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Tok Aba

Tok Aba

Personal Information
Grandad (by BoBoiBoy)

Biological Information


January 28, 1941

Hair Color

Eye Color

BoBoiBoy (Grandson)
BoBoiBoy's Father (Relative)
BoBoiBoy's Mother (Relative)
Voiced by
Anas Abdul Aziz (Malay)
Joji Yanami (Japanese, Boboiboy and Boboiboy Galaxy)

                 Tok Aba is a character in BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He is BoBoiBoy's grandfather.


Early Life

Prior to the events of the series, Tok Aba supposedly got married to an unknown and unseen individual. Sometime in their marriage, they had one of BoBoiBoy's parents, who later on had BoBoiBoy. In 1967, he decided to open a Cocoa Shop on Rintis Island.

It is mentioned by Probe that BoBoiBoy didn't meet Tok Aba often, which is why they had difficulty recognizing each other, but they have met. It is implied that BoBoiBoy often spends his vacation with his grandfather.

Original Series

Season 1

He is first seen waiting for BoBoiBoy at the Railway Station but since BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba haven't seen each other in a while he and BoBoiBoy forgot who was who as seen on Season 1, Episode 1 and has hugged another person. He doesn't like fighting as it scares some customers in his shop (Season 1, Episode 1).

Even when BoBoiBoy Wind and BoBoiBoy Earth fought each other after they forgot that they were the same person and thought that they were just pretending to be each other (BoBoiBoy Wind said that BoBoiBoy Earth was trying to imitate him and was trying to steal his identity and BoBoiBoy Earth was also thinking the same thing about BoBoiBoy Wind) but luckily, since they were the same person they fear the same thing and Tok Aba stoped them by using his ear twisting move (Season 1, Episode 6). He still care for them but get disappointed after Gopal hit BoBoiBoy's head with a cooking pan to remember everything which Tok Aba doesn't like (Season 1, Episode 12).


Tok Aba's Special Chocolate Ice Cream

Season 2

BoBoiBoy returned to Rintis Island to reunite with Tok Aba and continue his studies with his friends, Tok Aba also renamed the shop as "Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Cocoa Shop".  At season 2 Tok Aba sells new foods.

Season 3

For a moment, Tok Aba temporarily inherited Ying's Time Manipulation abilities to help fight Ejo Jo Jo., but it was later returned to Ying. 

He continued to manage the shop and care for BoBoiBoy throughout the series.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Tok Aba returns in Galaxy, once again being BoBoiBoy's current caretaker and continuing to manage his shop alongside BoBoiBoy and Ochobot. He witnesses the arrival of Cici Ko and Motobot making drinks to welcome them.

He later bids farewell to BoBoiBoy as his grandson departs on a Galaxy adventure along with TAPOPS . Tok Aba is seen to be continuing his job alone, but is graced by the presence of Papa Zola who teleported home out of homesickness.





Skills and Abilities


Tok Aba does not formally have any special super powers, but he temporarily used Ying's powerband after she and the others were trapped in Ejo Jo's cocoon. Despite being a rather old person, he is shown to be fairly proficient with Ying's Time Manipulation abilities.


Tok Aba is a skilled barista and is shown to be able to make multitudes of different types of drinks. New drinks are constantly being introduced, showing that he does experiment with his cocoa. 


  • Tok Aba is voiced by Anas Abdul Aziz in both English and Malaysian version. In the English version, he has a lower voice while in the Malaysian version, his voice is a bit higher.


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