Transforming Things to Food is one of Gopal's Powers.


Like BoBoiBoy, Ying and Yaya, Ochobot also gave Gopal some powers but he had a hard time searching for it until Episode 7, in Episode 16, he also finds out that he can transform food to things.

Lists of Things that Gopal transformed to Food.

  • Bomb - Chocolate Bar
  • A wall in Adu Du's Spaceship - Chocolate
  • Tires - Yaya's Biscuits
  • Probe's Bullets - Lollipops and Candies
  • Evil Game Monsters - Lollipops and Candies
  • Dirty Sandals - Fried Rice
  • Dream Bubbles - Fried Bananas
  • Sleeping Monster - Pancake (supposed to be)
  • Probe - Burger
  • Pipes and Stones - Burgers and Tomatoes
  • Soccer Ball - Cotton Candy
  • "unknown" - Yaya's Biscuits
  • Tires - Yaya's Biscuits, Lollipop and Donuts

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