Tingkap 98 is a computer operating system used in Adu Du's Spaceship. It was seen in Season 2, Episode 3 when Ejo Jo was checking for the secret files.


  • This operating system is parodied from the Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows 98, to show that the spaceship is using an obsolete operating system.
  • Tingkap is Malay language for "Window(s)".
  • The logo of Tingkap 98 resembles two Windows 8 logos being mirrored together inside a rounded rectangle.
  • Although Tingkap 98 literally means "Windows 98" in Malay, the desktop resembles more towards "classic" Mac OS versions, shown from its desktop that only shows the installed hard drive(s), while the desktop of the real-life Windows 98 shows some shortcuts for installed programs plus access to My Computer and Recycle Bin (via Windows Explorer).
  • In Global TV/MNC TV, the operating system name is translated in the subtitle as "Windows 98".