That's enough Mr.Papa

Stanley to Papa Zola

Stanley is one of the Fifth Grade Pupils in Rintis Island Primary School.

He is also one of the classmates of BoBoiBoy in section 5 Grade Section Honest.


Stanley is chubby boy with fair skin, black eyes and hair. He often seen in school uniform and in Episode 4 Season 2, he wears his white P.E T-shirt that looks like everyone's else T-shits, but his design color is yellow.

It's looks like Stanley likes Fang more than BoBoiBoy when they are trying to guess who's the winner in the Sprint RaceStanley's fan is Fang.

In What Yaya Says Episode 12, he was upset to Fang after he didn't fall in line to buy Red Carrot Donuts.

Season 2 Finale

Like his clasmates, he was also trapped in Ejo Jo's Spaceship.