Like other characters, Yaya is a good girl because she was raised properly by her mom, Mrs.Yah.

Yaya in her serious mode

In School

When she is in school, she is very serious especially the rules and regulations.


Yaya is also friendly towards BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Ying, Tok Aba, and Ochobot.

Relationship to BoBoiBoy

Yaya can have a possibly have a crush on BoBoiBoy (Episode 21).


When Yaya is angry, she often surrounded by flames like Fang when he gets angry. The picture above shows Yaya in her serious mode, angry and surrounded by flames.

Likes and Hates

  • She likes to sell biscuits but she doesn't know that a person can faint if her biscuit is eaten.
  • She is also serious when students are outside the school within 7:00 am (Episode 30).

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