"See You Next Time BoBoiBoy" ("Jumpa Lagi BoBoiBoy") is the 26th and final episode of Season 3 of BoBoiBoy, and the final episode of the series.


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The episode begins with the execution of the mission planned in the previous episode, there is a chase between Adu Du's spaceship and Captain Kaizo's spaceship in the midst of the space outside Earth. Adu Du launches a rain of missiles to Kaizo’s spaceship. Lieutenant Lahap then counterattacks with shots of beam ray and missiles. Some of the shots manage to hit Adu Du's spaceship. Meanwhile, Fang exits the flight deck through the door with his Perforation Power, which isn't left unnoticed by Kaizo. One missile leaves Adu Du's spaceship critically impaired, forcing them to launch a capsule, containing BoBoiBoy and his friends, towards Kaizo's. After doing so, Adu Du's spaceship crashes on Earth.

Captain Kaizo pursues them with an applause stating that he’s impressed with BoBoiBoy coming barehanded with no power bands. BoBoiBoy asks Kaizo the whereabouts of Fang and the latter answers sarcastically. Fang becomes uneasy about getting discovered as he eavesdrops, though he stayed invisible. Kaizo challenges BoBoiBoy’s team to a duel with the resolution of him surrendering the power bands to BoBoiBoy and friends if BoBoiBoy’s team wins. Boboiboy thinks it's unfair, for they have no powers. Later, Fang gets busted by Kaizo of his betrayal on sneaking the power bands out to BoBoiBoy and friends. A one-sided battle starts unexpectedly

"He is about to shoot!!!"

when Lieutenant Lahap shoots an energy blast towards BoBoiBoy and friends, however, Fang saves them all by engulfing everyone with his Perforation Power thus the blast goes straight through them, not harming anyone. However, it blasts a large hole in the spaceship wall. The endless vacuum of space proceeded to suck everyone out of the ship, especially BoBoiBoy and friends since they are nearest to the wall. Fang quickly throws the power band to his friends. By witnessing Fang’s treachery, Kaizo then attacks him directly to his mask, breaking it to pieces and continues with the Force Field Drive, pushing them out into an oxygen-supplied Combat Training Hall. Kaizo proclaims the real battle begins here.
Kapten Kaizo Berbicara

Captain Kaizo said something before the battle.

Kaizo makes the first move by targeting Fang with his first attack.

As his attack almost lands on Fang, BoBoiBoy transforms to BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and speeds up towards Fang to guard the attack against  Kaizo. BoBoiBoy directs an intimidating glare to Kaizo that strikes him speechless, and BoBoiBoy states that he’ll be the one to prove his and his friends’ worthiness of bearing those powers. BoBoiBoy then attacks aggressively while Kaizo defends himself and counterattacks with a strike that hits the floor. BoBoiBoy returns an attack to him which he manages to avoid. Kaizo says he admires the spirit BoBoiBoy portrays, but nevertheless, on his own, he will lose. Fang disapproves of that statement by saying BoBoiBoy is not the only one to fight. He targets his own attack to Kaizo and runs up to him while using BoBoiBoy as a boost to land a kick on Kaizo and both BoBoiBoy and Fang run towards him and strike simultaneously. Kaizo ends this series of attacks by swinging his sword with Fang and BoBoiBoy causing them to jump at the same time to evade the blow. The blow caused explosions to the surroundings.

On the other side of the field, Yaya, Ying, and Gopal decide to help BoBoiBoy and Fang fight but are stopped by Lieutenant Lahap’s Toxic Plasma. Lieutenant Lahap continues to attack Gopal after, but his Toxic Plasma was changed to Roti Canai by Gopal’s power. Yaya and Ying make the next move and attack by direct contact. Lieutenant Lahap guarded himself by eating pieces of spaceship’s steel and transforming his body to be as hard as the spaceship’s steel. His steel body repels Yaya’s fury of fists and Ying’s thousand kicks and injured their hands and feet.
Lahap jadi besi

Lahap had his steel skin.

The scene where Yaya and Ying are thrown away by Lieutenant Lahap’s blow, transitions to where BoBoiBoy and Fang, who also got thrown and back into attacking again. BoBoiBoy transforms to BoBoiBoy Cyclone and throws Wind Disc while Fang summons Shadow Tiger. Both attacks are evaded by  Kaizo. He then cut through Shadow Tiger and jumped so high that he was able to slice Cyclone Hoverboard to half. Fang used Shadow Polar Bear to attack but is ward off with Energy Fist by Kaizo. At this rate, BoBoiBoy Cyclone and Fang were lying on the ground when Kaizo quickly set up Energy Wall that pushes against them. Cyclone Drill and Shadow Hands were used to hold the wall. Meanwhile, Gopal, Yaya, and Ying has trapped Lieutenant Lahap into eating and transforming into vegetable through Gopal’s idea. Firstly, Yaya used Gravity Manipulation to lift the spaceship’s broken steel pieces and Ying accelerated the throw speed while Gopal turned it into vegetables and fed it to Lieutenant Lahap which made Yaya’s and Ying’s attacks could be delivered effectively.
Golem-golem tanah

The appearance of three Earth Golems.

On the other scene, BoBoiBoy turns into BoBoiBoy Earthquake and summons Earth Golem to hold the wall though it is not strong enough, so for the first time ever, he summons three Earth Golems at once and progressively strengthens the force of pushing away the wall. Next, simultaneous punch from the three golems successfully breaks the Energy Wall. BoBoiBoy continues with multiple attacks with all three Earth Golem to Kaizo but the latter manages to simultaneously dodge and fend off their attacks with great skill. He almost destroys an Earth Golem but Fang saves it. BoBoiBoy realizes he can't control three Golems on his own so he does the Elemental Split and splits into BoBoiBoy Water, BoBoiBoy Fire and BoBoiBoy Earth again. BoBoiBoy Earth instructs BoBoiBoy Water and BoBoiBoy Fire to each control and infuses their powers into an Earth Golem, thus Water Golem and Fire Golem were created, leaving everyone in awe.
Golem api dan air

Fire Golem and Water Golem.

Both charged to Captain Kaizo and landed a strike which is blocked after. He burst into a satisfied laughter which is unbecoming of in a long time according to Lieutenant Lahap. Kaizo then attacks with Full Energy Strike and thrown Fire Golem away while Water Golem was hit by Energy Sword Movement. Suddenly, a Shadow Golem controlled by Fang attacks and almost hits  Kaizo.
Tumbukan Golem Api Air Bayang

The punch of Water, Fire and Shadow Golems combo.

To avoid Kaizo’s counterattack, the Shadow Golem dissipates then reforms behind him, catching Kaizo by surprise. He manages to hit Kaizo and pushed him back while in a guarded stance. Shadow Golem continually dissipates and reforms, rendering Kaizo's attacks against him useless. Fang and BoBoiBoy then do a Combo attack and Kaizo struggles to sustain his shield against the three Golems. They break his shield, causing a huge explosion and his mask to crack, and Kaizo is thrown against a far wall, immobile. Thus, BoBoiBoy's team victory has confirmed.
Kapten Kaizo kalah

Captain Kaizo was defeated.

Kaizo drops from the wall and praises how BoBoiBoy was able enough to use his powers. Suddenly, Water Golem, Fire Golem, and Shadow Golem break apart, turning back BoBoiBoy Water, BoBoiBoy Fire, and Fang. BoBoiBoy combines and turns back to normal. Fang and BoBoiBoy prepare for more battle though BoBoiBoy had little energy left in him. Kaizo then said that they didn't have to and instead he offers BoBoiBoy to join his team and explain everything to him. He told
Kapten Kaizo memujuk

Captain Kaizo persuaded BoBoiBoy to join his team.

BoBoiBoy that his team needs his ability for finding more powers and all Power Spheres. However, BoBoiBoy refuse the offering as Kaizo resolve the mission with violence and he strongly disagreed. Kaizo told BoBoiBoy to careful and take care of his friends and Power Sphere. Later, Kaizo told Fang to make a decision between following your friends or tag along with them getting back home.
Yaya Ying Gopal Marah

The Reaction of Yaya, Ying, and Gopal when they knew that Captain Kaizo is Fang's brother.

Kaizo returns BoBoiBoy and his friends to Earth and drops them off at Tok Aba’s Kokotiam. Tok Aba and Ochobot return from grocery shopping. Ochobot voiced his concern, whether they are okay, BoBoiBoy assured him. Gopal said their mission was a success.

Fang suddenly appeared, patting Ochobot's back and told that he won't be left, and reveals that Kaizo is actually his older brother, which makes Yaya, Ying, and Gopal gets mad as Fang didn't tell them before. The three chasing Fang that running away.

Looking to the night sky with Ochobot, BoBoiBoy narrated the last line, marks the closing of the episode and also the whole series.


  • This episode will be tagged as "Finale Episodes" on BoBoiBoy series.
  • Unlike the last two episodes, this was released as a full episode rather than a two-parter.
  • Monsta later updated this episode with English subtitles.
  • This is the last episode of the BoBoiBoy series. A sequel series is currently in progress.
  • On TV3 Instagram TV3 posted a BoBoiBoy picture According to that picture, this episode will be released June 11, 2016, on TV3.
  • In 4:18, Probe said an English phrase, "roger and out" before crashing back to Earth after being defeated by Captain Kaizo and possibly crash landing in Indonesia near the Makassar Strait.
    Roger and out

    "Roger and out."

  • In the near ending, Fang revealed that Captain Kaizo is his older brother.
  • It is revealed that Captain Kaizo's mission is to give the Power Bands to the worthy ones.
  • Coincidentally, Captain Kaizo later found out that the Power Bands gave by the other Power Spheres that preceded Ochobot (especially Klamkabot are given also proven to be given to the worthy).
  • Captain Kaizo is now considered to be a neutral character.
  • At the end of the episode, Captain Kaizo is now one of the allies with BoBoiBoy and Ochobot. He also explains that “if [he] was able to find [BoBoiBoy], then others will too.” This is also the reason why the Tengkotak Gang arrived on Planet Earth from a scene in BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
  • This episode has obtained 1 million views within 2 days, then it gained nearly 3 million views within the first week.
  • There are differences between the TV premiere and the YouTube version:
    • When Captain Kaizo wonders about Fang's/Pang's whereabouts, Fang is standing on the ceiling in the normal state in the TV premiere, but in the YouTube version, he is in the intangible state.
    • The voices of Water Golem, Fire Golem and Shadow Golem are disorientated in the TV premiere to make them sound more manly, but in the YouTube version, their voices are normal.
    • The song Bersedia is longer in the ending of the YouTube version compared to the TV premiere.
  • BoBoiBoy said that he needs to protect the Galaxy at the end of the episode possibly hinting the sequel series, BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
  • Fang's glasses are damaged by Captain Kaizo and a crack in his left lens is seen throughout the episode. However, his glasses are fixed by the time in BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
  • Just like how Captain Kaizo had struck Fang's mask thus damaging it, Fang had also struck a blow using Shadow Golem (alongside BoBoiBoy Water and BoBoiBoy Fire) and managed to crack his brother's mask. Both masks sustained damage predominantly on their left side in this episode.
  • The Season 3 Finale Episodes have their comic book adaptation.



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