The Unnamed Female Student 1 is one of the students of Rintis Island Primary School, she has a twin sister.
Unnamed Female Student 1

Roles in the Series

The Return of BoBoiBoy

She and her sister, along with Amy made a cameo when they are making fun of Fang as a weird boy as Gopal ordered them.

Everytime the class starts a lesson, they are not seen in the room of the 5th Grade Honest Section, which means that they doesn't belong to that section at all.

Season 2 Finale - Season 3 Episode 1

Even though she doesn't belong to the Honest Section of the 5th Grade, she and her sister hide in the room of the 5th Grade when Ejo Jo's Robot Petai made an Earthquake and damaged the school.


She is as tall as her sister. She is tan skinned, brown eyed, chestnut haired girl. She wears a school uniform which is a white long sleeved blouse with thin red ribbon in it, pink vest that is a little longer than her blouse, a black pants and pink rubber shoes. Her name is Unkown yet because it is'nt revealed at the episode yet.

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