth: Huh?

Part 2

Multi-Monster: (picks up the chain from another magnet) I will avenge my brothers!

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Ahem. Hi. (Conducts electricity through his hands and sends it through the metal magnet chain to the Multi-Monster)

Adu Du: Huh?

(BoBoiBoy Lightning blows the Multi-Monster over) 

BoBoiBoy Wind: All right! We won!

BoBoiBoy Earth: (laughs) It's finally over!

Adu Du: No, BoBoiBoy, it has only just begun!

(The four Multi-Monsters split into eight monsters. A montage of the BoBoiBoys fighting the constantly multiplying Multi-Monsters begin.)


Adu Du: (laughs evilly)

Multi-Monsters: (roar and attack BoBoiBoy Earth)

BoBoiBoy Earth: (laughs) Earth Pillar! (Summons an Earth Pillar that defeats many monsters but the monsters split again)

Adu Du: (watches the defeated Multi-Monsters split on Computer's screen and laughs evilly)

Multi-Monsters: (roar and attack BoBoiBoy Lightning)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (summons Lightning Bolts) Lightning Bolt Attack! (Electrocutes many monsters but the monsters split again)

Adu Du: (watches the defeated Multi-Monsters split again on Computer's screen and laughs evilly) 

(Multi-Monsters attack BoBoiBoy Wind)

BoBoiBoy Wind: (laughs) Wind! (Uses his power to defeat the monsters but the monsters split again)

Adu Du: (watches the defeated Multi-Monsters split on Computer's screen) (laughs evilly but starts coughing)

[Montage stops]

Computer: Uh, do you need a drink, Master?

Adu Du: No! Continue the montage!

[Montage continues]

(Multi-Monsters attack BoBoiBoy Lightning but he electrocutes them)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Huh? (Sees more Multi-Monsters)

(The BoBoiBoys attack and defeat the monsters but they still keep on doubling their ranks)

Adu Du: (laughs evilly as they split)

(The BoBoiBoys defeat all the monsters but Computer's screen shows all the Multi-Monsters splitting into two)

[Montage stops]

Multi-Monsters: (all roar) 

BoBoiBoy Earth: Oh no! They keep on multiplying!

Adu Du: It's useless, ! Useless!

BoBoiBoy Wind: Hey, do you guys notice something different?

Adu Du: Of course, you fool! Now…now I have an army of Multi-Monsters!

[Camera zooms out to show that the Multi-Monsters are now tiny]

BoBoiBoy Wind: (laughs)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (laughs) Yeah, they're getting smaller!

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) Now, a small army of-Wait, what?!

Multi-Monsters: Huh? Oh no! What happened to us?

BoBoiBoy Wind, Earth and Lightning: (roar loudly)

Multi-Monsters: (scream and run away but one is caught by BoBoiBoy)

Adu Du: Why…why are all the Multi-Monsters so tiny?!

Computer: Um, are you thirsty, Master? (Holds up his mug)

Adu du: (knocks the mug away) Don't try to avoid the question! Answer!

Computer: Um, did I not mention that when they split they become smaller?

Adu Du: No you didn't! You let us fail! The Multi-Monsters are now Mini-Monsters!! (Slaps Computer)

Computer: Ow.

Adu Du: I knew I shouldn't have counted on you! Now I must think of some other way to defeat BoBoiBoy! (Drinks from his mug) Computer, think of another way to defeat BoBoiBoy!

Computer: Wait, didn't you want to think for yourself? (Gets hit by Adu Du's mug) Aha! Perhaps we could kidnap his friends?

Adu Du: Yes! I have an idea! We kidnap BoBoiBoy's friends! Force him to surrender!

Computer: Uh, isn't that my idea?

Adu Du: Silence! Locate BoBoiBoy's friends and prepare to capture them!

[Scene switch back to the toxic plant]

BoBoiBoy: Alright, little monster, I know Adu Du sent you. Tell me, what is he planning?

Multi-Monster 1: You expect me to reveal my Master's plan? Ha, even if I knew, I would never betray him! Torture me all you want!

BoBoiBoy: Oh, tough one, eh? (Seals Multi-Monster 1 in a jar) Let's go for a spin! (Spins the jar)

Multi-Monster 1: (screams) 

Multi-Monster 2: Whoa, that looks like fun!

Multi-Monster 3: Rar-rar-rar! 

Multi-Monster 1: (falls out of the jar) Enough, enough, enough! I don't know anything, really!

BoBoiBoy: Really?

Multi-Monster 1: Really, really!

BoBoiBoy: (laughs and seals the monster back in jar)

Multi-Monster 1: Oh, please, not the spinning again!

BoBoiBoy: So talk!

Multi-Monster 1: Uh, my Master will do anything to defeat you! 

BoBoiBoy: Yeah? Like what?

Multi-Monster 1: Uh, I don't know. Like, uh, attack your friends? 

BoBoiBoy: Oh no! I have to save the whole town!

Multi-Monster 1: Really? 

BoBoiBoy: Really!

Multi-Monster 1: Really, really?

BoBoiBoy: Really, really! (Multi-Monster 1 looks at him) Ok, fine, I've only got three friends. (gasps) I've gotta go save them! (Runs away)

Multi-Monster 1: Uh, Little Master?

BoBoiBoy: (turns back) Huh?

Multi-Monster 1: What about me? (Sighs) Just finish me off quickly. 

BoBoiBoy: Nope. You're free to go. (unscrews the jar lid)

Multi-Monster 1: What? You spared my life? After all that I did to you?!…Thank you. (Runs away) I am forever indebted to you! Thank you, BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy: Ok…wait, who do I save first? Hmm, I gotta rethink about this. BoBoiBoy, Elemental Split! (Performs his ultimate power)

BoBoiBoy Earth: Alright, so, who do we save first?

BoBoiBoy Wind: How about Yaya?

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Yaya? The strongest girl on Earth?

[Flashback to an episode of "What Yaya Says"]

Hanna: (holding a couch with an elephant on it) Don't be scared, Mr. Alebi, I think the mouse is gone.

[Back to the present situation]

BoBoiBoy Earth: Ok, Yaya should be fine. How about Ying?

BoBoiBoy Wind: Ying? Don't you remember the last time we were helping Tok Aba and we ran out of ice?


BoBoiBoy: (cleaning the counter of the café) Hey, Ying, can you get us two bags of ice?

Ying: Ok! (Runs away then comes back after one second with a bag of ice) Here you go!

BoBoiBoy: Thanks! Where did you get this?

Ying: The South Pole.

BoBoiBoy: [sarcastically] Yeah, sure. [normal voice] Huh? Hey, I said two bags of ice!

Ying: (talks to the penguin holding the bag of ice) Popo, give it to him!

Popo: No! (squawks)

[Back to the present situation]

BoBoiBoy Earth: Yeah, Ying's so fast, nobody can catch her! That just leaves Gopal.

BoBoiBoy Wind: Yeah.

[Flashback to earlier in the episode]

(Gopal strains as he tries to shoot lasers from his eyes but the ball hits him in the face and he falls over)

[Back to the present situation]

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Oh no, he's dead! Let's go save him!

[Scene switch to Adu Du's spaceship]

Adu Du: Computer, have you located BoBoiBoy's friends?

Computer: Yes, Master. In fact I have found their weaknesses. Based on my calculations-

Adu Du: Bla, bla, blah! Ay, I don't need to know that! Just send the information to Probe!

Computer: Yes, Master.

Adu Du: Oh, wait, have you found the Power Sphere?

Computer: No, Master. I have failed to locate the Power Sphere. He is not with BoBoiBoy or any of his friends.

Adu Du: Blast it! He must be hidden at a secret location!

[Scene switch to Tok Aba's café. Ochobot is sweeping up the rubbish around the café]

Ochobot: (sighs)

Tok Aba: (laughs) And don't forget to wash my bike.

[Scene switch to Gopal's house]

BoBoiBoy: (ringing the doorbell) Gopal! Gopal! Gopal, open up! (Ying runs past him) Huh? Ying!

Probe: Coming through! (Runs past BoBoiBoy)

BoBoiBoy: Oh no, that's Probe! (Runs to help Ying)

Adu Du: Don't let her get away!

Computer: Probe, launch the Sleep Missile!

Probe: Sleeping Missile, launched! (Launches two missiles at Ying)

Ying: Huh? Slowpokes! (Giggles and runs faster) Bye-bye!

Adu Du (on Probe's hologram): Probe, report!

Probe: Missiles have been launched!

Adu Du (on Probe's hologram): Good! So how long do we have to wait?

Probe: Not long, Mr. Boss. 10 seconds, and counting! (Laughs evilly)

Ying: (giggles but stops running when she sees a vending machine selling cold drinks) Wow! (Buys one can and drinks it. Then sees the missiles approaching) Slowpoke! (A feather falls in front of her face making her sneeze and lose her power) (gasps but the missiles go past her) Oh! Where is it going? (Giggles)

(Then the missiles turn around and head towards Ying)

Ying: (yelps and uses a feather to make herself sneeze then runs away in the direction of Probe)

Probe: (laughs evilly)

Adu Du (on Probe's hologram): (laughs evilly but stops when Ying runs through him) Huh?

Probe: Eh? Huh? (Sees the missiles coming towards him and screams)

Adu Du (on Probe's hologram): (screams)

(Missiles crash into Probe)

Probe: (sighs) So, sleepy.

Computer: Master, it looks like Probe is feeling sleepy.

Adu Du: What do you mean "He's sleepy"? Transmit the hologram! (Appears in front of Probe as a hologram) Hey, aren't you just a robot?!

Probe: Uh, uh, it must have been some really good sleeping gas!

Adu Du (on Probe's hologram): Ha, abort the mission! Return to base! (Deactivates the hologram)

Ying: (runs up to Probe) Hey, you, why were you chasing me?

Probe: Uh, uh…

Adu Du: Huh? Computer!!

Computer: Don't worry, Master. Probe is handling the situation.

Probe: Actually, I want to give your purse back. (Holds out a purse)

Adu Du: (faints)

Ying: Do you really think I'm that stupid?! I don't have a purse!

Probe: No, you're not stupid. I just distracted you long enough to do this! (Sprays her with sleeping gas)

Ying: Huh? (Sneezes) Huh? (Sighs and falls asleep)

Adu Du: What a brilliant solution from Probe. I bet he learnt all that from me! (Laughs)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? (Sees Ying being carried away by Probe) Ying! Ying! I need to get to Gopal, quick! (Runs back to Gopal's house and rings the doorbell) Hello? Gopal? Gopal? Where is he? (Sighs)

Gopal: Hey, BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy: (sees Gopal on the roof) Hey! What are you doing up there?

Gopal: Check this out! Go, go, Gopal! (jumps off the roof and tries to fly) (screams and falls back to the ground)

BoBoiBoy: Gopal! Are you ok?

Gopal: (groans) No… (gets up)

BoBoiBoy: What were you trying to do? 

Gopal: What else? I was trying to find my super powers! I've tried everything!

[Some scenes of Gopal's efforts of trying to get a power are played on screen]

Gopal: I'm not super strong… (tries unsuccessfully to lift a truck)

Gopal: …I can't breathe underwater… (tries to breathe underwater but realises he can't and swims towards the surface)

Gopal: …no telekinesis… (tries unsuccessfully to move a Chili Bottle with telekinesis)

[Back to the present situation]

Gopal: …and I can't even fly! This stinks!

BoBoiBoy: Never mind that, we have more serious things to think about! 

Gopal: Hey, what could be more serious than finding my super powers?

BoBoiBoy: Adu Du sent a monster to get me, and he already got Ying!

[BoBoiBoy end credits roll]

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