Return the Things that Found (Pulangkan Barang Yang Dijumpai) is one of the episodes of What Yaya Says.


Gopal went to Tok Aba's Shop to meet up with Ying, Yaya, Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy when he shows a pouch which suprises them, it was revealed that Papa Zola was imprisoned because he was mistaken a thief for taking a pounch, BoBoiBoy and his friends went to the Police Station , Gopal admitted that he took the pouch, soon Razak the Policeman freed Papa Zola from jail.


Locations featured


  • Fourth time where Gopal was seen wearing sunglasses (Season 2, Episodes 7, 8, 9)
  • Papa Zola is the first character in the history of the series, who was imprisoned.
  • Tok Aba reminded Gopal again about his debts in his shop.
  • Razak's voice is same as Bago Go .


  • The name of the Policeman was based from his voice actor Nizam Razak.


Apa Kata Yaya Episode 6

Apa Kata Yaya Episode 6