Shadow Finger Prick (Tusukan Jari Bayang) is one of the abilities of Fang's Powers.
Shadow Finger Prick
BoBoiBoy Water vs Fang



Season 3, Episode 16

Fang used it to dodge BoBoiBoy Fire's attack.

Season 3, Episode 24

Fang used it to attack BoBoiBoy Earthquake but he switched to BoBoiBoy Water and defeated him with Wave Slap.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie

Fang used it to combine with BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's Lightning Spear to fight Kurita.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Episode 11

Fang used it to attack BoBoiBoy in order to prevent him from getting the Power Sphere in Planet Volcania.


  • In Season 3, Episode 24, it is called "Shadow Fingers Prick" (Tusukan Jari Jemari Bayang).
  • In the subtitles of BoBoiBoy: The Movie DVD, it is called "Shadow Spikes" (Tusukan Bayang).
  • In the subtitles of BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 11, it is called "Shadow Pierce".