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Ying Render

Ying Galaxy

Personal Information
TAPOPS Lance Corporal

Biological Information


December 18, 2002

9 (Season 1)
10 (Season 2 - Movie)
13 (BoBoiBoy Galaxy)

Hair Color

Eye Color
Brown (Season 1)
Blue (Season 2 - Present) Yellow (When struck by emotion Y)

Unnamed parents
Unnamed grandmother
Voiced by
Yap Ee Jean (Malay)
Chan Su Ling (Disney & YouTube English)

                 Ying is one of the main characters in BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy GalaxyShe is part of BoBoiBoy's Gang and BoBoiBoy's closest friends.


Original Series

Ying is a young girl with black hair, light skin, and light blue eyes. She sports yellow clothing with blue highlights. She also wears a pair of goggles on her head.
Happy Ying 2

A young Ying in the Original Series.


Now older, Ying is much taller and much lither compared to when she was younger. Ying wears a yellow and orange shirt with horizontal light blue and white stripes on the two long sleeves, dark blue-colored jeans, blue and yellow watch, a pair of white socks, yellow and orange shoes and a yellow and light blue cat-hat with a Domo badge. Furthermore, she has a pair of blue, round glasses in place of her goggles.


Ying is an energetic and happy girl at heart. She is always eager to jump in to help others and her hyperactive nature translates to her Time Manipulation powers. She talks fast and likes to get things done quickly. She is sensitive to other's feelings, but can also be fairly shy, sometimes too shy to even talk to people face to face. She's very impatient sometimes and doesn't want things waiting. Her lack of confidence in herself can hamper her own abilities, like when she sneezes she loses her abilities. However, as she grows older, she outgrew this shy personality and became much more outgoing and confident in her abilities, as seen in Galaxy.

Skills and Abilities


Ying, like all the other members of BoBoiBoy's Gang, was given powers by Ochobot and was initially believed that her power was Super-Human Speed, but it was revealed that she had the power of Time Manipulation, where she is able to alter the speed of all the things traveling around her and herself. She can speed up herself, giving her the illusion of having super-human speed, but can also slow down and speed up objects and people around her. The only drawback to her ability is how much power it consumes and that she can't alter time forever, indicated by the power of her watch. In the original series, her power was 'turned off' when she sneezes and loses her confidence, but she later outgrew this.

Original Series

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Regular Abilities
  • Slow-Mo Speed (Kuasa Slow-Mo)
  • Running Speed (Larian Laju)
Vehicle Abilities
  • Accelerated Dash (Pecutan Laju)


Besides having these incredible powers, Ying is also a very smart individual, having skipped a class ahead and being as smart, as said by Gopal (Season 2, Episode 3 ). Being partly Chinese, she is able to speak Chinese and has shown saying phrases and words sometimes during the show.

Although not applicable for combat, she is known to be an excellent gamer, said by Yaya to be the only one who was able to defeat the final boss of Papa Zola No.5 video game.


See more: Ying/Relationships


  • Ying is the youngest person in BoBoiBoy's team.
  • In fan mail, Ying's favorite genre is said to be fantasy.
  • She is the first person in BoBoiBoy's gang to change eye colors sometime during the series. She originally had brown eyes, but her eyes was changed to blue later on. The second is Fang.
  • She is Chinese, the one who is voicing acting her is Chinese as well.
  • In Boboiboy Galaxy, the outline of her shoes glow whenever she's going to use her power.


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Meet Ying!00:31

Meet Ying!

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