I'm Super Duper Probe, and I will squash you all!!!


Super Duper Probe is Probe's most powerful form. When he achives this, he is twice as tall as Sleeping Monster, and the robot of destruction Mukalakus, he only turned Super Duper once, and it was happened at the Papa Zola Video Game (Episode 14).


After Yaya (controlling Gopal) , and Ying (controlling BoBoiBoy) defeated Super Probe in the Papa Zola Game, Adu Du ordered Computer to turn Probe into Super Duper Probe. At first, he used his eye laser beam to attack BoBoiBoy and Gopal, but they attacked his eyes, and destroyed his laser, rendering Probe blind. Then, Adu Du ordered Probe to launch his missiles, but before they hit, Gopal turned them into candies. BoBoiBoy then turned into three, and hit Probe with everything he had. Soon after Probe returned to normal, and Adu Du ordered Computer to return them to the real world, which she did. They all managed to return alive, but Papa Zola and the Sleeping Monster also got out of the game (Episode 15), Probe never became Super Duper Probe again He is seen inside the TV


  • Wrist Smack - Probe simply smacks his Giant Wrist on the ground and squash something.
  • Missile Launch - Probe launches all his missiles at the target.
  • Laser Beam - Probe shoots lasers from his eyes but destroyed by BoBoiBoy



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