12 years old


Hot tempered, sensitive and jealous of BoBoiBoy


Making black ghosts


Powers will gone when evening comes


Adudu (because of his personality)


BoBoiBoy (nemesis)


Wong Wai Kay

First appearance:

BoBoiBoy Extended Finale


  • Shadow Tiger - used to scare people
  • Shadow Shield - used to protect himself
  • Shadow Hands - used to trap his enemy, one example that was trap is BoBoiBoy Cyclone (Episode 30)

Relationship to BoBoiBoy

He started to get jealous against BoBoiBoy when he finds out that he has awesome powers than him, before BoBoiBoy returns to Rintis Island, he was mentioned by Teacher Papa Zola as a smart student which make him to think if BoBoiBoy is really smart and has his own powers.

In Episodes 33 & 34/Season 2 Episode 4, Teacher Papa Zola challenged him and BoBoiBoy to play soccer.

Season 2

In Episode 32/Season 2 Episode 3 Pt.2 we will find out that Fang is jealous of BoBoiBoy not only in his powers.

  • In the first day of class, Teacher Papa Zola said that BoBoiBoy is smarter than him
  • When Fang wants to buy his favorite donut at the school canteen, BoBoiBoy got it first.
  • When he cleaned the classroom by himself, BoBoiBoy wants to help him but Teacher Papa Zola and the class mistaken BoBoiBoy as the one who cleaned the room because he is the one that holding the mop.

In Episodes 33 & 34, he and BoBoiBoy are challenged by Teacher Papa Zola to play a game of Soccer, Fang teamed up with Adud

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