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Season 3
Musim 3
Directed by: Yap Ee Jean
Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria
Release Date: January 5, 2014 : TV3
October 31, 2014: MNCTV
November 14, 2014: Disney Channel
No.of Episodes: 18
Previous: Season 2
Next: Season 4

Season 3 is the current airing season of the series.

This season filled with more action-packed and more comedy from the battle of BoBoiBoy with Ejo Jo, the revival of Probe, the attacks from Five Scammer Commanders, saving Papa Zola's wife and the emergence of Adu Du's mother. It will also feature new BoBoiBoy powers in later episodes.

Episodes No.
BoBoiBoy & Adu Du Vs. Ejo Jo 40
The BoBoiBoy Attack to Death 41
Reviving Probe 42
Team BuBaDiBaKo 43
The Return Of Probe 44
Baga Ga's Service 45
Rob, Robert & Roberto's Robbery 46
Five Scammer Commanders 47
Battle In The Moon 48
Papa Zola vs Mama Zila 49
Attacks From Mama Zila 50
Adu Du Becoming Evil Again!




  • Animonsta Studios first uploaded a sneak peek of episode 1 on June 2013, the video shows a fight between BoBoiBoy and Ejo Jo, Adu Du came to the rescue with Mukalakus.
  • Like in the previous season, there were changes in BoBoiBoy, Ying, Yaya and Gopal's outfit, Fang will be jacketless in this season.
  • Yap Ee Jean replaces Yvonne Chong Shin Vun as Computer's voice performer since Season 3, Episode 3.
  • Beginning Season 3, Episode 6, the official episode title was shown after the flashbacks.
  • The background of the credits shows BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe inside the Papa Zola 5 game (Season 1, Episode 7).
  • From the original plan, episodes were supposed to air in four separate months (five episodes for January, four episodes for June, four episodes for September and five episodes for December) however because a huge delay happened between June and December, episode 1 to 5 was aired on January and episode 6 to 13 on December.

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