The White Goat's Milk Stand was made by Probe when he and Adu Du are trying to trick BoBoiBoy Wind when he is looking for a White Goat's Milk which is hard to find according to Yaya (Season 1, Episode 11).

The Milk Stand

The Plan

After Adu Du had experimented a fake milk with Liquid X that can make a person's emotion uncontrollable, he told Probe to trick BoBoiBoy Wind with the fake milk so he made a Milk Stand, and to know what is going on there, one of Adu Du's Slave Robots stand there as a CCTV camera. When BoBoiBoy Wind wonders why the Milk is green, then he saw a stamp in the Bottle written as : Perisa Epal Hijau/Green Apple Flavor which almost made Adu Du to scold Probe but they find out that's the apple flavor is a bonus

Green Apple Flavor!

so he could use it in making Yaya's Biscuits. Boboiboy wind took it then he became Boboiboy Cyclone.

The Milk Goat's White Milk?

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