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Season 1, Episode 7

(BoBoiBoy theme song plays)

(Papa Zola and Sleep Monster are facing off in a seemingly abandoned city)

Papa Zola: How dare you set foot on this planet!

Sleep Monster: (laughs evilly) And who are you, you piece of garbage? 

(Camera zooms onto Papa Zola's face four times from four different angles)

Papa Zola: I am Papa Zola! Enemy of Evil, Lover of Justice! By the power of my wisdom, I will punish you! Prepare yourself!

Sleep Monster: (snores) 

Papa Zola: What?! How dare you fall asleep when I'm speaking!

Sleep Monster: (wakes up) Huh? What? What? Huh? I'm a Sleep Monster. Of course I'll sleep.  

Papa Zola: (laughs) "Sleep Monster"? What manner of monster are you- (gets hit by a Sleep Wave and falls asleep)

Sleep Monster: (laughs evilly) You were hit by my Sleep Waves! Go to sleep, go to sleep! 

Papa Zola: (snores) [thinking] Wake up, Papa. Wake up! The forces of evil are trying to break your spirit! Wake up and defeat the monster! You can do it, Papa. Believe in yourself, believe! (wakes up) Yaa! (does a flip and lands standing up to face the Sleep Monster. The camera repeats it three times)

Sleep Monster: Impossible! How did you resist the Sleep Waves? 

Papa Zola: (sighs) [tiredly] Justice…justice never sleeps.

Sleep Monster: Huh?! 

Papa Zola: Ha! (Flexes his left arm) Ha! (Steps forward) Huh! (Flexes his right arm) Huh! (Sucks in his stomach but his belt falls down)

Sleep Monster: (laughs) You can't even hold up your belt, and you wanna fight me? 

Papa Zola: Ha! How dare you insult me! (Jumps into the air) Flying Kick of Wisdom! (Kicks the Sleep Monster and knocks him over)

Sleep Monster: (yells as he falls backwards. It's repeated three times)

(Camera zooms out quickly to show that it's just a cartoon on TV)

(BoBoiBoy turns off the TV)

Gopal: Huh? Hey, why'd you switch it off?

BoBoiBoy: Hm, it's so stupid! 

Gopal: Eh? Stupid? No it's not!

BoBoiBoy: Just look! There's no-one else in the show, the city's empty and, you know what, they always repeat the episodes! 

Gopal: Hey! Do you think it's easy to do animation?!

BoBoiBoy: It's just a cartoon, what's so hard about that? 

Gopal: It's really hard!

BoBoiBoy: Hmph, yeah, right. 

Gopal: Anyway, let's play this (holds up a video game) "Papa Zola 5: The Truth in the Alley of Darkness"!

BoBoiBoy: Really? You've got it already?! Come on! 

Gopal: Ha! Let's put this in!

(Scene switch to Adu Du's spaceship hovering in the sky. Probe is sweeping the floor)

Probe: [singing the theme song] Heroes of the world, heroes all unite. Lalalala, they defend the Earth. Lalalala, they defend the Earth! BoBoiBoy! Yeah!

(The cricket chirp sound plays and the camera zooms out to show Adu Du appeared beside Probe)

Adu Du: What song is that you're singing?

Probe: Uh, uh, that's- it's a song of, uh, I'm singing your song!

Adu Du: Really? Go ahead and sing it.

Probe: Huh? Uh, (clears throat) uh, [singing] BoBoiBoy, Mr. Boss is coming for you! Uh, er, BoBoiBoy, you better watch out, you! You better run and hide or Master will defeat you! Oh, yeah! Mr. Boss! (Pants)

Adu Du: Hmm…

Probe: (whimpers) [thinking] Oh, I'm dead! I'm doomed!

Adu Du: Excellent! I love this song! (Laughs)

Probe: Eh? Uh, thank you, Mr. Boss.

Adu Du: Computer, where are you?

Computer: (appears in front of Adu Du) Yes, Master.

Adu Du: What's BoBoiBoy doing right now?

Computer: Hmm…it seems he is playing the Papa Zola game. 

Adu Du: Eh? Papa what? Papa Zola?

Probe: Huh? You don't know, Mr. Boss? Ay, how could you, how could you. 

Adu Du: What are you talkin' about?!

Computer: Well, Master, Papa Zola is very famous on Earth. How could you not know? 

Probe: Hmph! Oh, you're so outdated, Mr. Boss!

Adu Du: WHAT?!

Probe: You gotta be like me. Check this out: I have the latest Papa Zola game! (Holds up the video game) The best game of the century! (laughs)

Adu Du: Gimme that! (Grabs the video game from Probe)

Probe: Huh? Give it back, Mr. Boss! 

Adu Du: Oh, so this is the game that they're playing.

Probe: I used all my pocket-money to buy that! 

Adu Du: Computer, prepare Tok Aba's cocoa and the gadgets to play this game! (Laughs evilly)

(Scene switch to Tok Aba's house. The title screen of "Papa Zola 5" appears on Tok Aba's TV screen and the game theme music plays)

Gopal: Come on, BoBoiBoy! Press the button!

BoBoiBoy: Relax, man, I just sat down. (picks up the controller)

Tok Aba: (walks into the room) Hey, what are you two doing?

BoBoiBoy: Uh, we're playing a game.

Tok Aba: Can you stop playing the game for a while? I can't move all these things just with Ochobot.

BoBoiBoy: I'll- I'll do it later, I'm playing this game. You're the best, Tok!

Tok Aba: Hmm. And how long will that be?

Gopal: Just five minutes.

[5 hours later…]

Tok Aba (voiceover): Five hours later…

Gopal: (laughs) Attack, BoBoiBoy! Attack!

BoBoiBoy: Take this: Attack of the Snap of Remorse!

(Ochobot flies into the room holding a box. Tok Aba joins him)

Tok Aba: Oh, my back!

Gopal: Get him! Get him!

Tok Aba: Eh? (Sees BoBoiBoy and Gopal still playing the game)

BoBoiBoy: Huh! Hiya! Ha!

Gopal: (laughs)

Ochobot: (sighs) You guys, still playing?

Tok Aba: Hey, I'm breaking my back doing all this with just Ochobot! Come help us out!

BoBoiBoy: Uh, uh, just a bit more, Tok!

Tok Aba: Just a bit, huh?

Gopal: Five more minutes!

Tok Aba: Yeah, right. If you keep playing that game, someday you're gonna get trapped in it!

Gopal: Aw, come on! Like that will happen!

(The TV screen becomes enveloped in blue light)

BoBoiBoy and Gopal: (scream and get sucked into the game)

Tok Aba: Huh? (Runs over to the TV)

BoBoiBoy and Gopal: (continue screaming)

Ochobot: What happened? What happened?!

(The blue light fades to show that BoBoiBoy and Gopal are now characters in the video game)

Tok Aba: Huh?!

Ochobot: BoBoiBoy and Gopal are stuck in the game!

Tok Aba: (sighs) Me and my big mouth!

Probe: (appears in the video game as a character) (laughs evilly)

Tok Aba: Huh? This! So Adu Du's behind this!

Probe: Greetings and welcome, BoBoiBoy and Gopal! Mr. Boss wants me to destroy in this game! (Laughs evilly)

BoBoiBoy: Huh?!

Gopal: What do we do? What do we do?!

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) My plan is a success!

BoBoiBoy: (grunts in exertion) I can't move! What's wrong?!

Ochobot: We've gotta help them, Tok!

Tok Aba: Huh?

Ochobot: (grabs the controllers and gives one to Tok Aba) Here, take this!

Tok Aba: Er, what should I do?

Ochobot: Just press the button, press it!

(Tok Aba repeatedly presses a random button)

Adu Du: Attack him, Probe! (Presses some buttons on his controller)

(Probe fires some missiles at BoBoiBoy and Gopal. BoBoiBoy ducks to avoid them and Gopal starts jumping randomly)

Gopal: (screams) What's happening?

(Tok Aba continues pressing the button)

Gopal: Why am I jumping?!

Adu Du: (gasps) How is it they can move?!

Ochobot: (laughs) Check this out! (Presses some buttons on his controller to make BoBoiBoy jump on Probe's head)

Probe: Ow! That hurt!

Adu Du: Retreat, Probe!

Probe: Huh? Uh, ok. (Runs away) Mr. Boss wants me to retreat. I'm sure you won't survive this game! (Laughs evilly)

BoBoiBoy: Uh, what are we gonna do?

Ochobot: BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy: Hm? (Turns and sees Ochobot outside the TV screen) Ochobot!

Gopal: (screams) Who is that?!

Ochobot: Ay, it's me!

Gopal: Huh?

Ochobot: You guys are trapped inside the game!

Gopal: Huh? Inside the game?

BoBoiBoy: How do we get out?

Probe: (appears again) (laughs) You have to win this game! If you don't, you'll be trapped in here forever! (Laughs)

Adu Du: Hey, what did you tell them for?!

Probe: Well, he asked, so I answered.

Adu Du: Useless robot! (Throws his mug at Probe and it goes through the screen and hits Probe on the head)

Probe: Ow! (Runs away then comes back) I will return, BoBoiBoy! (Runs away and laughs)

Ochobot: Chase after him, we gotta win this game!

BoBoiBoy: Huh? Beat this game?

Gopal: Hey!!! This game is super hard!!!

Ochobot: Don't worry, I'll control BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba will control you.

Gopal: (gasps) Tok Aba?

Tok Aba: Don't worry, Gopal. I've got this. (Holds the controller upside down)

Ochobot: Uh, it's the other way around.

Gopal: I'm dead! (Faints and loses a life but regenerates)

Tok Aba: (laughs) Alright, let's win this game and get them out of there.

(The game theme music start to play as Gopal and BoBoiBoy move forward but they stop when an enemy appears onscreen)

Tok Aba: Oh-oh! What is that?!

Ochobot: Jump, Tok! Just jump!

Tok Aba: Ok! (Jumps up and down)

(The enemy robot hits Gopal and he loses another life)

Ochobot: Ay, that's not how you do it, Tok.

Gopal: Oh man, Tok Aba stop playing around!

Tok Aba: Eh, I'm not! What did I do wrong?

Ochobot: You have to press this button to jump.

Tok Aba: Oh, you should have told me earlier. How am I supposed to know about these newfangled technologies?

BoBoiBoy: Hmm…what do we do, Gopal?

Gopal: Leave it up to fate I guess.

BoBoiBoy: (laughs) Awesome! (He and Gopal run forward)

Ochobot: Careful, Tok, you only have one life left!

(BoBoiBoy jumps on more incoming enemy robots as Tok Aba nervously controls Gopal and jumps on some robots. BoBoiBoy jumps over a hovering robot then onto two more robots)

Tok Aba: (gasps)

(A missile goes towards BoBoiBoy and Gopal. BoBoiBoy ducks and Gopal jumps on then off it. The boys continue jumping on and over enemy robots)

Tok Aba: Careful, Ochobot! Shoot that monster!

Ochobot: Ok!

(Burgerman walks past Tok Aba's house and sees Tok Aba playing the video game)

Burgerman: Hm? Hmm, time has changed.

(BoBoiBoy jumps on a hovering robot then onto a platform. Gopal jumps on three more robots)

Computer: Master, they seem to be getting better at the game.

Adu Du: Blast it! Order Probe to attack them!

(Probe appears in front of BoBoiBoy and Gopal in the game and shoots missiles at them)

Tok Aba: (gasps) Get away, Ochobot! (Jumps on Ochobot)

Ochobot: (yelps)

(BoBoiBoy gets hit by the missiles and loses a life)

Ochobot: Why, Tok? Why?

(BoBoiBoy regenerates)

Gopal: Phew! Good thing it wasn't me!

BoBoiBoy: Ha! You can't get away with this, Probe!

Probe: (laughs evilly) You just lost a life! Take this!

BoBoiBoy: (gasps)

Probe: (fires four missiles) You're finished!

Tok Aba: (gasps) What do we do? Oh no!

Ochobot: Eh? (Sees the video game cover and reads it) I know, Tok! Down, forward, shoot!

Tok Aba: Huh? Down, forward, shoot?

Ochobot: Down, forward shoot! (Presse the buttons on the controller)

BoBoiBoy: Huh! Yaa! (Summons Lightning Bolts and throws them at the missiles)

Probe: Take this! And this! (Fires more missiles)

Ochobot: Down, forward, shoot!

BoBoiBoy: Ha! (Summons Earth to protect him then summons a wind to blow away the missiles)

Tok Aba: Wow! Alright, now my turn. Down, forward, shoot! Down, forward, shoot!

Gopal: Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-candy Transformation! (Transforms the rest of the missiles to candy)

Adu Du: What?!

BoBoiBoy: (advances towards Probe) (laughs) Hi!

Probe: Don't! Don't BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy: Lightning Bolt! (attacks Probe with a Lightning Bolt)

Probe: (screams)

Adu Du: Retreat, Probe! Retreat!

Probe: I will be back, BoBoiBoy! (Runs away)

BoBoiBoy: (laughs) Awesome!

Tok Aba: (pants) Is it over?

Gopal: Not yet, that was only the first stage!

Tok Aba: What?! (Faints)

Ochobot: Tok! What's wrong, Tok?

Tok Aba: I…I can't do this anymore! This is giving me a heart attack!

Ochobot: Oh no!

(Scene switch to Hanna's house. Hanna is sitting alone in her house with her cookie basket in front of her)

Hanna: (sighs) Why is it that nobody wants to buy my cookies?

[Flashback to Episode 2]

Ying: Oh gosh, her likes taste terrible! If you one, you'll die!

[Back to the present situation]

Hanna: I'm sure she was just exaggerating.


(Mr. Kumar is eating one of her cookies)

Mr. Kumar: (chokes and starts coughing)

Gopal: Ayoyo! Papa!

Mr. Kumar: (faints)

(Later, an ambulance arrives and takes Mr. Kumar to the hospital)

Gopal: Hey, have you ever tried your own cookies?!

Hanna: Uh…

[Back to the present situation]

Hanna: Hmm, maybe I should just try one first. (Takes a cookies and is about to eat it)

Ochobot: Hanna! Hanna!

Hanna: Hmm? Ochobot? Coming! (Puts the cookie on the table near a vase of flowers)

(Some green smoke comes out of the cookie and makes the flowers wilt, the dirt break and the vase crack)

Ochobot: Hurry up, Hanna! Open the door!

Hanna: Huh? What's wrong Ochobot?

(Scene switch to Adu Du's spaceship. The gaming screen is paused)

Adu Du: What's going on with this game?! Is it broken?!

Computer: No, Master, they are pausing the game.

Adu Du: They did WHAT?!

(Scene switch to Tok Aba's house)

Hanna: Huh? BoBoiBoy and Gopal are inside the game?

Tok Aba: That's right! And you've gotta take over. I can't handle this anymore. (Gives the controller to Hanna)

Hanna: But I'm not allowed to-

Tok Aba: Sure you can! Even I can do it!

Ochobot: You gotta play Hanna! Gopal only has on life left!

Hanna: But what if I make a mistake?

Tok Aba: I have faith in you!

Hanna: Don't be mad if I mess up, ok?

(A sweat droplet appears beside Gopal's head)

Hanna: I don't think Gopal wants me to control him, Tok.

Tok Aba: Oh, he's just a kid. He doesn't know what he wants yet.

Ochobot: Ok, let's do this! (Plays the game and enemy robots appear onscreen and move towards BoBoiBoy and Gopal)

Hanna: Huh?! I'm not ready.

Gopal: Hey Hanna! Quick! Attack those monsters!

(Hanna makes Gopal move backwards while Ochobot makes BoBoiBoy attack the robots)

Gopal: Hey! Why am I retreating?!

Hanna: But I can't. I can't just hit them. They're gonna get hurt!

Ochobot: Oh dear!

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) It looks like Gopal's scared. Computer, force them to go forward!

Computer: Yes, Master. (Makes the screen move forward which pushes BoBoiBoy and Gopal)

BoBoiBoy: Oh no!

Gopal: Ayoyo!

Hanna: Uh, uh…

Gopal: Oh no!

(Camera pans right to show approaching enemy robots)

Gopal: I'm so dead…

Hanna: (yelps) Please forgive me, dear monsters! (Rapidly presses multiple buttons)

Gopal: Candy attack! (Changes the robots into candy and lollipops then runs ahead of BoBoiBoy)

(BoBoiBoy stares at Gopal with a shocked expression. Gopal jumps on three robots, avoids five more robots, jumps on another robot, then runs safely across multiple exploding platforms and uses two incoming missiles to cross a gap)

Tok Aba: (sees how good Hanna is playing and faints) Awesome… (faints)

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal continue. BoBoiBoy ducks under an mocking missile while Gopal jumps onto an overhead platform. BoBoiBoy jumps over another robot and faces more robots)

Ochobot: Huh! Ha!

BoBoiBoy: Lightning Bolt! (Attacks the hovering robot with a Lightning Bolt)

Ochobot: Take this!…

BoBoiBoy: Earth Pillar! (Summons an Earth Pillar that destroys two robots while Gopal jumps on the remaining robot) Whirlwind attack! (Blows away an incoming missile)

Ochobot: …And this!

(Camera pans left and shows Hanna calmly but rapidly pressing buttons. Gopal jumps on a hovering robot then runs ahead and turns two guns into lollipops. Gopal jumps and attacks a hovering robot and collects a life that it drops. Then he jumps and collects a life on a platform)

Gopal: Yay!!! Two extra lives!!!

Adu Du: (gapes at Gopal) How did he become so good?

Tok Aba: How come you're so good at this game?

Hanna: Well, actually, I've played this game before, Tok.

Tok Aba: Oh, that makes sense.

Hanna: (giggles)

Ochobot: (grunts as he avoids an obstacle)

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal advance to the next stage which is set inside a cave. They jump over fire pits and avoid the fireballs that shoot out of them. Hanna takes a drink but continues playing with one hand. BoBoiBoy and Gopal advance to the next stage which is set in Outer Space. They jump onto pipes and avoid meteors, spikes and other various obstacles)

[20 minutes later…]

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal advance to the final stage and are carried to the top of a building on a rising platform. When they reach the top, an alarm starts sounding and Probe appears)

Probe: (laughs) Hi there!

BoBoiBoy: You! I'm gonna defeat you this time!

Probe: Not so fast!

Adu Du: Transform him into Super Probe!

Computer: Yes, Master.

Adu Du: Behold the final moments of BoBoiBoy's defeat!

Probe (in Super Probe mode): (Probe transforms to Super Probe) You're gonna lose this time!! Prepare yourself!!

Gopal: Ha! You're the one who's gonna lose!

Probe (in Super Probe mode): Eh? Why's that?

BoBoiBoy: Because now we have Hanna!

Hanna: Here, Tok Aba. (Offers the controller to Tok Aba)

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal look shocked and everyone stops moving. The cricket chirp sound plays)

Tok Aba: Pause the game, Ochobot!

(Ochobot pauses the game)

Adu Du: (groans) They paused it again.

Tok Aba: Why can't you play anymore, Hanna?

Hanna: Mom only allows me to play for thirty minutes a day.

Tok Aba: That's it?

Ochobot: But this is a matter of life and death!

Tok Aba: But you have to play, Hanna! We can't win without you!

Hanna: But I can't! Mom will scold me.

Tok Aba: Hmm…

[Shortly after…]

(Tok Aba is talking to Mrs. Yah on the phone)

Tok Aba: …Yes…Uh, yeah…Uh, yes, Mrs. Yah……I won't let her play too long…Uh…yeah…Yeah. It's not good for them to play too long……Yeah, I understand…yes…yes…I know…But Hanna's the only person who can save my grandson and Gopal…Then you're gonna play?…Oh, alright, just fifteen minutes then. Thank you Mrs. Yah. (Puts the phone down) Ok, done. Your Mom agrees but only for fifteen minutes.

Hanna: Yaay! Come, Ochobot!

Ochobot: Ok! (Plays the game)

Adu Du: Attack them, Probe!

(Super Probe shoots lasers at BoBoiBoy and Gopal which they avoid by jumping and ducking)

Ochobot: Attack him, attack him!

(BoBoiBoy attacks Super Probe with two Lightning Bolts. Super Probe jumps to the other side of the screen and shoots two large plasma balls at BoBoiBoy and Gopal which they duck under. Ochobot makes BoBoiBoy attack with wind)

Hanna: Huh? (Laughs)

(Gopal jumps but Super Probe fires his lasers too late and Gopal drops back and attacks him. Super Probe tries to jump on the boys but they avoid him)

Tok Aba: (gasps)

(Super Probe shoots at Gopal and BoBoiBoy attacks Super Probe while he's distracted)

Ochobot: Ya!

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal continuously attack Super Probe and avoid his attacks until his health becomes low)

Ochobot: Huh! Ya!

BoBoiBoy: Lightning Bolt! (Attacks Super Probe with a Lightning Bolt)

Probe (in Super Probe mode): (screams then explodes and turns back to Probe)

Hanna: Yay! We did it!

Adu Du: Blast it! If you want something done you gotta do it yourself! Computer, get me inside the game!

Computer: Yes, Master. (Picks up Adu Du and throws him into the game)

Adu Du: (screams and lands on his face in the game) How dare you throw me into the game!

Computer: Uh, but you told me to put you in.

Probe: What a shame, what a shame.

Adu Du: (growls)

BoBoiBoy: Hey, Adu Du! Let us go!

Adu Du: (laughs evilly) This time I will destroy you for sure! Behold…Super Duper Probe!!!

(Probe transforms into Super Duper Probe and breaks the ceiling of the building)

Tok Aba: (gasps)

Adu Du: (appears in the cockpit in Super Duper Probe's chest and laughs evilly)

BoBoiBoy: (gasps) He's so huge!

Probe (in Super Duper Probe mode): I am…Super Duper Probe! I will crush you like ants! (Raises his hands)

Gopal: Oh no! I don't wanna die! I done wanna die!

Hanna: (yelps and pauses the game)

Tok Aba: Eh, why did you pause?

Hanna: I've never reached this stage, Tok.

Ochobot: Then, what do we do?!

Hanna: Uh, Ying's defeated this boss before. We gotta get her.

Tok Aba: Oh, ok, let me call her up. (Calls Ying on the phone) Hello?

Ying: (Appears behind Tok Aba) Are you looking for me, Atok?

Tok Aba: Oh! Dear me! (Jumps in fear and falls over)

Hanna: (laughs)

Tok Aba: (pants) Stop doing that! My heart can't take it!

Ying: (giggles) Sorry, Tok.

Hanna: Ying, you have to help us try and win this game!

Ying: Huh? What's up?

Tok Aba: Adu Du trapped BoBoiBoy and Gopal inside the game!

Ying: What?!

Tok Aba: We have to beat this game in order to save them!

Ying: Hmph! That useless square head!

Ochobot: (gives his controller to Ying) Here, now defeat Adu Du!

Ying: (stretches her arms and cricks her neck) I'm gonna teach him a lesson! Are you ready Hanna?

Hanna: Ready! (Plays the game and quickly moves Gopal out of the way) (sighs) Safe.

Ying: Shoot his hand, Hanna! Shoot!

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal attack Super Duper Probe's hand)

Probe (in Super Duper Probe mode): Ow, ow, ow! That hurts!

Ying: Serves you right, you evil robot!

Adu Du: How dare you!! Eat this!!

(Super Duper Probe's hands fly away and he shoots a wave of lasers from his eyes that hurts Gopal and reduces BoBoiBoy to one life)

Ying: Uh oh! We only have one more life!

Hanna: Huh?! What do we do?

Ying: Attack his eyes!

(BoBoiBoy and Gopal launch multiple attacks on Super Duoer Probe's eyes and eventually break them)

Probe (in Super Duper Probe mode): (screams) My eyes! My eyes!!

(Super Duper Probe's hands come back and crush Gopal and reduce him to one life)

Adu Du: Realease all the missiles!

(Super Duper Probe fires multiple missiles into the air)

Gopal: (screams)

Hanna: Oh no!

Ying: You're power's maxed out, Hanna! Hit it!

Hanna: Huh? Oh! Yaaa!

Gopal: Candy transformation! (Transforms all the missiles into candy right before they hit them)

Adu Du: Why you!!

Ying: It's BoBoiBoy's turn now! Yaaa!

BoBoiBoy: BoBoiBoy, Elemental Split! (Performs his ultimate power)

(All three BoBoiBoys attack Super Duper Probe simultaneously with multiple attacks until he is defeated. Super Duper Probe explodes repeatedly, sinks out of view and returns to normal. Then he and Adu Du fall in front of BoBoiBoy and Gopal)

BoBoiBoy: Ha! Where do you think you're going?

Adu Du: Uh, uh, uh (laughs nervously)

Probe: (whimpers) Uh, we're sorry BoBoiBoy!

Adu Du: Computer, get me out of here!

Computer: But that will cause both BoBoiBoy and Gopal two be released as as well.

Adu Du: Just do it!

Computer: Yes, Master.

(A bright light flashes on Tok Aba's TV and everyone looks away. In Adu Du's Spaceship, Probe and Adu Du are taken out of the game and land on the floor. Back in Tok Aba's house, BoBoiBoy and Gopal are released from the game too.)

BoBoiBoy: Atok! (Hugs Tok Aba)

Tok Aba: Eh?

BoBoiBoy: Atok?

Tok Aba: Oh, so now you're going, "Atok! Atok!". Learned you're lesson now?

Gopal: [sing-song voice] Uh-oh, BoBoiBoy, uh-oh!

Tok Aba: Eh? What "uh-oh"? You're just as guilty!

Gopal: Huh? Uh (chuckles sheepishly)

BoBoiBoy: I'm sorry, Tok. I promise to always listen to you after this.

Tok Aba: Hmm…

Hanna: Yeah, next time, do what I do.

Ying: Yup! Just thirty minutes a day.

Gopal: Hm, thirty minutes is not enough to finish Papa Zola.

Papa Zola: Who is the brave soul that dares call me by my name, huh?

(BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba turn around)

Gopal: (gasps) PAPA ZOLA!!!!

(BoBoiBoy end credits roll)

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