Run carrying an egg in a spoon!

— Papa Zola to BoBoiBoy and Fang

Teacher Papa Zola challenged BoBoiBoy and Fang to compete in a Sprint Race during their P.E.

The Race

The race starts BoBoiBoy and Fang bitting a spoon with an egg on it.

During the race, Fang tried to block BoBoiBoy from passing him and run fast without knowing that there is cone infront of him, he accidentally hitted the cone and made the egg fell on the spoon but Fang quickly caught it before it breaks.

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 12.16.06 AM

The Sprint Race recording.

When BoBoiBoy quickly passed him, he used his powers to move himself fast but BoBoiBoy also used his Lightning Movement Power to run fast too. Finally they reached the finish but they argued to know who is the real winner. To know it Papa Zola checked the video from Gopal's Camera and mentioned that he is the winner which disappointed BoBoiBoy and Fang, since Fang doens't enjoy the game, he wants to fight BoBoiBoy again but BoBoiBoy suggested to Papa Zola to have a Football Match.


  • Papa Zola is not really the winnner of the game since he is not one of the players, neither BoBoiBoy and Fang won because they both crossed the finish line together, which makes it a tie.
  • It's looks like Stanley (the chubby boy) like Fang more than BoBoiBoy when they are trying to guess who's the winner.
  • When Papa Zola saw that Fang is still trying to fight BoBoiBoy, Papa Zola planned them to run again, but Ying said that he should change the game instead, BoBoiBoy suggested a Football Match.

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