I'm excited to see BoBoiBoy

Tok Aba

After six months, BoBoiBoy came back to Rintis Island to reunite with Tok Aba and his friends and to continue his studies.

In Rintis Island Primary School, Ying and Yaya saw that Gopal is doing his homework but he said that the homework that he is doing is supposed to be finished 2 months ago. Meanwhile Fang arrives but he only ignored BoBoiBoy's friends which made Gopal to call him "weirdo" and make the other students (Melody, Melissa and Amy) laugh at him.

At the sametime, Teacher Timmy entered the classroom and Yaya said to the class "A Very Good Morning Teacher", she told the class that they will have a new friend but he is not in the room yet, Ying said that the voice she heard is familiar,

At about 7:00 in the morning, Tok Aba and Ochobot are waiting for BoBoiBoy in the train station, as BoBoiBoy takes off in the train, Tok Aba and Ochobot hugged him, Tok Aba said that he should go to school and gave him his old uniform.

Gopal, Ying, Yaya and the rest of the class are happy to see BoBoiBoy except for Fang but they are wondering where did he get his uniform which are already old, a flashback earlier was seen where Tok Aba accidentally torn his uniform which belongs to his granddad, Gopal continues to laugh and thought that BoBoiBoy would like to work in a museum when Tok Aba was seen inisde the room.


How dare you make me fun of?

Tok Aba to the train announcer

How dare you make fun of me?

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