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Season 1, Episode 6

(BoBoiBoy theme song plays)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (wakes up in a strange room) (sighs) Where am I?

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) You're finally awake, BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Huh? Huh?! (Grunts as he tries to move his hands and feet)

(Camera zooms out to show that BoBoiBoy Lightning is secured to a table)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (looks at Adu Du) You! Haven't I defeated you already?!

Adu Du: You defeated me? (Laughs evilly) Not a chance, BoBoiBoy!

[Flahsback to previous episode]

[After Adu Du was buried]

Hanna: Yaay! Way to go, BoBoiBoy!

Ying: Wow! That was a pretty awesome…

(Camera pans down into the hole where Adu Du and Probe were buried. Probe's eyes appear in the darkness)

Probe: (whimpers) It's so dark! Am I dead?

(Adu Du's eyes appear near Probe)

Adu Du: [gravelly voice] No, you're not!

Probe: Huh? (Whimpers) Who is that? Please don't hurt me!

Adu Du: [normal voice] Hey, I'm your master, you fool!

Probe: Huh? Mr. Boss! Did you hear that mysterious voice just now?

Adu Du: Ay, that was me! I had my mouth full with dirt just now!

Probe: How are we gonna defeat BoBoiBoy? He split into three!  

Adu Du: (laughs a bit) I have an idea! We'll make use of his weakness!

(The ground starts to shake and crack and all three BoBoiBoys assume attack positions. The earth over the hole that Adu Du and Super Mrs. Probe were in starts to crack and they emerge from it. Super Mrs. Probe grabs BoBoiBoy Lightning and flies away leaving a pink heart-shaped ring of smoke. The others watch as the villains fly away)

Adu Du: (laughs evilly)

[Back to the present situation]

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) And that's why I kidnapped you! So that you can never combine back again! You will lose your memories forever!

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Ha, just you wait, uh, Ago Go? (Adu Du stares at him) Oh, was I wrong? Uh, Pak Pak? (Adu Du stares at him then bangs his head on the table) Oh, I remember now! Uh, Abraham!

Adu Du: It's Adu Du!! (Bangs his hand on the table and yelps in pain) (Turns away and rubs hand) Ow.

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (laughs)

Adu Du: Ha! Laugh all you want, while you still can! But don't forget, I've already got four important things!

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Huh? What four things? 

Adu Du: Yes, I have Tok Aba's Cocoa…

(Camera pans to the left to show three cans of cocoa)

Adu Du: I have Super Probe, and I have kidnapped you! And, most importantly,…I've got Tok Aba's secret recipe book! (Holds up the book and laughs evilly)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (gasps)

(Scene switch to Tok Aba's café)

Gopal: Huh? Adu Du has your secret book?

Tok Aba: Yeah. He managed to steal it from me.

(Scene switch back to Adu Du's spaceship)

Adu Du: With this secret book… (starts to open the book and blue light starts to come out of it)

(Scene switch back to Tok Aba's café)

Ying: Huh? A secret book?

(Scene switch back to Adu Du's spaceship)

Adu Du: …I will obtain Tok Aba's secret cocoa recipe!

(Scene switch back to Tok Aba's café)

Hanna: What are we gonna do?

(Scene switch back to Adu Du's spaceship)

Adu Du: I will never be defeated again!

(Scene switch back to Tok Aba's café)

Gopal: (whimpers) What do we do?

(Scene switch back to Adu Du's spaceship)

Adu Du: Behold! Tok Aba's secret recipe! (opens the book completely and the blue light fades to show the writing) (reads from the book) "Ten o'clock, $3.50, Gopal."! (Laughs evilly and turns the page) "Two o'clock, $7.20, Gopal."! (Turns the page) "Seven o'clock, $5.90. Footnote: Payment pending for three months"!

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Huh? What kind of recipe is that?

Adu Du: The recipe of your- Wait, what book is this?!

(Scene switch back to Tok Aba's café)

Tok Aba: Oh, it's just my book on tabs, that's all.

Gopal: Huh? Book of tabs?!

(Scene switch back to Adu Du's spaceship)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (laughs)

Adu Du: (growls) Tell me now! What is Tok Aba's secret cocoa recipe?!

(Scene switch back to Tok Aba's café)

Gopal: YAAY!!

Ying: What's up with you?

Gopal: The book's gone, so my debt's gone too!

Tok Aba: Ha, wise-guy, eh? I've got it all in my head. You owe me $32.75.

Gopal: Huh?! Aw, man.

Ying: (giggles) You can't escape, Gopal.

Hanna: But, Tok, if you've memorised it, why do you still need the book?

Tok Aba: Well, once BoBoiBoy's all grown up, I will leave this shop to him. So he has to know things, like who has not paid up.

Gopal: Huh? Hey! I'll be working by then. I'll have money to pay, ok?

Tok Aba: [sarcastically] Sure, you will.

Gopal: (laughs sheepishly)

Ochobot: (runs up to them) Tok Aba! Tok Aba! BoBoiBoy's fighting with himself!

(Scene switch to the park area behind the café where BoBoiBoy Wind and BoBoiBoy Earth are fighting)

BoBoiBoy Wind: Tornado attack! (Summons a tornado and sends it towards BoBoiBoy Earth)

BoBoiBoy Earth: Earth Wall! (Pounds the ground and makes an earth wall rise and block the tornado)

Tok Aba: (runs up to them) Hey! Stop it!

BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth: Huh? (Stop fighting and turn around)

(The other kids and Ochobot run and join Tok Aba)

Tok Aba: Why are you two fighting?

BoBoiBoy Earth: He's lying, Tok! He says he's the real BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy Wind: Ha! Liar! I'm BoBoiBoy! You're the imposter!

BoBoiBoy Earth: No, you!

BoBoiBoy Wind: You!

Ochobot: (sighs) Their memories are getting even worse!

Gopal: They're like two separate people!

BoBoiBoy Earth: Ha! You think you can fool me? 

BoBoiBoy Wind: Ha! You're the one lying! 

Tok Aba: Enough! Enough! Both of you are BoBoiBoy!  

BoBoiBoy Wind: You're just a copy! 

BoBoiBoy Earth: What did you say?! Rock fists! (Pounds the ground and summons some earth to cover his hands and arms to create rock fists) 

BoBoiBoy Wind: Ha! Tornado Shield! (Summons a strong tornado to shield himself) Ha! 

Hanna: Wow! So cool! 

Ochobot: Wow! It looks like he's becoming even more powerful! 

Ying: Oh no! This is dangerous! 

Hanna: We have to find the other one and put all three of them back together! 

Gopal: But before that, how do we stop them from fighting? 

BoBoiBoy Earth: Feel the power of my Rock Fists! 

BoBoiBoy Wind: Well, you can eat my Tornado attack! 

Tok Aba: Prepare for my Ear-Twist attack! (Grabs one of BoBoiBoy Wind and BoBoiBoy Earth's ears and twists them) 

BoBoiBoy Earth and Wind: (yelps) Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! 

Tok Aba: (laughs) You still wanna fight? 

BoBoiBoy Earth: No more! No more! Sorry, Tok! 

(Scene switch to back to Adu Du's spaceship) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (continues laughing) 

Adu Du: Silence! Tell me what Tok Aba's secret recipe is! 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (stops laughing and starts to fall asleep) 

Adu Du: Hey! 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Huh? What? 

Adu Du: (groans) Tok Aba's secret recipe?  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Huh? Tok Aba? Whose grandpa is that, huh? 

Adu Du: (growls frustratedly) Stop this game of yours at once!  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Huh? Game? What game? 

Adu Du: (sighs frustratedly) Do you think I'm gonna fall for that again?! I will torture you, and you will tell me everything I need to know! (Presses a button on his wristband that makes the table follow after him) Now I will take you to the Torture Room!  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Let me go! 

Adu Du: Ha! Never!  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Lightning Bolt! (Tries to summon a Lightning Bolt but it doesn't work) 

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) Ha! It's useless.  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: What are you gonna do to me? 

Adu Du: Oh, I will torture you, until you give me the information I need! (Stops in front of a door) Behold! (Presses another button on his wristband which makes the table turn to a vertical position)  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (sees the Torture Room door) Huh? 

(Camera zooms out to show the Torture Room door is covered in spikes. Adu Du presses another button on his wristband that releases the six locks on the door. The door opens up but the room is dark) 

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) 

(The lights in the Torture Room turn on and the camera shows that everything in the Torture Room is covered with party decorations. A banner in the middle of the room says, "Congratulations!! Mr. Boss". Adu Du looks at everything with a shocked expression) 

Probe: (sprays streamers on Adu Du and laughs) Mr. Boss is finally here! 

Adu Du: What's the meaning of this?! 

Probe: I, uh, uh… 

Adu Du: What have you done to this place?! 

Probe: Uh, I decorated it to celebrate our victory, Mr. Boss! 

Adu Du: WHAT?! 

Probe: You know, we've always been on the losing side so now that we've finally won, we should celebrate! (laughs a bit) 

Adu Du: (growls) This is the Torture Room! Computer, must it be this room?! 

Computer: (appears wearing a clown costume) Uh, no, Master. 

Adu Du: (faints) Why? Why? 

Probe: Uh, calm down, Mr. Boss! Calm down! Here, have a balloon. (Gives a balloon to Adu Du) 

Adu Du: Why am I stuck with you two clowns?! (Squeezes the balloon and pops it) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Oh my gosh! It scared me! 

Adu Du: Huh?  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (pants)  

Adu Du: Eh? Hmmm… 

Computer: Master, the data shows that his fright sparked when the balloon exploded. 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (pants then gasps)  

Adu Du: (holds a balloon close to BoBoiBoy Lightning's face and laughs evilly)  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (pants) Wh-what are you gonna do to the balloon?! 

Adu Du: (holds the balloon closer to BoBoiBoy Lightning's face) Look's like I've found the perfect torture method for you. (Squeezes the balloon and pops it)  

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Oh! The balloon! 

Adu Du: You're scared of popping balloons, aren't you? (Laughs evilly)  

(Probe holds out another balloon to him)  

Adu Du: Pop all of the balloons! 

[Montage of Adu Du, Probe and Computer torturing BoBoiBoy Lightning plays] 

(Computer pops a balloon in front of BoBoiBoy Lightning's face and scares him. Adu Du bounces repeatedly on a balloon and eventually pops it.) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (yelps) 

(Computer holds a balloon under Probe's hood and Probe closes his hood and pops it which scares BoBoiBoy Lightning even more. Probe bounces a balloon on BoBoiBoy Lightning's head as he and Computer pop many more balloons and continue torturing BoBoiBoy Lightning.) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (pants) Oh…ok…Enough! Enough! 

(Adu Du starts to blow a balloon) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Hey! Hey! Stop it! It's too big! 

(Adu Du continues to blow the balloon) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: It's gonna explode! (Closes his eyes and looks away) 

Probe: Make it bigger, Mr. Boss! 

(Adu Du continues to blow the balloon bigger) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: NOOOOO!! 

(Adu Du blows the balloon until it becomes huge and is right against BoBoiBoy Lightning's face. Computer finally pops the balloon) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (screams shortly) 

(Camera zooms out from Adu Du's spaceship three times then zooms into BoBoiBoy Lightning's eyes, which turn red) 

[Montage stops] 

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) How about that, eh? Eh? 

(Red electrical charge starts to surround BoBoiBoy Lightning's right hand and he breaks the lock around it) 

Adu Du: Huh? 

(More red electrical charge starts to shoot out from BoBoiBoy Lightning) 

BoBoiBoy Lightning: (screams) (becomes enveloped in red lightning completely evolves into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) 

Adu Du: (grunts and looks away then looks back when the Lightning stops shining) 

(Camera moves onto BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm to show he has different red and black clothes. He looks up and shows that he now has vicious red eyes) 

Adu Du: (yelps) 

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: How dare you!  

Adu Du: Probe, attack him! 

Probe: Yes, Mr. Boss! (Converts to Super Probe) Super Probe attack! (Fires multiple missiles in every direction) 

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Lightning Speed! (Uses his new power to flash from one place to another to avoid the missiles)

Probe (in Super Probe mode): Eh? Uh, where did he go?

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm uses his Lightning Speed move to appear behind Super Probe)

Probe (in Super Probe mode): Huh? (Turns around but BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm appears on his other side) Ay?

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Lightning Bolt! (Summons two huge red Lightning Bolts and goes to attacks Super Probe)

Probe (in Super Probe mode): Got you! (Tries to catch BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm but he Lightning Speeds away)

(Camera moves to behind Super Probe and shows that BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm used his Lightning Speed and attacked Super Probe with the Lightning Bolts from behind.)

Probe (in Super Probe mode): (explodes and screams as he flies backwards and lands at Adu Du's feet)

Adu Du: (groans)

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (starts walking towards Adu Du) Who do you think you are?!

Adu Du: (whimpers)

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Why? Why are you doing this to me?!

Adu Du: Why? I- uh, actually, uh, we were just…

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Just what? (Summons two more huge red Lightning Bolt)

Adu Du: We were, actually…

Probe: We're giving you a surprise birthday party!

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm stares at them suspiciously)

Adu Du: Uh, a birthday party?

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm continues to stare at them)

Probe: (whimpers nervously)

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: [happily] Huh? Birthday party? A surprise birthday party?

Adu Du: Uh, uh…

Computer: He seems to be convinced that this is his birthday party. His memory's getting a lot worse!

Adu Du: Oh! Uh, yeah, yeah, that's right! This is your birthday party!

Probe: Yeah, yeah. The whole torture thing? Oh, we were just messing around.

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Wow! Thanks a lot! (Shakes Adu Du's hand) You guys are the best!

Probe: Mr. Boss, I think he really believes we are his friends now!

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) We're friends, eh?

(Scene switch to Tok Aba's house. BoBoiBoy Earth and Wind are continuing to lose their memories)

BoBoiBoy Earth and Wind: [at the same time] Hmm. Hmm. (Raise their hands and wiggle their fingers then drop them again and pull back from each other) Hmmm…

Tok Aba: Huh? (Sighs)

Ochobot: Hmm. We gotta find the other one quick, Tok!

Tok Aba: (sighs and face palms) They're getting worse and worse!

BoBoiBoy Earth and Wind: Hmm…

Gopal: (comes up behind them and holds up two frying pans) Yaa! Yaa! The (Hits the two BoBoiBoy's heads with the frying pans)

BoBoiBoy Earth and Wind: (grunt in pain and fall over)

Tok Aba: Oi! What did you do that for?! (Runs over to them)

Gopal: Hit them on the head to get them to remember. What else?

Tok Aba: What's wrong with you?! Do you think that will work?! Oh, my poor grandsons.

Gopal: (laughs sheepishly) But it worked on a show that I saw on TV!

Tok Aba: Hm, what show was that?

Gopal: Hmm, I don't think I remember.

Ochobot: Hiyaa! (Hits Gopal on the head with a frying pan)

Gopal: (grunts in pain and falls over and a lump rises on the back of his head)

(Tok Aba looks at Gopal with a shocked expression then looks at Ochobot with an accusing expression)

Ochobot: Uh, (laughs sheepishly) I was just hoping he would remember. (Tosses the frying pan away)

(Hanna flies in through a window of the house and Ying runs through the front door)

Tok Aba: Hey! Have you guys found BoBoiBoy?

Hanna: We looked everywhere but there's no sign of Adu Du's spaceship, isn't that right?

Ying: That's right, Tok! (Sees the boys lying on the floor) Eh? 

Gopal: [dizzily] TV…TV show! 

Ying: Oh no! What's happened? (Walks over to Gopal) 

Tok Aba: Hm, ask Ochobot.  

Ochobot: (laughs sheepishly)  

(The doorbell rings)  

Hanna: Huh? (opens the door and sees BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm standing in the doorway with his cap over his eyes) (gasps) BoBoiBoy!  

Tok Aba: Huh? BoBoiBoy?! (Hugs BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) Oh, my grandson! Are you alright?  

Ochobot: What did Adu Du do to you, BoBoiBoy?!  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: BoBoiBoy? (Scoffs) Who's BoBoiBoy? (Makes the sky become dark and stormy) I'm Ada Da! (Red electrical charge flashes behind him)  

Tok Aba: What? Ada Da?  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (laughs evilly)  

Ochobot: (scans BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) Wow! His power levels have multiplied! He's forgotten everything!!  

Gopal: (sneaks up behind BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and hits him on the head with a frying pan) How's that? Do you remember now?  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (growls and glares fiercely at Gopal)  

Gopal: Huh?  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Thunder Blade! (Summons a huge red lightning bolt)  

Ochobot, Tok Aba, Ying, Hanna: (yelp)  

Gopal: (screams)  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Yaa! (Swings his Thunder Blade towards Gopal)  

Gopal: (yelps and ducks down as the Thunder Blade cuts the road behind him then runs towards the backyard)  

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm uses his Thunder Blade to slice the land in front of Gopal)  

Gopal: (stops running at first then screams and hides behind a clothes dryer) (peeks out from his hiding place and whimpers)  

(BoBoiBoy Thundestorm slowly walks towards Gopal while dragging the Thunder Blade)  

Gopal: (yelps and hides again)  

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm slowly raises his Thunder Blade)  

Gopal: (starts mocking BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm)  

Ochobot: (sighs and face palms)  

Gopal: (continues mocking BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm)  

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm slices the clothes dryer in half)  

Gopal: (drops the clothes dryer and runs into the backyard, screaming)  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (raises his Thunder Blade) Yaa! (swings it down towards Gopal)  

Gopal: (runs away but trips over a flowerpot and screams loudly as he is supposedly attacked hurt by the Thunder Blade) Huh? (Looks behind him and sees that the Thunder Blade only sliced the flowerpot he tripped over) (laughs) You missed!  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (growls angrily and fires a small electrical charge from his Thunder Blade onto Gopal that sets Gopal's pants on fire)  

Gopal: (screams) Hot! Hot! (Runs around the yard until he sees a bucket of water and sits on it) (sighs but accidentally squashes the bucket) Huh? (Laughs sheepishly)  

Hanna: Gopal, are you ok? (starts flying towards Gopal but BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm blocks her and she stops) Hey! Why did you do that to Gopal?  

Ying: Yeah, lo! Isn't he your best friend?  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (scoffs) Best friend?  

Adu Du: (suddenly appears along with Probe and laughs evilly) I am his true best friend: Adu Du! (Points to himself) Meet, Adu Du! (Gestures to BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) And, Ada Da!  

Probe: The best of friends! Forever and ever! (Laughs)  

Tok Aba: (runs up to them) You! What have you done to my grandson?!  

Adu Du: Oh, nothing much. I just told him the truth!  

Hanna: Huh? What truth?  

Probe: Eh? I thought we were just bluffing, Mr. Boss.  

Adu Du: What's wrong with you?! Be quiet! (Hits Probe then inhales deeply to compose himself) Yes, the real truth. That I am his best friend, and all of you are his enemies!  

Ying: You lying Squarehead!  

Hanna: (growls frustratedly) Fist of Fury! (Flies over to punch Adu Du but is blocked by BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) Huh? (Stops flying suddenly)  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Yaa! (Swings his Thunder Blade down towards Hanna)  

Hanna: (gasps)  

Ying: Hanna! (Runs into her and knocks them both out of the way and they skid on the ground) (sighs and gets up) BoBoiBoy, are you insane?!  

Probe: Of course he is! Insanely cool! (Laughs)  

Ying: (glares at Probe then looks around the yard and sees some tyres) Hanna!  

Hanna: Huh?  

Ying: Throw these tyres up in the air! (Rolls the tyres towards Hanna)  

Hanna: (grunts as she punches the tyres up high)  

Ying: Gopal! Change those tyres to really hard stuff!   

Gopal: Ok! No problem! Change to Ha-ha-ha-hanna's cookies-cookies-cookies! (Transforms the tyres into Hanna's cookies)  

Hanna: Hey! What's wrong with my cookies?!  

Gopal: (laughs) You're biscuits are rock-hard!  

Hanna: WHAT?!  

Ying: Ok, Hanna, send your cookies flying to BoBoiBoy!  

Hanna: Ok!  

(Hanna flies up and punches two cookies towards BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm but he uses his Lightning Speed to avoid them. She punches a third cookie in another direction and BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm accidentally Lightning Speeds in front of it.   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Ugh! (Falls to the ground)  

(Hanna punches three more cookies towards BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and traps him)  

Gopal: (laughs) Feel the wrath of Hanna's cookies!  

Hanna: Hmph! What did you say about my cookies?!  

Gopal: Uh, uh, I didn't say anything!…Look! Someone's here to buy your cookies! (Points behind them)  

Hanna: Huh? Where? (Turns around) Do you want one packet or two? (holds up two cookie packets but sees no-one is there and the cricket chirp sound plays)  

Gopal: (screams and runs away from Hanna)  

Hanna: HOW DARE YOU!!  

Gopal: (screams loudly) Eh? BoBoiBoy's escaping!  


BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (screams and uses his power to break out and flings the cookies in all directions)  

(Hanna, Gopal and Ying are knocked backwards by the energy blast)  

Gopal: Ow! I told you so!  

Ying: gets up and sighs slightly then growls frustrated at BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) Curse you! Super-sonic- (BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm flashes behind her and fires a Thunder Sphere) Huh? (Screams and gets electrocuted)  

Hanna: YING!!  

Ochobot: Is this BoBoiBoy's true potential?  

(Ying collapses but BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm flashes somewhere else)  

Gopal: Ayoyo! Where'd he go?  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (flashes behind Gopal and Hanna) (scoffs and fires two Thunder Spheres at them)  

Gopal and Hanna: (scream and collapse)  

(The screen turns dark and when it brightens again, Gopal, Hanna and Ying have all collapsed on the ground)  

Tok Aba: Huh?  

Adu Du: Now then, Tok Aba, tell me what your secret cocoa recipe is!  

Tok Aba: Hmph! In your dreams!  

Adu Du: Oh. Tough one.  

Ochobot: Ha! Tok Aba won't tell you anything!  

Adu Du: Then it seems I have to resort to force! My comrade!  

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm summons a Thunder Blade)   

Tok Aba: Don't! This is your grandpa, BoBoiBoy!  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Huh? Grandpa?   

Tok Aba: Yeah, you're my grandson.  

Adu Du: Grandson, shmanson! Don't listen to him!  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Huh?  

Adu Du: Get the secret cocoa recipe now!   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (holds his Thunder Blade near Tok Aba's face) Tell me the secret recipe. (Raises his Thunder Blade)  

Ochobot: Don't do it, BoBoiBoy!  

BoBoiBoy Earth: Earth Pillar! (Summons an Earth Pillar to punch BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm backwards)  

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm flashes to the top of the Earth Pillar)  

(Camera pans down to show BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth standing in front of Tok Aba)  

Boboiboy Earth: How dare you attack Atok!  

Boboiboy Thunderstorm: Huh? Who are you guys? And why do you look like me?  

BoBoiBoy Wind: Don't you remember? You're BoBoiBoy! Just like us!  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Huh? Just like you guys?  

Adu Du: Ha! They're trying to deceive you! Don't listen to them!  

Probe: Yeah! They're just trying to manipulate you!  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (turns to BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth) Oh! You liars!  

Adu Du: Destroy them now!  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Thunder Spheres! (Fires three Thunder Spheres at Tok Aba, BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth)  

BoBoiBoy Wind: Howling Wind! (Sends a tornado in front of the Thunder Spheres and blows them around the yard) (laughs and looks up to the top of the pillar and sees that BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm is gone)  

BoBoiBoy Earth: Huh? Where did he go?  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Right here! (Jumps in the air front of them)  

BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth: (look up) Huh?  

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Thunder Clap! (Swings his Thunder Blade down and causes an explosion)  

BoBoiBoy Earth: (laughs)  

(Camera zooms out to show that BoBoiBoy Earth used his Rock Fists to catch BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's Thunder Blade)   

Hanna: Wow!   

BoBoiBoy Earth: Quick! Get him now!   

BoBoiBoy Wind: Typhoon Uppercut! (Punches BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm to the other side of the yard)   

BoBoiBoy Earth: Rock Grab! (Pounds his fists on the ground and traps BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm in earth)   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (struggles then gasps)   

BoBoiBoy Wind: Tornado Attack! (Sends a tornado towards BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm)   

BoBoiBoy Earth: Rock Shards! (Pounds the ground and combines his Rock Shards with the tornado)   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (strains) Thunder Blade! (summons a Thunder Blade and breaks free from the Rock Grab) Now it's my turn! Hiyaa! (Throws his Thunder Blade at BoBoiBoy Wind)   

BoBoiBoy Wind: (gasps) (dodges the Thunder Blade and laughs) Missed me!   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (scoffs) Lightning Speed! (Lightning Speeds to his Thunder Blade and grabs it)   

BoBoiBoy Wind: (gasps)

(BoBoiBoy Thunder Storm attacks BoBoiBoy Wind)

BoBoiBoy Wind: (screams and is flung backwards)   

Tok Aba: BOBOIBOY!   

BoBoiBoy Wind: (struggles and tries to get up)   

BoBoiBoy Earth: (growls frustratedly at BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) Earth Slam! (Pounds his fists on the ground and large pointed rocks appear randomly on the ground)   

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm dodges the rocks and goes to attack BoBoiBoy Earth but he immediately summons multiple rocks directly in front of him. One of the rocks knocks BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's Thunder Blade into the air)   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (gasps)   

BoBoiBoy Wind: Yaa! (Attacks BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm twice with Typhoon Uppercuts but only manages to knock his hat sideways)

BoBoiBoy Earth: Ha!

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (growls) Lightning Shine! (Envelopes himself in white light and briefly blinds everyone and laughs) Lightning Speed! (Lightning Speeds behind BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth) (scoffs and fixes his cap) Thunder Spheres! (Throws two Thunder Spheres at BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth)

BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth: (scream and get electrocuted)

Gopal, Hanna and Ying: (gasp as BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth fall to the ground)

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) Finally! Destroy them all!   

(BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm summons a Thunder Blade and starts slowly walking towards BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth)   

BoBoiBoy Wind: (struggles and tries to get up but falls back)   

Probe: Whoa, so cool!   

BoBoiBoy Earth: No…Don't!   

Probe: (laughs) Awesome!   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (stops walking) Huh? Awesome?   

(The cricket chirp sound plays as nobody moves)   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: That…that sounds so familiar! (Starts having flashbacks)   

[Flashback to Episode 1]   

BoBoiBoy: (laughs) Awesome!   

[Flashback to Episode 2]   

BoBoiBoy: Awesome!    

[Flashback again]   

BoBoiBoy: Awesome!    

[Flashback again]   

BoBoiBoy: Awesome!   

[Flashback to Episode 3]   

BoBoiBoy: Awesome!   

[Flashback to Meet BoBoiBoy]   

BoBoiBoy Wind, Earth and Lightning: Awesome!   

[Flashback to Episode 3]   

Tok Aba: Awesome…(faints)   

[Back to the present situation]   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Awesome! That's- I…I am BoBoiBoy!   

Gopal: (gasps) Tok Aba! He's starting to remember!   

Adu Du: What?! Uh, you're not BoBoiBoy, you're Ada Da!   

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy!   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Hey! Tok Abu! What are you doing here, Tok Abu?   

Ochobot: (sighs) He's not still fully recovered yet.   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Hey! Ying and Mimi are here too!   

Hanna: (supports Ying) Hmph, Mimi again?   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (sees BoBoiBoy Wind and Earth on the ground) Huh? What? What happened to you guys?   

BoBoiBoy Earth: Adu Du…he tricked you!   

BoBoiBoy Wind: Yeah! And then he manipulated you into defeating all of us!   

Adu Du: Blast it! How did he get his memories back?   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (Flashes behind Adu Du) You! You lied to me!   

Adu Du: Eh, uh, uh, no we didn't.   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Then what do you call this?!   

Probe: Uh, we're just kidding?    

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Just kidding, huh? Thunder Blade! (Summons two Thunder Blades and leaps up to attack Adu Du and Probe)   

Adu Du and Probe: (scream) Don't, BoBoiBoy! (Both get attacked by BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and faint) (Computer arrives with the spaceship and beams them up into the ship)   

Adu Du: I will be back!   

(Scene switch to in front of the house)   

Tok Aba: (hugs BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm) (sighs) Good thing you're safe and sound.   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: (laughs)   

Gopal: (sighs) Its a good thing Probe said "Awesome!" just now.   

Ying: Yeah! If not for that, you really would have become evil!   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Ada Da?   

Hanna: Hm, he still doesn't remember.   

Gopal: That's enough. You guys have to combine now! Or you'll just get worse and worse! Come on!   

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Alright! BoBoiBoy, Combine! (combines back into one)   

BoBoiBoy: Awesome! Tok Aba!   

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy! (Hugs BoBoiBoy)   

(BoBoiBoy end credits roll)   

For the next episode transcript, click here.   

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