Team BoBoiBoy VS Petai is a fight that occured in Season 2, Episode 12 between Team BoBoiBoy and Petai.


After Adu Du was knocked unconscious by Petai, BoBoiBoy gets angry and throws two Lightning Kris, but Ejo Jo repelled it easily. BoBoiBoy then transforms into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and attacks Ejo Jo from behind, but Petai hits him off. Fang then grabs Petai using Shadow Hands, enabling BoBoiBoy to attack Petai, severely cornering him.

Petai soon breaks out of Fang's trap and attempts to attack him. BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm immediately transforms into BoBoiBoy Quake and saved Fang using Earth Wall. Petai is finding where is BoBoiBoy and the others and got the location of Ying, Yaya and Gopal. Suddenly, he was attacked by BoBoiBoy Cyclone's Cyclone Drill from behind and is about to fall.

Yaya then attacks Petai, who shoots her with his missiles but Yaya manages to dodge it and punches Petai hard using Super Impact Punch, leaving him on the ground. Ying then continues by attacking Petai, who attempts to attack her using his missiles, but Gopal turned it into jelly aces. Using Thousand Speed Kick, Ying incapacitated Petai easily. BoBoiBoy commands Gopal to turn him into food. Gopal then turns Petai into banana frite.

This scares Ejo Jo, but it turns out that he was pretending to be afraid and Petai breaks out from Gopal's trap. Petai then easily defeats Gopal and shoots Yaya and Ying. This causes BoBoiBoy to be shocked and Fang to get angry. He attacks Petai using Shadow Tiger but Petai repels it easily and nearly shoots Fang. However, BoBoiBoy transformed into BoBoiBoy Quake and saved Fang using Earth Ball.

However, it does not last long, as Petai delivers bunch of missiles, breaking Earth Ball, throwing BoBoiBoy and Fang to the ground.

Characters Involved

Powers Used

Team BoBoiBoy (In Order)



  • BoBoiBoy Quake is the only BoBoiBoy to be involved twice in this fight.
  • This is the first time that all the members of Team BoBoiBoy fully loses in a fight.
  • From the three BoBoiBoys, only BoBoiBoy Cyclone made a short appearence.


BoBoiBoy VS Ejo Jo (HD)-003:00

BoBoiBoy VS Ejo Jo (HD)-0

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