I've been waiting for so long!

— to BoBoiBoy Wind

Ying's Grandmother (Nenek Ying) is a character in BoBoiBoy.


Season 1

Episode 5

She is a customer waiting for her cocoa to be delivered who was delivered by BoBoiBoy Wind, with the help of the Postman.

Extended Finale

She only makes a cameo in the Rintis Railway Station in the scene when Gopal is walking in a slow motion.

Season 2

Episode 9

She is one of the viewers that watched MKHIPI along with Tok Aba, ToToiToy, Mr.Kumar and Sasha.

Season 3

Episode 4

BoBoiBoy and Gopal helped her crossed the street.


Like her granddaughter Ying, she likes to laugh a little when saying something but neither talking and walking fast. Because of her age, she need to use a cane to walk, but she is faster when Gopal is walking slow motion, she also ran fast while being interview by Ravi Jambul in The Five Sly Scammers.



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