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    August 8, 2012 by BoboiboyFang Potterhead



    12 years old


    Hot tempered, sensitive and jealous of BoBoiBoy


    Making black ghosts


    Powers will gone when evening comes


    Adudu (because of his personality)


    BoBoiBoy (nemesis)


    Wong Wai Kay

    First appearance:

    BoBoiBoy Extended Finale


    • Shadow Tiger - used to scare people
    • Shadow Shield - used to protect himself
    • Shadow Hands - used to trap his enemy, one example that was trap is BoBoiBoy Cyclone (Episode 30)

    Relationship to BoBoiBoy

    He started to get jealous against BoBoiBoy when he finds out that he has awesome powers than him, before BoBoiBoy returns to Rintis Island, he was mentioned by Teacher Papa Zola as a smart student which make him to think if BoBoiBoy is really smart and has his own pow…

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    August 8, 2012 by BoboiboyFang Potterhead

    Season 1

    Episode 1 The Rise of BoBoiBoy Pt.1

    (Scene opens when BoBoiBoy is chased by Super Probe)

    (BoBoiBoy Theme Song)

    Train Driver:Ladies and Gentlemen, In a short while, will be arriving in our destination, Thank you for choosing Yong Pin Aerotrain. Thank God 'Im lucky I'm here.

    (BoBoiBoy Laughs)

    Train Driver:Butterflies are flying very high!, flying up!

    (BoBoiBoy enters the Driver's Cab)

    Hey kid, you're not allowed in here!....What, the mike is still on?...... Oh no!

    Forgive me, thank you and please don't report it to my Boss!

    BoBoiBoy:Hehehe! It's Awesome, I have to tell Granddad this story hmmm.

    (Meanwhile, in Outer Space)

    Computer:Finally, we have reach the last sector

    Adudu:Very Good, and now we can start searching

    Computer:Searching Command Sig…

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    August 8, 2012 by BoboiboyFang Potterhead

    Original Name:

    BoBoiBoy Halilintar

    Power Element:


    Evolved from:

    BoBoiBoy Lightning


    scared by Adudu, Probe and Computer


    Red and Black


    mostly angry but still nice


    Nur Fathiah binti Diaz (Bahasa Malaysia)

    Wong Wai Kay (Bahasa Malaysia

    First Appearance:

    Episode 11powers:

    1. Lightning Sword (Pedang Halilintar) - used to protect himself, same with BoBoiBoy Lightning's Lightning Sword but longer, powerful and color red.
    2. Balls of Lightning (Bola Kilat) - used to trapped and electrocoutes someone, used in Episode 12, he trapped Ying, Yaya, Gopal, BoBoiBoy Wind and BoBoiBoy Land inside it.
    3. Lightning Move (Gilauan Kilat) - used to walk faster which is almost as fast as Ying.
    4. Shining Lightning (Kilauan Kilat) - used to pro…
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  • BoboiboyFang Potterhead

    Wind BoBoiBoy

    Original Name

    BoBoiBoy Angin

    Power Element:


    Member of:

    The 3 BoBoiBoy




    Happy, sometimes a negative thinker (Episode 5)


    Nur Fathiah binti Diaz (Bahasa Malaysia

    Wong Wai Kay (English)


    1.Hurricane Twister (Pusaran Angin) - used when BoBoiBoy is training and also to get rid of Adudu and Super Probe.

    2.Hurricane Protector - used to protect himself from BoBoiBoy Land when fighting.

    3.Thunder Storm - used to fight against BoBoiBoy Land.

    4.Punching Storm (Tumbukan Taufan)- used to attack BoBoiBoy Storm when he thought that he is Adada.

    5.Flying Hurricane - used to get rid of Sleeping Monster.

    6.Wind Blower - used to make Adudu and Super Probe fall to the giant hole BoBoiBoy Land . He mentioned it as "Let'…

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