Take this, the Shrinking Pistol!


Probe used a Shrinking Pistol to shrunk BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Fang.

Season 2, Episode 5

After Probe hitted their heads with the Electric Spatula, he used this to shrink them, at home, Adu Du scolded Probe because of a technical problem, he should have shot BoBoiBoy, Fang and Gopal first before hiting them with the Spatula.

Season 2, Episode 6

It was sucessfully reported to Ying and Yaya with riding Crazy Cat that time.

Together they try to request Adu Du to get them back to normal. But he shot the laser and reflected by mirror and he shrunk.

Adu Du holding the Shrinking Pistol

Season 3, Episode 6

Probe was seen holding it.


  • In the Malaysian Version, it is called Pistol Pengecil.