Mode: Super Probe!

— Transformation announcement

Super Probe

Super Probe

Super Probe: Robot Destroyer is Probe's outfit with strong power when Adu Du put some cocoa to him.


Computer put the cocoa into the Probe

Computer put the cocoa inside Probe.

Adu Du told Computer to put the cocoa inside Probe but he got crazy and then later he turned into Super Probe, BoBoiBoy tried to get the cocoa, Adu Du and Super Probe chased him because of the Ball of Power following BoBoiBoy but they failed, so they tried to get BoBoiBoy and the Ball of Power next day but they were stopped by BoBoiBoy and his friends.

Super Mak Cik Probe

Super Auntie Probe debut.

One time when Adu Du puts another cocoa drinks on him he became Super Auntie Probe which his color is pink instead of purple. It is he's first super transformation. Super Probe is the one of the four important things of Adu Du in Season 1, Episode 11. He was also used to destroy BoBoiBoy Cyclone but he is destroyed and defeated instead.

Last Attempt


Destruction of Probe.

Probe used this outfit to protect himself from PETAI in Season 2, Episode 12 but he was destroyed, and lead him to death.



Probe with his new form.

During the verge of defeat from the Big Cocoa in Season 3, Episode 5, Probe was revived with his new super form. Additionally, his voice during Super form was changed to make it sound more robotic.


  • Grinder: Used to kill BoBoiBoy and Ochobot.
  • Missile: A ton of missile which is a common weapon.
  • Laser Beam​: Used to shot a wide laser beam.


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