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Season 1, Episode 4

(Scenes from the previous episode are played onscreen while Probe voices over them)

Probe: Previously, on BoBoiBoy. The Multi-Monster has finally been defeated by BoBoiBoy. BoBoiBoy interrogated the Multi-Monster, who told him about Mr. Boss's plan on kidnapping his friends for hostage. What a traitor. Later, BoBoiBoy tried to stop us but thanks to me, he failed. I kidnapped Ying even before he got there. Later, BoBoiBoy asked help from Gopal but he doesn't even know what his super powers are. What a joke…

BoBoiBoy: Gopal! Are you ok?

Gopal: No…

BoBoiBoy: What were you trying to do? 

Gopal: What else? I was trying to find my super powers! I've tried everything!

BoBoiBoy: Never mind that, we have more serious things to think about! 

Gopal: Hey, what could be more serious than finding my super powers?

BoBoiBoy: Adu Du sent a monster to attack me, and he already got Ying!

Gopal: Oh, ok, that is pretty serious.

BoBoiBoy: Exactly! And I'm sure that Hanna is gonna be next!

Gopal: Alright, let's go! Wait!

BoBoiBoy: Huh?

Gopal: (strains) Nope, I can teleport. Come on, BoBoiBoy, we can't waste time!

BoBoiBoy: (sighs and rolls his eyes)

(BoBoiBoy theme song plays)

Computer: Master, I have managed to locate Hanna.

Adu Du: Excellent! Probe, make sure you don't fail me this time!

Probe: Don't worry, Master! I shall be in disguise!

Hanna: Why doesn't anybody wanna buy my cookies?

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): [high-pitched voice] Uh, Miss, I would like to buy some cookies.

Hanna: What?! I can't believe it! My first customer! How many do you want?

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): Oh, the whole basket! 

Hanna: Wait, I know you!

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): Uh, yeah. We used to be neighbours. 

Hanna: No, you're Probe!

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): Oh no! Don't hit me, I'm just an old lady! 

Hanna: Here, try one. (Gives a cookie Probe)

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): [normal voice] Oh, ok. (Eats the cookie) 

Hanna: What do you think?

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): Mmm. Tastes like sandpaper. 

Hanna: [angrily] WHAT?!

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): Oh no-no-no! You don't understand!

Hanna: Hiyaa! (Punches Probe away)

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): I love sandpaper! 

Hanna: Hmph, how dare you insult my cookies.

(Probe lands somewhere on the other side of town)

Adu Du (on Probe's hologram): I thought you had the perfect disguise.

Probe: (sighs) Maybe I should have used more eyeshadow.

Adu Du: (groans) Must I do everything myself! (Presses a button that brings up the ships controls and steers towards Hanna)

Hanna: (sees Adu Du's spaceship approaching) Uh-oh! (Flies away but Adu Du fires two missiles at her) Huh? (Flies in a spinning pattern)

BoBoiBoy: Look, it's Hanna! We've gotta get to her!

Hanna: (flies into tighter circles until the missiles collide into each other and explode) Yes! (Sighs dizzily)

Adu Du: (laughs) Good! She's dizzy! Activate the tractor beam!

(Hanna recovers from her dizziness and flies away from the tractor beam, fast)

Adu Du: Where do you think you're going?

(Computer accidentally beams up random objects from below. Hanna flies straight downwards and Adu Du follows her. At the last minute, she flies to her left but the spaceship is too big to turn that quickly)

Adu Du: Oh no! We're gonna crash! (Screams) Computer, take over!

Computer: Yes, Master. (Controls the ship and just manages to stop it from crashing into the houses below.)

Adu Du: (Sighs) Good job, Computer!

Computer: Thank you, Master. It's so nice to receive a compliment or two.

Adu Du: What, do you want a trophy?! Continue the chase!

(Computer continues to chase after Yaya and accidentally beams up more things with the tractor beam)

Adu Du: You can't run away from me! Computer, launch the mega-Mesa-monster-missile!

Computer: Uh, mega-what?

Adu Du: Launch it already!

(Computer launches a huge missile at Hanna but she manages to dodge and punches it down to the ground)

Hanna: (sees the missile heading towards an old lady) Oh no! Supersonic mode! (Flies down and punches the missile away) (sighs) Ma'am? Are you ok?

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): [high-pitched voice] Thank you, dearie!

Hanna: Eh, you again!

Probe (in Mrs. Stephenson disguise): [normal voice] (laughs) Hi!

Hanna: Hiyaa! (Starts to punch Probe but she and Probe are beamed up in the tractor beam)

Adu Du: (laughs evilly)

BoBoiBoy: (sees Hanna being kidnapped) We're too late!

Gopal: Oh no! If he's got Hanna and Ying, he'll be coming for me next! What are we gonna do, BoBoiBoy?!

BoBoiBoy: Don't worry, I've got an idea!

(Scene switch to Tok Aba's café where Tok Aba is cleaning up)

BoBoiBoy: Tok Aba, Tok Aba, I need an idea! Tok Aba!!

Tok Aba: Yes, BoBoiBoy? What's the matter?

(Gopal appears behind BoBoiBoy)

BoBoiBoy: Adu Du…(pants) he…(pants)

Tok Aba: Slow down, BoBoiBoy. What's going on?

Gopal: Mr. Aba!

Tok Aba: Yes Gopal! 

Gopal: One Hazelnut Hot Chocolate please?

Tok Aba: Ok! One Hazelnut Nut Chocolate, got it? 

Ochobot: Got it. (Prepares the drink expertly)

Gopal: Wow!

Ochobot: There you go! 

BoBoiBoy: Oh, so this is your job!

Ochobot: (sighs) What can I do? 

BoBoiBoy: (laughs) Awesome! Huh? (Sees Gopal cooling down his Hot Chocolate) Hey, we don't have time for this!

Gopal: What? I'm thirsty! 

BoBoiBoy: We're here because of Ying and Hanna!

Tok Aba: Huh? What happened to Ying and Hanna? 

BoBoiBoy: Adu Du has kidnapped them!

Tok Aba: Adu Du has what?! 

(Gopal drinks his Hot Chocolate)

BoBoiBoy: Yes, Tok! And Gopal will be next! So what do we-

Tok Aba: (snores)

Gopal: Is he asleep?!

BoBoiBoy: Tok Aba! Wake up!

Tok Aba: (laughs) I'm just kidding! So, he got Hanna, you say?

BoBoiBoy: Yeah, Tok!

(Gopal eats a chocolate ice-cream)

Tok Aba: And Ying too?

(Gopal eats a whole chocolate bar) 

BoBoiBoy: Yes, Tok! So what do we do?

Tok Aba: Hmm, ok. Seems to me the most obvious thing to do is let him capture Gopal!

Gopal: (about to eat a whole slice of chocolate cake) WHAT?!

Tok Aba: (laughs) Listen up. Alright, this is what you have to do…

(Scene switch to nighttime. Gopal is asleep and Adu Du's ship comes and beams Gopal up into the ship)

Gopal: (wakes up and yawns)

Adu Du (through a speaker): Wake up, Gopal! Wake up, Gopal! Wake up! Wake up!

Gopal: BoBoiBoy? Why do you sound like Adu Du?

Adu Du: (groans) What are you talking about?! I am Adu Du!

Gopal: Huh? Oh no!

[Flashback to Tok Aba's café]

BoBoiBoy: Alright, we'll go with Tok Aba's idea: You pretend to sleep, we let Adu Du kidnap you and I'll sneak into his ship.

Gopal: How are you gonna get in?

BoBoiBoy: After you get caught, just open the door!

Gopal: Ok! You can count on me!

BoBoiBoy: Remember, just pretend to sleep! Pretend to sleep!

[Back to the present situation]

Gopal: Oh, right! Pretend to sleep, pretend to sleep! Wait, where's BoBoiBoy?

BoBoiBoy: (holding on to the outside door of the ship) Gopal! You can open the door now Gopal!!

(Gopal stares blankly)

Adu Du (through a speaker): Hey, hey!

Gopal: So, what are you going to do to me?

Adu Du: Oh, nothing.

Probe: Really? I thought you said, [imitating Adu Du] "I will take his power for myself! (Laughs evilly)"

Adu Du: Be quiet, Probe! (Hits Probe)

Gopal: But, even I don't know what my super powers are!

Ying (from inside her prison cell): That's true! We've been trying to find his powers for so long!

Adu Du: I know! I've already waited for three episodes!

Hanna (from inside her prison cell): Let us go! (Punches her prison cell but it doesn't break) (screams and falls back)

Ying: Hanna!

(Scene switches to another room on the ship. Boboiboy manages to enter the ship but he has scorch marks all over him)

BoBoiBoy: [angrily talking to himself] You're so dead, Gopal!

Ying: You better watch out, Adu Du!

Adu Du: Silence! Now let's see what Gopal's powers are, shall we? (Pulls a lever and a drill comes out of the wall towards Gopal)

Hanna: Oh no!

Gopal: (screams and holds out his hand and turns away)

Hanna and Ying: Gopal!

Gopal: Huh? (Sees a pizza in front of him)

Hanna: (gasps) Gopal can change things into food!

Ying and Hanna: Whoa!

Ying: That's…

Hanna: …so…

Probe: …cool! (Gets hit by a mug from Adu Du)

Gopal: Uh, what just happened? (Eats a slice of the pizza)

Ying: (giggles) I don't think he has realised it yet, right?

Adu Du: Silence! Computer, explain!

Computer: It appears that Gopal has the ability to rearrange the molecule structure of a-

Adu Du: (groans) Get to the point!

Computer: Uh, Gopal can change things into food!

Adu Du: Hmm, interesting, Pizza Boy. But let's see if you can change this!

Gopal: Huh? Change what?

Adu Du: (laughs evilly and presses some buttons and pulls a lever)

Gopal: Oh no! This can't be good! (A bomb drops down in front of him. He picks it up and realises it's a bomb) Oh no! It's a bomb! It's a bomb!! (Changes the bomb into a chocolate bar) What? Did I just change it to chocolate? (Gasps) Is this my super power? (Eats some of the chocolate) This is so cool! (Eats the rest of the chocolate) Mmm, tasty too!

Adu Du: Oh, it's not over yet, Gopal! I'm not done with you yet! Now, for the ultimate test! (Presses a button and two machine guns rise out of the floor in Gopal's testing room) Plasma machine-guns! (Pulls a lever and two missile launchers with missiles come out of the wall) Heat-seeking missiles! (Presses a lot of random buttons and a lot more of the weapons come out of the floor and wall) Change all of them!

(Everything goes in slow-motion as the guns shoot and the missiles are launched. Gopal summons his power and changes all the ammo into candy. Adu Du looks astounded. Gopal starts to eat a lollipop)

Gopal: (sighs) That's so good!

Adu Du: How-how did he manage to do that?!

Computer: It appears that the more scared he is, the more powerful he becomes.

Ying and Hanna: Huh?

Adu Du: Brilliant! With that power, I can change anything I want into cocoa!

Computer: Master, now that we have all of Boboiboy's friends, shall I contact him?

Adu Du: No, not yet. We must plan this properly.

(BoBoiBoy appears out of an air vent in the room behind Adu Du. BoBoiBoy signals to his friends to be quiet and goes to free them)

Adu Du: Yes, I will use all of his friend's powers against him. First, I will run very fast around him until he is dizzy! Then, I will punch him into the sky! Then, as he falls back, I will change him into chocolate! (Laughs evilly)

Probe: And then we will laugh at him together!

Adu Du: Be quiet, Probe! That is my job as the mean villain! (Sighs frustratedly) Now, to throw Gopal in along with the others. (Presses a button that opens the door to Gopal's testing room and sees BoBoiBoy, Ying and Hanna are now freed) What?!

BoBoiBoy: Hi.

Adu Du: Eh? (Looks at the now empty prison cells) (growls) Foolish minions! How could you let them escape?!

Probe and Computer: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh…

Adu Du: Probe, after them!

Probe: Yes, Mr. Boss! (Touches the door handle and screams as he gets electrocuted)

(Camera moves to the other side of the door to show that BoBoiBoy barred it shut with a Lightning Bolt)

Probe: It's a trap, Mr. Boss! It's a trap! (Faints)

Adu Du: (Growls)

BoBoiBoy: (laughs) Awesome!

Adu Du: (Growls)

Hanna: Gopal, are you ok?

Gopal: Am I ok? I'm great! I finally found my super powers!

BoBoiBoy: Oh, that's great. But tell me, why didn't you open the door just now?!

Gopal: Oh, (laughs sheepishly) I'm sorry, BoBoiBoy. (Pats him on the back) Huh? (Pats him more times)

Ying: Are you trying to change him into chocolate? 

Gopal: Aw, man. I guess it doesn't work on people.

BoBoiBoy: What?! You can change things into chocolate?!

Gopal: Yeah, isn't it cool? And it's not only chocolate! I can change things into any food!

BoBoiBoy: Even cookies?

Gopal: Yep, even cookies!

(Hanna angrily punches the ship's wall)

Adu Du: (screams and falls over) 

Gopal: Ayo! Uh, did I say cookies? No, no! That's your speciality! I meant tookies! You know, the, uh…

BoBoiBoy: Uh, yeah, it's a chocolate-covered fried pineapple tart! Tookies!

Hanna: Oh! That's ok!

Gopal: (sighs) Thanks.

BoBoiBoy: No problem. We need to get outta here!

Adu Du (through a speaker): Not so fast, BoBoiBoy! Witness, my newest super weapon: The Mega-Fan!

BoBoiBoy: Huh? Mega-fan?

Ying: That doesn't sound very dangerous!

(A huge fan with sharp blades rises out of the floor behind them. Adu Du pulls a lever and the fan starts to generate a powerful wind that sucks everything towards it)

BoBoiBoy: Uh oh!

Ying: Run!

(All run away from the fan)

BoBoiBoy: (slips and flies backwards) (screams) Hanna!

(Hanna grabs him and flies towards the other side of the room.)

Gopal: (slips and flies backwards) (screams)

BoBoiBoy: Gopal!

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) (sees that Gopal is hanging just away from the fan) Huh?

Gopal: Huh? Huh? (Sees Hanna and three BoBoiBoys formed a chain and grabbed him)

Hanna: Everybody hang on!

BoBoiBoy: Ying, do something!

(Ying sees a wire and plug connected to the fan)

BoBoiBoy: Hanna, don't let go!

Ying: Hmm, push off! (pushes the switch to the off position and the Mega-Fan turns off)

Adu Du: WHAT?!

Gopal: (screams and falls down then sighs) That was close!

Adu Du: Why is there a power button in that room?!

Computer: Uh, how else do you expect me to switch it on?

Adu Du: (growls and throws his mug at computer)

Computer: Ow.

Adu Du: (groans) Well, what else do you have?!

BoBoiBoy: Alright, we've gotta find a way out before- Huh?

(a wall starts sliding towards them)

Ying: Oh no, he's gonna crush us!

Gopal: Hanna, do something!

Hanna: Huh? But, I'm not sure if I'm strong enough.

BoBoiBoy: Come on, you can do it! Gopal will eat all your cookies if you do!

Gopal: Yeah! I will- Wait, what?!

Hanna: For my beloved cookies! (Tries to push the wall back)

Gopal: (growls at BoBoiBoy)

BoBoiBoy: (laughs)

Hanna: (grunts) I can't hold it for too long!

BoBoiBoy: We've gotta do something!

Ying: Gopal, use your powers!

Gopal: Alright, no problem! Yaa! (Tries to turn the nearest wall to chocolate) Wait for it, wait for it…

Ying: Gopal, it's too slow!

Hanna: I know!


Computer: It appears that the more scared he is, the more powerful he becomes.

[Back to the present situation]

Hanna: You've gotta scare him!

Gopal: Scare who?

Ying: Boo!

Gopal: (screams and turns the wall into chocolate)

BoBoiBoy: Cool!

Gopal: I know.

BoBoiBoy: (Performs his ultimate power)

BoBoiBoy Earth: Alright, start eating the chocolate wall!

(Everyone except Hanna starts rapidly eating the wall)

[10 minutes later]

(Everyone except Hanna continue eating the chocolate wall)

Ying: (takes a few more bites) Ok, I'm full!

Gopal: I can't take it anymore!

BoBoiBoy: (combines back into one) It's not working! The wall's too thick!

Multi-Monster 1: (appears behind BoBoiBoy) Don't worry, Little Master!

Adu Du: Isn't that the Multi-Monster?

BoBoiBoy: Hey, what are you guys doing up here?

Multi-Monster 1: We're here to help!

Multi-Monster 2: Rar-rar-rar!

(More Multi-Monsters appear)

Multi-Monster 3: Wait for me! Wait for me! (Runs to join the group)

Gopal: (screams) What are these things?!

Multi-Monster 4: (gestures to Multi-Monster 3) Look at him, late again.

BoBoiBoy: These are the monsters that attacked me earlier.

Gopal: Huh?

BoBoiBoy: Yeah, I'll explain later.

Gopal: Ugh!

Adu Du: Crush them! Crush all of them!

Multi-Monster 1: My brothers, start munching!

(All the Multi-Monsters start eating the chocolate wall)

Hanna: (strains) Can't hold much longer!

Adu Du: (growls and pulls a lever that gives the wall more power)

(Hanna slips but still holds the wall back)

Multi-Monster 1: Come brothers, just a bit more!

BoBoiBoy: Hanna!

(Hanna flies towards the chocolate wall and is "smashed" against it)

Adu Du: (laughs evilly)

(The crushing wall pulls back to show that Hanna actually flew through a large hole in the chocolate wall. Adu Du looks shocked)

BoBoiBoy: Hanna, are you ok?

Multi-Monster 1: You guys go that way! Little Master, this way! (Directs them to the exit)

Adu Du: What?! Computer, where are they?

Computer: They are heading towards the exit!

Multi-Monster 1: This way!

Adu Du: Computer, blast them with sleeping gas!

(Sleeping gas flows through the air vents)

Ying: Oh no! Sleeping gas!

Hanna: What should we do?

BoBoiBoy: Hold your breath!

(Hanna, Gopal and Ying hold their breath)

BoBoiBoy: Vacuum power! (Sucks up the sleeping gas and blows into another air vent)

Hanna: Wow! Good job, Boboiboy!

BoBoiBoy: (yawns) [sleepily] Thanks. (Yawns)

Probe: (sees sleeping gas coming through the he air vent) Eh? (screams) Hold your breath Mr. Boss! (Puts his hand on Adu Du's face)

Adu Du: Hey, I don't have a nose!

(Probe falls asleep as the sleeping gas hits him)

Adu Du: (growls) Activate the lasers!

(Laser guns appear on the wall of the room that BoBoiBoy and his friends are in and start to charge up)

Gopal: Oh no! Oh no!

Ying: Uh, what do we do, BoBoiBoy? Huh? (sees BoBoiBoy is now asleep) Oh no! He's fallen asleep!

Hanna: (groans) Gopal, any ideas?

Gopal: Don't worry, I've got this! Super cocoa time! (Tries to turn the room into food but it's too slow) Oh man, not again!

Ying: Hey, Gopal! (Holds a Multi-Monster in front of him)

Multi-Monster: Roar?

Gopal: (screams) No! (Runs away) Mean, Ying! Mean!

(BoBoiBoy wakes up)

Ying: (giggles and chases him with the Multi-Monster)

(Gopal trips over and accidentally changes the entire ship into food. The ship plummets towards the ground)

Adu Du: Wait, what's happening?! No!

Computer: Master, the ship's molecular composition has been turned to food.

Adu Du: We're gonna crash!

Computer: Don't worry, Master, the effects are being reversed.

Hanna: (punches the door open) We've gotta get out of here!

Multi-Monster 1: Little Master, jump! (He and the other Multi-Monster jump off the ship)

Gopal: Jump?

(Ying and Hanna jump off the ship)

Gopal: Is it high?

BoBoiBoy: (looks over the edge of the ship) Oh, you have no idea!

Gopal: (gasps) Ok, then we gotta wait for Hanna to save us!

BoBoiBoy: No time. We need to jump now! Just close your eyes!

Gopal: Huh? (closes his eyes)

(BoBoiBoy pushes Gopal off the ship then jumps off himself)

Gopal: (screams) I don't want to die, I don't want to die!

BoBoiBoy: Gopal!

(Gopal looks behind him and sees that the ship was hovering just above the ground)

BoBoiBoy: It wasn't that high.

Gopal: Ha, some friend you are!

BoBoiBoy: Awesome!

Hanna: Quick, we've gotta get out of here!

(All run away)

Adu Du: Phew! Well, that was close!

Probe: (sighs)

Adu Du: Now, chase after them!

Computer: Negative. The ship is in no condition to move now, Master, since the […?…] of it is now food.

Adu Du: I'll get you next time, BoBoiBoy, next time! (A slice of pizza falls on his face)

(Scene switch to the town)

Hanna: (sighs) Safe at last, isn't that right?

BoBoiBoy: Yeah! Good thing Gopal had his powers just now.

Gopal: Yeah, finally I'm a superhero too! You guys should thank me! If it weren't for me, you would've been toast!

BoBoiBoy: Actually, we should really thank the little monsters. (Holds up the two Multi-Monsters)

Hanna: Yeah, thanks, Little Monsters!

Multi-Monster 1: Oh, it's nothing, Little Masters. We will always be watching over you, from the shadows.

Gopal: Ugh, creepy!

Multi-Monster 1: (He and the other Multi-Monster run away) See you again, BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy: Hey, Hanna, don't you remember that Gopal said he will eat all your cookies?

Gopal: (growls at BoBoiBoy)

Hanna: Oh! Hmm, oh, it's ok. The cookies are at home.

Gopal: (sighs)

Ying: Oh! (Runs away and comes back with Hanna's cookies) Here you go, Gopal!

Gopal: (screams)

Hanna: Come on, taste it! It's really nice!

BoBoiBoy: Yeah, Gopal, go ahead!

Gopal: Uh, hey, Hanna, is it ok if I share some with BoBoiBoy?

Hanna: Even better!

BoBoiBoy: Wait, wait! (Gopal stuffs cookies into his mouth)

Gopal: (laughs)

BoBoiBoy: (laughs nervously) Tasty. (Faints) Awesome.

Gopal: Oh no! Uh, (turns away from the Hanna and Ying) [quietly] I know! I'll just change this into something better! (Changes the cookie into a gingerbread man and eats it) Ayoyo! It still tastes terrible! (Faints)

Hanna: What about you? (Offers cookies to Ying)

Ying: [nervously] Oh, it's ok.

Hanna: It's yummy!

Ying: Super-duper run! (Runs away)

Hanna: Supersonic speed! (Flies after Ying and catches up to her)

Ying: Nooooo!

Hanna: Oh, come on!

Ying: Puyau!

(BoBoiBoy end credits roll)

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