Once upon a time,there are the small meteor crashing on the Earth.After it landing on Earth,there was a monster.It a Crooked Monster!He try to invade the Earth but suddenly.....Papa Zola appear!

Crooked Monster:Who are you,ugly human?

Papa Zola:Truth...Truth never been ugly

Crooked Monster:What the?!!

Papa Zola:Try...Handsome Shining!!!

Crooked Monster:Ouch...!Too glare!!

Papa Zola:Glare not??Awaraness Kick!What??

Crooked Monster:Nice my black eye glasses is it?

Papa Zola:Nice??Take this!

Crooked Monster:WaHaHaHaHa!You missed!

Papa Zola:Cis!Not fair!!

Crooked Monster:Crooked Attack!! Insistently!!!

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