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The Rise of Ejo Jo
Season 2, Episode 12
Musim 2, Episod 12
Air date March 17, 2013: TV3
January 14, 2014: Disney Channel Asia
Directed by Yap Ee Jean, Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria
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The Math Test
Season 2 Finale

Ejo Jo landed on Earth and used his robot Petai to destroy Probe, BoBoiBoy and his friends.


Ejo Jo already landed on Earth when Adu Du was tring to defeat BoBoiBoy when his class have a math test, Amar said that it was a plane, but Papa Zola decide to escape. All the student was see him with the confuse expression. Ejo Jo out from his ship and land above Papa Zola's car truth. BoBoiBoy blame Adu Du that call his gang. But he said that he and Ejo Jo was hostile. Ejo Jo call BoBoiBoy and with his gang plus Fang, he go down with school exit permission. He want BoBoiBoy give the Power Band and Ochobot.
But Adu Du shout to not expect it. He say that he only allowed to have it. Ejo Jo want to shot him using his laser gun, but Probe throw a bucket to him cause chaos at school, He was upset and let down his robot. He state that his robot name was Petai. But all the student include Papa Zola laugh that known his name base on the food. Suddenly, the robot directly attack Probe and he turn to Super Probe. Then, it shoot a huge missile cause mess in the school. Then, it shoot a beam of laser cause a big mess to him. He want to attack Adu Du, but Porbe get back up. BoBoiBoy and his friend wanted to help, but Ejo Jo shoot a red laser beam to him. Fang said he was a cruel person, but Ejo Jo state that it was a beginning. Probe was bounce up, but the robot shot again. He want to shot Adu Du, but Probe shield him for the last time cause the destruction of him. He say that Ejo Jo come to Earth cause he was in here. His last word was, " Probe, Destroyer robot: Final mission, completed" Then, he was dead. Adu Du wants to shot him using his gun, but Ejo Jo  punched him. Then, a Lightning Sword land against him but he can avoid it. He turned into BoBoiBoy Lightning and attack him, but the robot shot him. Fang hold him using Shadow Hands and BoBoiBoy Lightning attack him. But he can get away. BoBoiBoy Cyclone attack him using giant Cyclone Attacking Drill,
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 Yaya attack him using Powerful Super Punch and Ying kick him using Thousand Times Kick and Gopal turn his missiles to a candy pile. Then, he create a shield from Banana Frites and trap him inside it. He was scared, but the robot has risen again and attack the group. BoBoiBoy shield Fang using Protecting Land and was defeated again. He wanted to kidnap Ochobot, but Gopal tell him the location. Ejo Jo said ordered Petai to dig underground Earth, the robot was about to destroy the school and all of them run. Papa Zola scream like a girl when the ruins was drop. Gopal make a yellow barrier to slow down the ruins.

BoBoiBoy Cyclone projected Whirling Vortex Wind to attack Petai underground and finally Ochobot was free. Fang saw Ochohot and came to rescue him, BoBoiBoy Earthquake used Earth Fulfillment to hold the school and stop the shaking. BoBoiBoy saw that Yaya, Ying, Gopal, and Papa Zola were captured by Petai and Ejo Jo, at the sametime, he took all of their power bands. BoBoiBoy splits into three and made a discussion on how to save his friends, they combined Whirling Cyclone and High Land to created a Sand Storm to blind Ejo Jo but he was teleported by his spaceship along with BoBoiBoy's friends.



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Promo BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode 12

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