Yaya Yah

Yaya Render

Yaya yah full body

Personal Information
Hanna (English And Hindi Name)
5th Grade Class President (Formerly)
School Clubs President
TAPOPS Lance Corporal


Biological Information


August 5


Hair Color
Brown (concept art only)

Eye Color

Mrs. Wawa (Mother)
ToToiToy (Younger Brother)
Voiced by
Nur Sarah Alisya Zainal Rashid (Malay)
Fairuz Arfa Ariff Syah (Disney & YouTube English)

Yaya is Tok Aba's neighbour. Don't be fooled by her gentle personality because Yaya is actually a strict person.
Yaya has the ability to manipulate gravity. Thus, allow her to control the gravity and able to fly.

— Description from BoBoiBoy Galaxy website

Yaya Yah, nicknamed Yaya (or Hanna in English incarnations), is one of the main characters in the  BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy Galaxy. She is part of BoBoiBoy's gang .

Role in the Series

Original Series

Season 1

Yaya makes her first appearance, greeting BoBoiBoy as he makes his way to Tok Aba's cocoa shop. She, alongside Ying and Gopal later befriended him and became one of the superheroes from the team.

Season 2

In school, due to her excellent academic and non-academic achievements, she became the President of 5th Grade and the President of every club. The school gave her the wall of success. Gopal also explained to BoBoiBoy about Yaya's Wall of Success (Season 2, Episode 4).

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Yaya returns in BoBoiBoy Galaxy as one of the members of TAPOPS. She and Ying both return from vacation just in time to join BoBoiBoy on his Galaxy Adventure. Yaya joins TAPOPS as the Lance Copral alongside Ying.


Original Series

Yaya yah

Yaya's appearance in the original series

In the original series, Yaya wears a pink fuchsia long sleeve shirt, yellow vest, with small red flowers on the top, and magenta long trousers. She also wears light yellow shoes, her pink power watch that Ochobot gave to her, fuchsia pink belt, and a pink hood (hijab) with yellow flowers. In addition, she has a pair of goggles on her head that she never actually uses.

In Season 2 and 3, she wears the same outfit as Season 1 except the fact that she has a flower clip on her hood and a pink belt around her waist.

Although she hasn't been seen without her hijab on screen, concept art of her reveals that she has wavy brown hair underneath.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Now much older, Yaya is much taller and noticeably more mature than how she looked in the original series. She has long pink sleeves on a white blouse and a yellow belt with a small flower decorated bag hanging on her right waist, along with a pair of brown pants. She also dons a pair of yellow goggles in place of her old ones. Yaya wears a pair of white and pink boots. Her hijab style has changed as well. She wears her power watch on her right wrist, while yellow bracelet on her left wrist.


For most of the series, Yaya is shown to be one of the kindest and smartest members of the team. She is very hesitant to hurt other people and when she had first gotten her powers, she had apologized for attack Adu Du to defend her friends. Despite her kind demeanor, she is not hesitant to fight and is one of the first people to jump in when BoBoiBoy is in danger. As shown by her numerous academic achievements, Yaya is hardworking, responsible, and a smart individual, always working at the best of her abilities.

A running gag is Yaya's inability to cook edible cookies and biscuits, where she gets upset when friends and people alike avoid having to eat her cookies. She doesn't seem to understand why her cookies are inedible but regardless gets excited when people 'enjoy' her baking.
Pen kambing biri-biri

Yaya's pen

Skills and Abilities

[Yaya], the power of flight and super strength!

Ochobot in Season 1, Episode 2

- Her power is Gravity Manipulation. That's how she can fly.
- [Yaya's] power enables her to concentrate the force of gravity, then blast it out like a cannon in the form of a punch.

Ejo Jo and his computer clarifying her powers in Season 2, Episode 10

Due to Ochobot losing part of his memory, her abilities were at first thought to be flight and super strength, when her actual power is Gravity Manipulation (ferrokinesis). With this, she can master gravity and release it, which gives her the supposed 'super strength'. Yaya also manipulates her own gravity, giving the illusion of flight.

Known Abilities


  • Power Punch (Tumbukan Padu)
  • Bubble Ferrokinesis ( Gelembung ferrokinesis)
  • Super Power Kick (Tendangan Super Kuat)

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

While her abilities stay mostly the same, Yaya's boots now glow when she's using her powers, particularly her 'flight'

  • Gravitational Lift (Apungan Graviti)
  • Powerful Punch (Tumbukan Padu)
  • Gravitational Smash (Hempasan Graviti)
Vehicle Abilities
  • Gravitational Force (Tolakan Graviti)


Being the class president and captain of all the clubs in just fifth grade, Yaya is shown to have some strong leadership skills, as well as being intelligent and responsible

Yaya is also capable of cooking. Unlike her inedible cookies, she is shown capable of cooking regular and delicious normal food, as she has prepared her own lunch when on missions in Galaxy.


Main article: Yaya Yah/Relationships


  • Her blood type is A.
  • In the English version of the series that Animonsta Studios uploaded in YouTube, Yaya's name was changed to Hanna. In the credits of Season 1, Episode 3, she was not seen wearing her hijab, only her goggles. Her hair is shown to be short, wavy and brown.
    • However, in the Disney Channel version of Season 3, Episode 23, Yaya's hijab disappeared while Ying was explaining about the greenhouse effect, this marks the first appearance of Yaya’s hair in an actual episode, although this is an error.
  • Despite her inability to make cookies, she is able to cook edible meals aside from cookies.
  • In Detective Yaya Book 1, Suzy reveals that she is a huge fan of Yaya.
  • In fan mail, it was revealed that Yaya's favorite genre is action.
  • The fan mails reveal that Yaya already knows the taste of her cookies but she refuses to accept that they taste horrible.
  • In Detective Yaya Book 5, when Yaya catches a cold, every sneeze creates an earthquake, which nearly destroyed Rintis Island Primary School during her exam, and Ochobot is the one to remove the watch before things get worse.
  • She has a cushion plushie along with BoBoiBoy, Cattus and Ochobot[1].
  • Her favorite color is pink but it is revealed that she also likes yellow.
  • Yaya and Gopal are the only characters so far whose surnames have been revealed.


Meet Yaya!

Meet Yaya!


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