The Truth Car (Kereta Kebenaran) is a red car owned by Papa Zola.

Season 2, Episode 12

Papa Zola's car was seen parked in Rintis Island Primary School when Ejo Jo arrived and jumps from his spaceship and landed in the car leading to the headlights and front bumper to fell off.

Later BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm hide here to avoid PETAI from seeing him.

Season 3, Episode 17 (BoBoiBot Ready)

The Truth Car accidentally transformed to chocolate after BoBoiBot Cyclone reflected back Gopal's powers.




  • The car plate number is MCK 1985.
  • This car is registered in Melaka as it starts with 'M'.
  • This car is very hard as it doesn't break into halves as Ejo Jo is heavier than Adu Du and he falls from a tall height.
  • In What Yaya Says: Saving Money, A Formula 1 Toy version was seened in a toy store that BoBoiBoy and Gopal want to buy.


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