Wind BoBoiBoy

Original Name

BoBoiBoy Angin

Power Element:


Member of:

The 3 BoBoiBoy




Happy, sometimes a negative thinker (Episode 5)


Nur Fathiah binti Diaz (Bahasa Malaysia

Wong Wai Kay (English)


1.Hurricane Twister (Pusaran Angin) - used when BoBoiBoy is training and also to get rid of Adudu and Super Probe.

2.Hurricane Protector - used to protect himself from BoBoiBoy Land when fighting.

3.Thunder Storm - used to fight against BoBoiBoy Land.

4.Punching Storm (Tumbukan Taufan)- used to attack BoBoiBoy Storm when he thought that he is Adada.

5.Flying Hurricane - used to get rid of Sleeping Monster.

6.Wind Blower - used to make Adudu and Super Probe fall to the giant hole BoBoiBoy Land . He mentioned it as "Let's chase the Wind" in English and "Angin Sepoi-Sepoi Bahasa" in Malay.

7.Sidewinder Storm - used to defeat BoBoiBoy Storm.

8.Hurricane Storm - Also used in Episode 12

9.Hurricane Attack - same with Hurricane Twister, used in Episode 14powers:

Hurricane Attack

Hurricane Twister

Hurricane Protector

Wind Blower

Thunder Storm

Hurricane Storm

Punching Storm

Sidewinder Storm
640px-Chase the Wind!.png


Cyclone BoBoiBoy

Original Name:

BoBoiBoy Taufan

Power Element:


Evolved from:

BoBoiBoy Wind


Uncontrollable emotions


Blue and White




Nur Fathiah binti Diaz (Bahasa Malaysia)

Wong Wai Kay (English)

First Appearance:

Episode 22


1. Cyclone Ball/ - used to move himself in a Cyclone like ball.

2.Rotating Cyclone Storrmball/Bola Taufan - used to defend himself from an enemy, like the Lightning Balls of BoBoiBoy Storm, only it's bigger and rotating like a Washing Machine.

3.Cyclone Punching Drill - He can cover his Hands into a rotating drill.

4.Cyclone Shield/Perisai Taufan - used to protect himself.

5.Cyclone Boomerang/Kapak Udara - Power boomerangs use to destroy big robots like Mukalakus.

6.Cyclone Hoverboard/Hoverboard Taufan - his new kit, helps him to fly higher and faster.powers:

Rotating Cyclone Stormball

Cyclone Ball

Cyclone Punching Drill

Cyclone Shield

Cyclone Boomerang

Cyclone Hoverboard

boboiboy cyclone

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