"What is wrong with me?" is a song between Season 1, Episodes 11 & 12, after Gopal had eaten Yaya's Biscuits with Liquid X Solution, he is acting very silly. The sentences that is supposed to be said in normal way became a song. He also used to cheer up his father for having too much money.


Hey Listen Papa please buy me a new exercise book,

because my class teacher said that my book 'looks like Toilet Paper!'

Yaya: Hey what is wrong with you Gopal?

What is wrong with me today?

I have just eaten your biscuits
! oh

Yaya: You must have gotten it from BoBoiBoy right. Where is he?

I don't know, I really don't know oh,

Ying: Huh? Did you guys know? everyone here.. is becoming crazy!

Hey! We're not...crazy!

Ochobot: Oh no no, What's wrong with you, have you gone mad?

I don't know what's really wrong with me..

After I ate Yaya's Biscuits I became like this!

BoBoiBoy Earth/Lightning/Ying: Huh, Yaya's Biscuits!!

Reprise Version (Episode 23)

Yaya: Yey! Way the go Ochobot, you have solved our problems..

Gopal: Ehhhhhhh! Ehhh...

We don't need a landing yet,

when is about for me my friends!

(Ying get bored)

BoBoiBoy Earth: Hehehehe, Yeah Awesome!


Malay English
Episode 23
BoboiboyBahagian Gopal jadi Gila04:12

BoboiboyBahagian Gopal jadi Gila


BoBoiBoy What is wrong with Me (Gopal's Song)01:05

BoBoiBoy What is wrong with Me (Gopal's Song)


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