Thunder Blade (Pedang Halilintar) is the upgraded version of the Lightning Kris.


  • Like the Lightning Kris, BoBoiBoy throw it to his foe, but this one lasts longer than the previous one.
  • Like it previous form, it can also makes a fire, but unlike the previous one, its only need the tip of the blade to make a fire (Season 1, Episode 6).


  • The differences between Lightning Kris and Thunder is the it's longer, bigger, more pointed pears and color red.


  • When the Lightning Kris was upgraded to Thunder, we notice that BoBoiBoy can hold it for a long time, even when it was already used in attacking.
  • Despite being called Pedang (Sword in English), it's more like a bigger Kris than a sword.
  • In the YouTube english version, it is called Thunder Blade (Thunder Blade is more appropriate to call this ability of BoBoiBoy because it doesn't really looks like a Sword at all, hence because of Thunder Bolt and the edge is a shape of a blade).
  • BoBoiBoy threw the Thunder Blade into the sky which make the clouds rained thousands of Thunder Blades.
  • In Boboiboy Galaxy Episode 14, Boboiboy can be seen using a double bladed Thunder Blade with a grip in the middle to create a vortex
  • In Boboiboy The Movie, Boboiboy can be seen using a thunder spear that i similar to a Thunder Blade to create a vortex of lightning.


Season 2, Episode 13

BoBoiBoy released a mega version of Thunder Blade to attack PETAI.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Boboiboy transforms into Boboiboy Thunderstorm for a brief period during Boboiboy Galaxy Episode 14. The Thunderblade appeared longer. Boboiboy is seen holding a double bladed Thunder Blade with a grip in the middle. The double bladed Thunder Blade was used to create a vortex of lightning to defend. It was also used to attack Jugglenaut. Boboiboy is also seen splitting the double bladed Thunder Blade into separate Thunder Blades.