Fang can project a power style called "Shadow Eagle" (Helang Bayang).

Season 2, Episode 6

In order to get to Pak Senin Koboi's Alley while they are small, Fang showed to BoBoiBoy and Gopal his Shadow Eagle, then BoBoiBoy and Gopal was impressed and treated Fang like a Super Star. In a scene, where BoBoiBoy and Gopal were about to ride the eagle is like a riding the bus with windows but take note, it doesn't have glasses at all which made Fang angry.The shadow fell down after BoBoiBoy and Gopal praised Fang. But later the Shadow Eagle failed to fly, so Gopal said: "What a lousy shadow!"

Season 3, Episode 4

  • He disturbed BoBoiBoy while catching the Canteen Lady's rooster.

Season 3, Episode 24

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 6

  • Fang summons the Shadow Eagle to assist him in fighting off Space Mosquitoes.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 8

  • Fang summons the Shadow Eagle to carry the laundry bags to safety. He is chased by Mega Probe who tries to dirty the laundry bags with mud. However, as Gopal turns him into food, Fang uses the Shadow Eagle to attack Probe, defeating him.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 9

  • Fang sends the Shadow Eagle to attack Adu Du, who is called "Olu Lulu" due to being hypnotized by the Katakululu. However, it is eventually defeated by him.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 11



BoBoiBoy Galaxy


  • The Shadow Eagle may only be able to carry one passenger (Fang) at a time as it has difficulty in carrying three passengers (Fang, BoBoiBoy and Gopal) at once in Season 2, Episode 6.
  • Fang is able to fuse with the Shadow Eagle after obtaining upgrades from Ochobot in BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
  • In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, it is sometimes called "Shadow Falcon".