Yaya's Wall of Success can be seen in the corridor of Rintis Island Primary School.


This is a wall made in Yaya's honor for achieving a lot of awards and titles.

Yaya's Achievements

  • Class Monitor/President of 5 Jujur (5-Honesty)
  • 5th Grade Prefect
  • Assistant Head Librarian
  • President of the Panda Puteri (Girl Scouts)
  • President of the Arts and Design Club
  • Captain of the Taekwondo Squad
  • Founder and President of the Disciplinary Club
  • Founder and President of the Biscuit Club
  • President of the School and Clubs Association

​        and more...



In Episode 31 Yaya penalized BoBoiBoy, Fang, and Gopal into cleaning the school yards because students are not allowed within the area, with the exception of Yaya of course.



Gopal: Hey you're just new about this?

(BoBoiBoy read all the achievements on the wall)

  • Class Monitor
  • Class Prefect
  • Assistant Head Librarian
  • President of the Panda Puteri
  • Head of Arts and Design Club
  • Captain of the Taekwando Club
  • Founder of the Disciplinary Club
  • Founder of the Biscuit Club

Gopal: Hey, you didn't even see the other side!

(Gopal opens the wall to reveal another side)

BoBoiBoy: Woah, President of the Whole School Association and Clubs. I'm really proud to have a friend like her.

Gopal: Proud of what? She took them all, so everything is a penalty.

Fang: Ha, you are just jealous.

Gopal: Hey, do you think that only Yaya's photo is in this Wall of Success? (Gopal shows a giant picture of himself on a different wall) My photo is there too!!

BoBoiBoy: WOAH!!

Gopal: Ha, ha, are you jealous?

(The Gopal picture blows away, revealing it to be sticked over a portrait of Yaya)

BoBoiBoy: You stick it yourself, right?

Gopal: That's right, that's the only way to have my photo on the wall.

BoBoiBoy: You don't have to be sad, Gopal. We'll work on it together. We'll make sure that OUR photos will be on that wall later.

Fang: (closeup) Hmm, my photo would DEFINIITELY be there, as the most popular student ever! (zooms to a posing Fang)

BoBoiBoy: Yeah, together with you. (strategizing) Okay, now let's all go towards that. We have to beat Yaya.

Yaya: (from afar) Ahem, so who do you want to beat?!

(Yaya walks slowly towards BoBoiBoyFang and Gopal. The boys gasp in horror. Yaya giggles evilly)

BoBoiBoy: Uh....we're going to beat...uh...Fang! We're gonna beat Fang!

Fang: Huh?!

Yaya: Hmmmm....

Fang: It's true, we are enemies, so they can beat me all together. (pats BoBoiBoy hardly)

BoBoiBoy: Heheheh, that's awesome right?

Gopal: Hah, take this, take this! (pats BoBoiBoy even harder than Fang did)

BoBoiBoy: Hey, that's painful, okay?!

Yaya: Hmm, a bit suspicious, but it's ok, I believe you. (the boys sigh in relief) Unfortunately, you can't stop me from being penalized.

BoBoiBoy: Huh?!? But why Yaya?

Yaya: Ha! So what are your reasons for being here?

(showing the sign)

BoBoiBoy: Ha! And what about you? What is YOUR reason for being here?

Yaya: (while writing) You guys are my reasons.

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