Yaya:Hi BoboiBoy! must be tired yap! yap! yap!


Yaya:It's your fault I wanted to help you

BoboiBoy:Yes I know I was shy Mimi

Yaya:Huh! Mimi? Im Yaya Ok!

BoboiBoy:Im sorry! I Thought your name was Mimi

Gopal:Hey BoboiBoy do you wan't to know what happened?

BoBoiBoy:Hey Aramugam! Long time no see!

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Ah Meng is right


BoBoiBoy Lightning: You useless thing, Ago Go! Wrong name right? Ah Pak Pak? I remember now! Ah, Ahmad Kassim!

Adudu:Im Adudu!

Yaya:So difficult! I remember your name and you don't remember mine (Yaya get's upset)

Tok Aba:Enough! Enough! You're fighting please! I don't want you guys to scare off my customers.

BoboiBoy:Huh? What kind of shop is this?

Gopal:You, don't know your own granddad's shop

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